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How to Delete a YouTube Video or Videos and Remove Playlist or Channel on YouTube

How do I delete a YouTube video that I do not want to share on YouTube? It looks not good, and I want to replace a good one.
I watch a video uploaded by some else on YouTube, but I find I am also in this video. But I do not want to show myself in so many people. How can I delete the video from YouTube that someone else uploaded?

YouTube, as the biggest video sharing site throughout the world, has attracted many of you to upload videos and share videos to the public. However, not all videos that you upload or publish are those you want to share on YouTube. And like Sam said, maybe some videos that are not yours makes you unhappy and want to delete. At this point, you need to read this article. In the following description, we will share you the step-to-step guide to delete a YouTube video or videos and remove the videos that are not yours. Even the YouTube playlist or channel, you could also learn the ways to remove them on YouTube.

Delete YouTube Video

Note: Deleting the YouTube video or videos is based on the video that you have uploaded to YouTube.

Part 1. How to Delete a YouTube video/videos

Delete a YouTube video or YouTube videos on your computer

If you have uploaded a YouTube video or YouTube videos and run the videos on your computer, then you can delete a video or videos off YouTube in this way.

Step 1 Sign in your YouTube account, and click "My Channel" on the left sidebar.

Step 2 Click "Video Manager" to enter to manage your videos or playlist on your computer.

YouTube Video Manager

3 Click "Videos" to tick a video or videos that you want to delete, and click "Actions" > find "Delete" in the drop-down list to delete a YouTube video or remove videos on YouTube.

Delete a YouTube Video

Delete YouTube video on Android phone or iOS device

Apart from web, YouTube also release its app or APK for Android users and iPhone/iPad users. So if you use YouTube on your phone, here you need to follow the steps as below to delete a YouTube video or videos on your phone.

Step 1 Sign in your YouTube account. Tap "Account" icon with the people image.

Step 2 Select "My videos", and go to the video that you want to delete.

Step 3 Hit the menu icon, next to the video, choose "Delete" to remove the video from YouTube.

Part 2. How to delete YouTube playlist

If you have created playlist on your YouTube, and want to delete some a playlist or all playlists, then you could follow the following steps.

Step 1Log in your YouTube account.

Step 2 Navigate "Library" to select the playlist that you want to delete.

Select YouTube Playlist

Step 3 Click the three-dot settings to "Delete playlist". In this way, you need to delete YouTube playlists one by one.

Delete YouTube Playlist

Part 3. How to delete YouTube channel/account

If you do not want to keep your videos that you publish or not publish, then you can delete YouTube channel, also the so-called YouTube account. One thing you should note that you sign up and verify the YouTube account, and all the videos you upload are in your channel. So deleting the YouTube channel means removing YouTube account.

Step 1 Go to www.youtube.com, log in your YouTube account. Click your YouTube account icon, click the "Settings" button to make settings.

Sign in YouTube

Step 2Click "Overview" > choose "Advanced" to enter the settings of "Advanced".

Advanced Settings

Step 3 Navigate the bottom of settings, click "Delete channel".

Delete YouTube Channel

Part 4. How to delete YouTube video or playlist that is not yours

The above ways show you how to delete the private or published videos that you upload by yourself with your YouTube account. If you find one YouTube video that is not yours, but you really want to remove them for copyright or trademark violations or sexy indecent images, you can report to YouTube staff for review, and they will check it, and delete them if the video did.

Under each video on YouTube is a toolbar with different options ("Add to", "Share" and "More"), click "More", in the drop-down list, select "Report" with the flag image, to report the inappropriate content. And wait the YouTube staff to review. If the video gets no violation, the video will not be deleted no matter how often it is flagged.

Report to YouTube

Here, we have shared the different ways to delete a YouTube video or videos even the playlist or account. YouTube is not only for the video uploading or sharing, it also has editing function. Check this article to use YouTube editor before you publish a video.

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