Connect Mac to Xbox 360

Connect Mac Xbox 360

If, like me, you have your Xbox 360 placed near your wifi-enabled computer, but away from your wireless router or modem, then you'll want to take advantage of the Xbox's ability to "borrow" your computer's internet connection. For Windows users, this process is simple; it's just a matter of "bridging" your computer's wifi connection to your PC's internet port which is plugged into your Xbox. For Mac users, the process is not so easy. What follows is a guide for getting your Xbox 360 to accept Mac OS X's internet sharing option.
Before you start configuring, open up Terminal (in Applications -> Utilities) and type "ifconfig en0" (zero, not a capital-o). You're looking for the bit that says "inet". In my case, the number I get here is Second, note down the IP address of your wireless router, which in my case is "".

On your Mac
1. Connect your Mac to your wireless internet connection.
2. Connect your Xbox 360 to your Mac via Ethernet.
3. In System Preferences -> Sharing, enable Internet Sharing between your Airport and Ethernet connection.
At the bottom right, click on the "Convert" button. Then wait... , And the conversion speed is out of your surprise.

On your Xbox 360
1. Start up your Xbox and navigate to the Network settings menu.
2. Under IP address, enter the number you got from the "ifconfig en0" command earlier on, but with the final number one place higher. In my case, I take the, and input in the IP address box on my Xbox 360.
3. Under subnet, input "".
4. Under router/gateway, enter the number you got earlier from the "ifconfig en0" command. In my case, that's "".
5. Move onto DNS. Enter the IP address of your wireless router (in my case, "") in both the primary and secondary IP address fields.
6. Leave PPPoE and advanced settings blank (i.e. OFF and Automatic).
7. You should now be able to connect to Xbox Live via your internet sharing Mac.
This guide shows the connection of Mac and Xbox 360 is not so difficult. You can try it by yourself.

All the operations is just like pie. So you can watch any your favorite video on your Xbox 36o from your Mac easily Now. Watch and Enjoy it!

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