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How to Download YouTube/Vimeo 4K Videos

Latest in world of video resolution is Ultra HD 4K(What is 4K) with highest definition of 4096*2160 pixels. It's great enjoyment watching movies filmed in 4K because the 4K resolution video is even more real than actual live, bringing you super-high quality audio and visual image, especially watching them on 4K TVs.

Download YouTube/Vimeo 4K Videos

Download YouTube/Vimeo 4K Videos

Part 1. Where to get 4K videos for free

Since the debut of 4K TVs in 2014 CES, many TV producers have thrown themselves into the production of 4K TVs. That's why the prices of 4K TVs become more and more acceptable. But watching 4K videos is still a habit far from our life. Why? The reason lies in the rareness of 4K video content sources. For now, there are a handful of ways that we can get 4K content. Maybe you have known some but just don't know which one is better. Following we list the comparison of the current 4K content sources for your reference.

4K Content Provider Service Highlights Limitation Price
YouTube Online 4K movies watching and uploading Free;
You can choose to watch, download or upload
4K movies source's limited;
Need 4K video downloader to download
Vimeo 4K video downloading and uploading 4K video downloading service Can't watch directly;
4K for Vimeo Pro subscribers only
$199/12 months
Netflix Online 4K movies renting Earliest 4K content provider 2014 or newer 4K TV supporting HEVC codec $12.99/month
Amazon online video Online 4K movies & videos renting and buying Partnered with Warner Bros., Lionsgate, 20th Century Fox, etc. Mostly for Prime members $99/year
Sony Video Unlimited 4K 4K content downloading and renting 4K movies not streamed;
Richer 4K content sources
Exclusive to a few Sony devices
$7.99 to rent ;
$29.99 to buy
Samsung M-Go 4K movies & videos downloading Both 4K video downloading and streaming service Exclusive to Samsung 4K TVs Player : $399;
Movies: $1 and up to rent, $20-$30 to buy;
TV shows: $1.99 per ep, $10-$12 per season
DirecTV 4K streaming video provider with VOD and renting service Users can receive signal from DirecTV's 4K satellite instead of internet, avoiding the bandwidth problem. Exclusive to Samsung 4K TVs $3.99 to $15.99 for 48 hour rental
Comcast 4K streaming video and online 4K content provider with VOD and renting service Users can enjoy the VOD service directly from the 4K TV instead of TV stick;
Both 4K video downloading and streaming service
Exclusive to Samsung 4K TVs because Xfinity - the APP to choose 4K videos- is in Samsung 4K TVs only. Starting at $19.99 for the first 12 months.
UltraFlix Online 4K VOD, renting 100 hours' free watching Exclusive to Samsung 4K TVs because UltraFlix APP is in Samsung 4K TVs only. Some videos free, others up to $9.99
4K Blu-ray 4K movies playback 4K playback;
No requirement to bandwidth
There are some ads in this site The price varies for every Blu-ray movie

We can see from the above chart that even you have a 4K TV, you have to pay much for the limited 4K video sources. If you don't want to pay too much for the 4K streaming service, you can choose to download 4K videos from YouTube and Vimeo which has 4K resolution video content. You can find some 4K videos on YouTube and Vimeo, mostly are 4K video samples. Connect your computer with 4K TV, find free 4K videos on YouTube or Vimeo then you can watch on your 4K TV. Or if your computer has graphics card that supports 4K, you can play 4K videos on computer. Before the 4K becomes as popular as 1080p HD, YouTube is the only free way to get 4K video.

Part 2: Steps to download 4K YouTube/Vimeo videos

4K videos have extremely high resolution (you can see the comparation between 2160p video and 480p video in the picture below), but the bad side is that watching 4K videos onlinemight take you a long time (for buffering) and affect your network speed. So many are asking whether there's some online 4K video downloader that can download 4K UHD videos for playback on the computer or device.

Compare 4K

The answer is absolutely yes.

Download 4K video from YouTube/Vimeo with Video Downloader

Aiseesoft Video Downloader is a powerful 4K video downloader that can help you download YouTube/Vimeo 4K video samples easily and fast. It can also be used to download 4K videos from other sites.

Follow these steps to download YouTube 4K videos

Step 1 Download, install and launch Aiseesoft Video Downloader on your computer. The interface will look like this:

4K Video Downloader

Step 2 Click on Download and enter the url of the YouTube 4K video. Click Analyze. The video information will be displayed as seen in the image below:

Analyze 4K video info

Step 3 Choose the resolution you preferred and click the "OK" button to download 4K videos.

Downloading 4K video

Step 4 Wait for seconds, the 4K video will be downloaded to your computer losslessly. You can find the downladed video in "Downloaded".

Save 4K videos from any sites with Screen Recorder

If you want to download 4K video from any sites, not only YouTube or Vimeo, then Screen Recorder will do you a favor. You need to make sure your computer monitor is 4K resolution, then the recorded video can be guranteed with 4k quality. Learn here to download online video from any site.

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