You Can Relax Downloading SoundCloud Songs in 4 Ways Here


When you cannot find the Download button on SoundCloud for song or playlist, this post can help you exactly. 4 easy but efficient solutions are shown here, which gives you the full guide to download SoundCloud song or playlist.

As more singers like Drake, Chance the Rapper, Kanye West drop surprise albums and new tracks for unsuspecting fans on SoundCloud, you may notice SoundCloud is becoming one of the most popular music gathering platforms.

When you are losing yourself in the large scale of songs on SoundCloud, you may consider downloading the songs from SoundCloud for offline loop or further editing. However, the idea seems to be repressed by SoundCloud quickly.


You cannot find the obvious download button from SoundCloud.

No hurry.

This page collects the easiest 4 ways of downloading songs from SoundCloud.

Download SoundCloud Songs

Download SoundCloud Songs

Part 1. Quick once-over for the 4 ways of getting SoundCloud songs download

How-to download Pros Cons
Download via SoundCloud 1. Download the tracks directly without any cost or installation.
2. Download the original audio track with good quality.
1. Only part tracks are allowed to download.
2. Free members have a download limit of 100 downloads per track.
Download through URL 1. Download songs from SoundCloud to computer without installation.
2. Download high quality songs from SoundCloud (128 & 320 kbps).
1. The downloading speed is limited.
2. The song-downloading format is limited as MP3 for some sites.
Download from Chrome add-on 1. Directly find the download button beneath the song track.
2. Get MP3 songs download directly.
1. They aren't super reliable and run the risk of giving your computer a virus.
2. You need to add the extension to Chrome browser manually.
Download by "Recording" 1. Save any song, track or playlist from SoundCloud.
2. You can save the song as MP3, WMA, AAC and M4A.
The free version of this software enables you recording the song with limited time.

Part 2. Detailed Guide to Download songs and playlists from SoundCloud in 4 ways

Download songs from SoundCloud Directly

Download songs from SoundCloud Directly

Download songs from SoundCloud Directly

1Go to, sign in your SoundCloud account.

2In the search bar, enter the song name that you want to download to search for it.

3In the searching result, find the track with the button of "Free Download". Click the button to save the song to your computer as MP3.

If you need other formats like WAV, WMV, FLAC, etc. you need to convert SoundCloud music.

Note: If you cannot find the button of "Free Download", that means you cannot download the song that you want, and you had better move to the second part to get songs download.

Access SoundCloud songs and playlists via URL

Access SoundCloud songs and playlists via URL

Access SoundCloud songs and playlists via URL

Through URL means you can visit some online sites and get your SoundCloud URL into it for downloading.

There are many online sites that claim they are able to access SoundCloud tracks.

Here we only take one of them, SingleMango, as the example to show you the steps.

1Go to on your computer browser.

You are allowed to get playlist download by visiting

2Copy the URL of the song in SoundCloud you are playing, and paste it in the bar in SingleMango.

3Click "Download" button and select "Download this song" to save the song as MP3 on your computer.

Note: For some tracks that is copyright, it may fail to download. (Find SoundCloud to MP3 Converter here)

Get SoundCloud songs from Chrome extension

Get SoundCloud songs from Chrome extension

Get SoundCloud songs from Chrome extension

Similar to the first method, this way will also give you the "Download" button. But it gives you the button on any track you are finding in SoundCloud. What you need to do is to add the Chrome extension, SoundCloud Downloader.

1Open your Chrome browser, go to, to add this extension to Chrome.

2Restart Chrome, go to the SoundCloud page to search any song as you like.

3In the search result, you will find every song possesses one "Download" button beneath.

Click it to save the song from SoundCloud to your computer as MP3 one by one.

Note: Chrome extension only allows you to access the songs not playlists.

Save any SoundCloud song and playlists by recording

From the above methods, you also note that, for some reasons, you may not download any song that you want. So here, we introduced the last but not the least way, recording. You can record your computer audio to get the music that you want exactly for non-business use.

Here we take one of the best audio recorders, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder, as the example to save any audio from SoundCloud to computer.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

1Download, install and run this software on your computer. Select "Audio Recorder".

Set Audio

2Turn on "System Sound", and turn off "Microphone" to avoid the noise around.

You are able to click the drop-down list of "Audio Recorder" > "Manage" to preset the audio recording.

Here you are able to select the output format, quality, frame rate, volume, etc.

Preset Audio

Get SoundCloud songs from Chrome extension

3Go to SoundCloud, and play the song that you want to download, click the "REC" button to start to capture the song.

You can pause, continue and stop the music recording freely.

Record SoundCloud Song

When you stop the recording, the pop-up window gives you the option to preview and save the recording.

Preview SoundCloud Recording Song

Note: You should turn off other programs that is playing the video or audio, and only leave the SoundCloud song playing.


This page focuses on 4 means of downloading music from SoundCloud to your computer. If you use SoundCloud app or APK on your phone, then you should visit SoundCloud music downloader for iPhone and Android.

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