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Top 3 Best Ways to Get 4K Content With Ease

Technology is always much more speedy than most of us could imagine. To get a sneak peek of what the electronic trend will be like in the new coming year, CES (Consumer Electronic Show) is the best place to go. The word you heard most about TV must be nothing more than "4K", "Ultra HD" and "UHD TV". Nearly every TV manufacture that showed up in CES 2014 boosted their support for 4K, otherwise called Ultra HD. The ultra-high resolution, crisp image and immersive sound quality have tremendous appeal to every enthusiast. But what deter consumers from buying decidedly are the potential price decrease and the shortage of 4K video source.

4K Content

4K TVs show up in batches, but the 4K content is limited. Most video demos played on 4K TV are Ultra HD video upconverted from 1080p HD signal, or 4K streaming media content with no definite source. This situation will continue until new approaches come up and popularize. Maybe in the future, customers could get 4K content by three common ways: streaming media service, Blu-ray disc with 4K content and television broadcasting.

Part 1. Get 4K content from streaming media service

Netflix, Amazon, M-GO and YouTube are the four biggest streaming platforms planning to stream Ultra HD 4K content in 2014. There have already been 4K videos on YouTube, using its own codec VP9. We're not certain for now what bandwidth it will require. Netflix and M-GO have stated that their Ultra HD streams will require a connection less than 15 Mbps. Probably they will use the H.265 (HEVC) codec other than VP9.

Netflix is planning to start the 4K streaming from a handful of nature documentaries and the second season of its original series, House of Cards, also, you can actually save movies from Netflix easily now. Amazon has announced partnerships with Lion's Gate, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox and Discovery. M-GO, backed by Technicolor and Dreamworks Animation, tends to produce more animations with 4K effect. YouTube will cooperate with Sony, although Sony has its own Video Unlimited service for Sony TV owners exclusively.


Part 2. Get 4K content from Blu-ray disc

However, for people whose internet connections don't have enough bandwidth, there's a definite limit in the availability of streaming 4K content. Hopefully the new Blu-ray standard will be able to fix this. The Blu-Ray Disc Association has approved work "to extend Blu-Ray to include 4K and will be exploring the best possible technical blueprint." When 4K Blu-ray becomes as popular as the current Blu-ray, Aiseesoft will have more Blu-ray products as we do today.

Part 3. Get 4K content via television broadcasting

As to the television broadcast, Japan has announced to start 4K broadcast in July, 2014. To coincide with the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016, they start this service two years earlier than the original plan. However, in US, FCC has not yet announced the plan to mandate the 1080i television signal. And I do think it has a long way to go.

Multiple ways have been provided, but they are just a hope and orientation which tells us what is the future trend of TV. Maybe it's not a flash in the pan, but the popularity of 4K TV won't be so fast as the speed of getting famous.

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