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How to Add Captions to YouTube Videos

When you make and upload a wonderful video to YouTube, it would be much better to add a caption to the YouTube video, which can make the YouTube videos much more accessible to the audience, give them a better watching experience.

If you do not know how to do it, you can learn the detailed procedure from the article. This article is going to show you two ways to add captions to your YouTube videos, one is the basic way, and another is a professional one.

Add Captions to YouTube

Add Captions to YouTube

Part 1. How to Add Captions to YouTube Videos (Basic way)

Usually, YouTube supports to add captions to Your videos. And here we introduce two easiest methods for you.

Add captions to YouTube videos with YouTube Subtitles Tool

Step 1 Log in your YouTube account

Go to the YouTube site and sign in with your YouTube account. Then go to your personal YouTube page by clicking on the "My Channel" option near the top of the sidebar.

Log in your YouTube Account

Step 2 Choose a YouTube video

Find "Video Manager" option on the top left of your channel and you will be taken to a list of videos you have uploaded. Choose one YouTube video that you want to add captions on, click Edit button and select "Subtitles and CC" to go to the subtitling interface.

Choose a YouTube Video

Step 3 Add captions to the Video

In the right of the selected video, hit on the "Add New Subtitles" button and select "Create new subtitles or closed captions" option. And you can edit the captions in a text next to the YouTube video.

Add Captions to the Video

Step 4 Upload the new YouTube video

After adding captions to the YouTube video, you are also allowed to adjust the length of the caption. When you have prepared everything, click on Publish button to upload the new YouTube video with captions.

Upload the New YouTube Video

Add captions to YouTube videos from a file

Step 1 Launch a text editor

Before adding captions to YouTube videos, firstly you need a text editor to help you create your captions. And the content should follow a specific format, like this:

This is a sample caption text.
It means that "This is a sample caption text" is the first caption at the 36 minutes, and 6 second mark in the YouTube video.

Step 2 Save the captions as a file

Click File option in the left upper corner and choose "Save As" to save the captions as SubRip extension. And then click the Encoding menu and select UTF-8 to make sure the SubRip file can function properly with encoding set.

Save the Captions as a File

Step 3 Upload the Captions to the video

Go back to YouTube site and find the YouTube videos that you have uploaded in "Video Manager". Locate one video, click on "Subtitles and CC" option, hit "Add New Subtitles" and choose "Upload a File" to add the captions to the YouTube video.

Upload the Captions

Step 4 Upload the new video

Then you can adjust the captions of the YouTube video, such as the length, or the timeline, etc. After all are set, you can click on Publish button to share the newly created video to the YouTube.

Upload the Video

Part 2. How to Add Captions to YouTube Videos (Professional way)

Besides the basic way to add captions to YouTube videos, you can also need to try the most professional method, especially when you want to do something more advanced. And you need to use an amazing video-editing program: Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate. Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate is a comprehensive and excellent video editing program, which is highly recommended to you. Except merging captions to the YouTube video, this software is also good at controlling the captions' display duration, the fonts and colors used, the size of the text and so on. Now please follow the step-by-step guides below to learn how to add captions to your YouTube videos in the most professional way.

Step 1 Download Video Converter Ultimate

First you need to download and install Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate on your computer, then launch it. This software can be found in Aiseesoft official site, and it is available for both Windows and Mac.

Step 2 Import your YouTube video

Before starting adding captions to your YouTube video, click the Add File button in the main interface to add the YouTube video into this program. Or you can directly drag the video file to the main interface.

Import YouTube Video

Step 3 Add an external caption

When you see the thumbnail of the YouTube video appears on the primary window, choose the "T" mark and open the subtitle drop-down list to load a downloaded captions file.

Add an External Caption

Step 4 Preview the MP4 with captions

Then you are allowed to preview the MP4 video at a suitable time with the loaded subtitle in the preview windows. The program will choose the default subtitle style for you, and you are allowed to customize it if you are not satisfied.

Step 5 Save the newly created YouTube

Make sure you have added captions to the YouTube video correctly, and then you can export and save the video with captions to your computer. Just simply click "Convert" button in the bottom right corner.


Above is the whole content about how to add captions to YouTube videos, and we introduce you two methods to achieve it. Comparing these two methods, the professional way is more convenient and time-saving, also it can satisfy your advanced editing requirement about the YouTube video.

If you have any other thoughts about how to add captions to YouTube videos, please share them in the following comments. Hope this passage can help you to some extents.

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