How to Recover the Deleted Contacts on My Android Phone

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In old times, it would be troublesome when people wrote down the number and name of every contact on the address book for fear of losing the important information. Since cell phones like iPhone, Android phones and more become popular, people may prefer to create contacts on devices instead of address book. Mobile phones save us much time in saving contacts, but other problems arise. What if you lose your phone? If you delete them intentionally or accidentally, how can you restore the deleted contacts? In this article, we will provide three solutions for your trouble of recovering contacts on Android.

Solution 1: Check if Android contacts are deleted or lost

Before you cry out for losing Android contacts accidentally, you need to make sure if you have completely deleted or lost your contacts on Android. Not every phone is perfect, neither is Android phone. You can look for deleted Android contacts from your SIM card. Or you can go to "Contacts" on your phone > Find the "Menu" button on the right bottom (three vertical dots) >"Contacts to display" > Slide "All Contacts" to "ON" if it is "OFF" to show all contacts on Android. At this point, you may feel surprised to find the "deleted" contacts on Android memory again. For some reasons, your Android phone default settings may make you misunderstood.

Solution 2: Recover deleted contacts from Android directly

Though both iPhone and Android phone has backup or synchronization function, over half of us don't have the habit of backing up contacts on our Android phone or iPhone. Besides, something unexpected may happen any time. It's frequently asked that I hadn't backed up my contacts before I lost my Android phone or contacts, how can I get my contacts back? If you did not sync contacts with Google, or you delete the contacts on android over 30 days, then you may have no idea to restore the contacts to your Android phone. So here, if you lost Android contacts but don't have a backup, we introduce a secure program, Android Data Recovery, to restore the deleted Android contacts.

Providing that you don't lose your Android phone and the deleted data is not overwritten by new data, the software can help you retrieve the deleted contacts. It is also able to recover contacts after factory reset for Android phone. You just need to free download this Android Contacts Recovery app on your computer and soon you will find the deleted contacts and get them back. The detailed steps when using this Android contacts recovery are listed as below.

Download and install

Download and install Android data recovery. Launch on your computer.

Android Contacts Recovery

Connect your Android phone

Connect your Android phone to computer via USB cable. The phone will be detected automatically by the computer. If you haven't installed the device driver on your computer, you need to download it first.

Connecting Android Device to Computer

Open USB Debugging mode on your Android phone

Android Data Recovery will detect your Android version and direct you to enable USB debugging mode on your phone so you can manage your phone on computer. After that, click "OK" on your Android phone.

Open USB Debugging Mode

Select contacts to recover

You need to select the type(s) to recover before recovery. This app also allows you retrieve deleted text messages or recover lost photos/videos on your Android phone. Here you just select "Contacts". Then click "Next". At this step, it will root your Android phone automatically. If you want no rooting, you may want to know how to recover android files without rooting.

Scan Contacts

Scan and recover

The free Android contacts recovery tool will take seconds to scan the contacts. Click "Contacts" and you can find all the contacts in your phone. The deleted ones are marked in red. Check the contacts you need and click "Recover", soon you will get the deleted contacts back in your computer.

View and Recover Contacts

You can learn the steps from the video below:

Solution 3: Retrieve deleted contacts on Android from Google Contacts backup

If you have a Google account and always back up Android contacts to Google Drive, then you are fortunate to restore your Android contacts by syncing Gmail to Android.

First, you have to make sure you have synced Android contacts to Google Drive. Then you could follow the method to recover the deleted contacts on Android. You can choose one of the situations to do it according to your actual situation.

◆ Situation one: If you deleted your Android contacts, and do not keep your Android phone syncing with Google account. Then you are able to recover lost or deleted Android contacts from Gmail with the following guide:

Log in your Gmail on the web, click "Inbox" > "More" > "Export" to export Android contacts backup on Gmail to your PC saved as vCard File (VCF).

Plug Android phone to PC via USB cable. Drag the exported contacts VCF file from Gmail to your phone.

On your Android phone, tab "Contacts" app > "Menu" > "Import/Export/" > "Import from storage" to choose the VCF file of the contacts backup in step 1 > Click "OK" to recover your deleted contacts on Android.

◆ Situation three: If you delete contacts on Android phone, and meanwhile you turn on the syncing button of Google account, then you will delete your Android contacts on Gmail backup, too. But you can also find a way to recover the deleted contacts.

Log in your Gmail, click "Inbox" > Choose "Contacts" from the drop-down list of "Gmail" > Click "More" to enter the interface of "Restore Contacts" > Select the deleting time to recover deleted contacts from Android phone and click "Restore". You can choose 10 minutes ago, 1 hour ago, or a customized time. But you have to restore your deleted Android contacts within 30 days.

You are required to repeat the three steps of this situation one to restore your deleted contacts from Gmail to Android.

For more details about how to recover deleted Android contacts from Gmail, you can refer to restore contacs from Google to Android

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