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Top 10 Online Video Downloader - Download Video from Website

With the growth of video sharing websites like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Metacafe, etc. there are more and more people having a need to download videos or audio from these online streaming sites. What is the easiest way to do that? Here would be three suggestions: 1. Use the online downloader such as,,, etc. to download video clips as you like; 2. There will be many video downloading software to assist you; 3. Install some browser addon to grab any video you like.

Online Video Downloader

Online Video Downloader

Here I would like to fully introduce the top 10 online downloader that can help you to capture videos and generate download links first.

1. KeepVid

KeepVid site is the most popular free web application to allow you download videos and audio from up to 50 different sites including YouTube, Facebook, Twitch.Tv, Dailymotion, etc. You just need to paste the video URL and simply click "Download" to let the KeepVid fetch the download links in all possible formats.

Although it is a great way to download YouTube video and audio, some people would still try to find some KeepVid review to indentify its pros and cons before starting to use it. Let's check what the top concern for KeepVid is.


"KeepVid not Working" issue

A lot of users in Yahoo Answers ask why KeepVid is not working in downloading YouTube videos. If KeepVid failed to download YouTube videos, it may be caused by long-length video. If you need to download movies or TV shows which are too long for KeepVid to process, it may cause KeepVid server failed problem. Short videos (less than ten minutes) would be no problem in other aspect.

Another "Keepvid not working" problem would relate to the requirement of Java for some download sites. Most of the time, some people will occur Java won't allow KeepVid applet to run. It is even more serious problem for Mac users. So if you try to figure out the solution, just check the How to Solve KeepVid not working on Mac here and you can also find KeepVid alternative for Mac (Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan supported) if you are also looking for KeepVid equivalent to Mac.

KeepVid Virus

Some people may consider themselves as paranoid antivirus people and wonder if websites like KeepVid are safe or not. For years it seems completely safe to use KeepVid downloading and converting YouTube video online. However, currently some users may notice it changes some internet browser settings without their consent and may include some additional downloads which can expose your computer to a great risk of getting infected. So it is hard to say websites similar to KeepVid would be 100% safe. So the better way would be paying more attention to your downloads from Internet.

More about KeepVid

KeepVid only has web downloading channel. There is no KeepVid for Windows or for Mac desktop program, so you can to find some KeepVid alternative desktop program here. Still, there are some people looking for KeepVid mobile or keepvid android app. Of course, there is no such app currently. So if you want to download videos or audio from YouTube to Android phone or tablets, you can either choose to download them on your PC first and transfer them to your phone later, or go directly to in your Android web browser and download them on your Android.

2. Savevid is always considered to be the best KeepVid alternative online downloader. Savevid can download video from YouTube and other trending online video sites in FLV, AVI, MOV, MPG or WMV formats. Of course, Savevid does not support as many video sites as KeepVid. Totally, it supports only 11 websites such as Game Trailers, eHow, etc. but no YouTube. That means Savevid does not support video downloading from YouTube now.


Savevid Safety Problem

Still it is the same concern about Savevid like "Is savevid safe?" "Is there any savevid virus?" As a matter of fact, the so called "savevid virus" would be the popup advertisements caused by adware infection. It would make your computer flooded with SPAM, trace your browser history and collect personal information including username, password, etc. It may result on downloading some unsafe freeware, shareware or advertising add-on programs without your permission. So some Savevid Chrome/Firefox/ Internet Expolore extension may be the savevid virus. Better to remove it from your browser manully.

Savevid not working

Lots of people using Savevid downloader will get video downloading failed problem as websites like Savevid do not work as some changes of YouTube protocols. And others reflect the slow speed of downloading and converting videos. It is even more difficult for users to use Savevid on Mac OS as the Java enabling problem.

According to the Savevid review from users, especially its lack of supporting YouTube now, someone will start looking for some savevid alternatives or some onine video sites like savevid. If so, just go ahead to finish this guide and see if your find a better solution. Others who looking for Savevid-like application, just check here: Savevid not working – the best Savevid alternative

3. Video Grabber is a free online video grab app helping you grab videos from most popular video sites like,,, etc. This totally free video grabber supports up to 40 video sites and is with easy process by copying video URL, pasting URL and downloading video. This online video grabber can not only download videos but also support video conversion and mp3 conversion from video.

Video Grabber

There is also a desktop version called Video Grabber Pro or Video Download Capture, it is a video grabber for Windows. Of course, it is just a trail version, and if you need to have the function, you need to purchase it. Besides, if you are Mac users and want to get video grabber for Mac OS X, I can just suggest you to find some Video Grabber Alternatives for Mac as it lacks of video grabber Mac version currently.

4. Clipconverter is a free online media conversion application to assist you to record, download and convert any video or audio URL to commonly used formats. This online ClipConverter can support downloading video/audio from YouTube (HD, 4K), Vimeo and more. It is a great YouTube video/audio grabber to let you have a wanted format file with just a few clicks. For example, you can choose to download YouTube audio in MP3, M4A or AAC format, and download YouTube video in MP4, 3GP, AVI, or MOV format. There are also ClipConverter Desktop version (both Windows and Mac version available) and ClipConverter Browser Addon (support Firefox/ Chrome/ Safari). You can get the different versions of ClipConverter download on its official site. Yet, ClipConverter mobile version is not available now.


Is safe to use?

Most people ask such kind of questions in the internet. Some users reflect they actually get infected by malware. When using Clipconverter to download file in .mp4 or .mp3, you may get an .exe file instead. It will get ".mp4" or ".mp3" at the end of the file name, but when you check the properties, you can see it is an .exe file. So you must be cautious about not running the .exe file as it may be really the Clipconverter virus which will let down your computer.

5. SaveFrom helps you to download media files from 40+ popular sites including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and more in just one click. You can get SaveFrom video in three ways: Enter URL in the SaveFrome download address input field and click "Download" button; add "" or "" before the URL and press Enter; use short domain names such as to let SaveFrom download YouTube videos. There is also a extension named helper to assist you in downloading.


Comment on "Is SaveFrom safe to use?"

In April 2014,, a video-download browser extension, issued a mandatory update. (If you refuse the update, the helper is disabled within your browser). That update seeks far more permissions to track your Internet browsing activities, including the sites you visit even when you are not using the video-download app. (To urge use of their browser helper, the use of their web-site to download without an app is restricted).— Ellery Davies, Blogger & author, extracted reviews from Yahoo Answers.

So even virus does not exist, you still need to pay attention to your personal information exposure with such kind of browser extension app.

6. Zamzar is a web application to convert files. This Zamzar converter allows user to convert files without downloading desktop software and supports over 1,000 different conversion types including video/ audio/ music/ eBook/ Image/ CAD conversion. So Zamzar cannot be considered as a video downloading site. For its downloading function, you can check "URL Converter" part where Zamzar can download and convert online videos at the same time.


Zamzar Review

Some people may wonder if Zamzar safe to use? According to the feedback, there are no reports for Zamzar spam or virus issue from users. It is a great free file converter for converting variety of files from one format to another and easy for anyone to use. However, the conversion is very slow and 100MB file size limitation makes it very difficult to convert video and audio.

7. Deturl offers a way to download any YouTube, DailyMotion, etc. video into multiple fomats without software. can download YouTube videos from any webpage and save them as MP3 file, iPod file, FLV file, MP4 file, AVI file and more. It supports websites like DailyMotion, Facebook, Break, MetaCafe, FunnyOrDie, Vimeo.


Besides, you can also use Deturl bookmarklet which lets you use your browser to directly download the video file off YouTube just like downloading any other file. Of course, the browser must support downloading regular files. And as the rules are not applicable on Safari for standard iPhone, so Deturl is not working on iPhone directly. You can just download MP4 version on desktop and use iTunes to transfer files to your iPhone or fine other Deturl alternative sites available directly on your iPhone.

8. CatchVideo is an online video download application which can download video from YouTube and DailyMotion. You just need to enter the video link and click "Catch" button to get the video you want.

Catchvideo Review

CatchVideo online downloading service is free with no plug-ins or spywares while download. can convert YouTube video file into MP3. However, it is very unstable and support only YouTube and DailyMotion video downloading. It takes long to download and convert videos and even fail always. Sometimes, the pop-up ads will appear.

9. Apowersoft

Apowersoft is a hot online video downloading/converting/recording site in recent years. It provides various online multimedia services. As to the downloading function, it is has free online version and desktop version for you to choose. Copy the YouTube video link to the search bar, click Download and the online downloader will analyze your video info. Then you will be shown with different format and resolution options. Also you can know the size after choosing different options. Choose the one you need and click Download. The video will be downloaded quickly.


10. SaveMedia is an online download site assisting you downloading videos and music for free. It is fast and easy without any additional software. You can use SaveMedia download YouTube video by copy-and-paste a video URL into its official site's form and hit "Download". Or you can download videos by replacing the domain with "" in the address bar and hit enter. Currently, it also has SaveMedia bookmarklet by saving an online video in any format just for simple clicking the favorite/ bookmark while watching or after you finish watching the video.


There is even more such kind of online video downloader available. Of course, they have their own pros and cons. The key features they all in common would be no need for downloading any software, most of them free to use, yet you need to stand some pop-up ads, slow downloading speed or even failed working (especially not fixing the no audio after downloading YouTube Videos), safety issue or affected by malware or virus. Still, most of the sites are not applicable with Mac computer or mobile usage. So better look some video downloading software to download video as alternatives.

If you don't want to be bothered by the network problems or privacy problem, you can try desktop video downloader. Aiseesoft Video Downloader is your first choice.

Video Downloader For Mac

Video Downloader
  • Download online videos from YouTube and other video sites.
  • Download the video in various video formats.
  • Preview the video size before downloading.
  • Convert the downloaded video to other video/audio formats.
  • It has both Windows version and Mac version.

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