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How to Download SWF from URL with Web Browser and SWF Downloader

It is well-known that SWF is a standard video format for internet. And it works well with Adobe Flash plug-in and developers prefer to SWF, partly because people cannot download the video without permission. Is it possible to download online SWF videos and watch them offline? The answer is simple, yes, and you can find multiple ways to download SWF from URL in this tutorial.


Part 1: Download SWF from Browser

“I want to download a video from a website, but when I right-click on the video, there is no download option but shows the version of Adobe Flash plug-in, how to download SWF from URL?”

It is more difficult to download a SWF file than an image or embedded video file because no saving options appear when you right-click on the SWF video. But, SWF is digital content, and similar to other content, it can be found in the URL. Most tech savvy can download anything from websites, since they can find the URL in code page. We will tell you the methods to download SWF from your web browser. Following it, you can get what you want as a tech savvy.

1. How to download SWF from Chrome

Step 1Visit the web page that contains the SWF video to download and wait for it to load completely. Right-click on any area on the page without content and choose “Inspect Element”.

Step 2Then the Chrome browser will be divided into three parts and you can see the Developer Tools appear at the bottom separately. Click on the “Search” tool with a magnifying glass icon at very bottom of the browser. It allows you to select an element in the page.

Step 3Go to the web page area and click on the SWF to download, then the object will be highlighted in the code area too.

Step 4Next, select the URL of the SWF file, create a new tab in Chrome and paste the URL into the address bar to open it. Click on the menu button at upper right corner to expand it and choose “Save page as” to download SWF to your hard drive.

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2. How to download SWF from Firefox

Step 1When you find a SWF video in your Firefox browser and want to download it, right-click on a blank area of the page and click “View Page Info” on the floating menu bar.

Step 2Go to the “Media” tab on the Page Info popup window, you can see all URLs of media content on the web page. Scroll down to find the URL ends .swf. If there is more than on SWF video on the page, you can check the “Size”, “Dimensions” and other information.

Step 3Click on the “Save As” button, navigate to a proper location on the Save as dialog and click on the “Save” button to complete downloading SWF.


Though the Save as dialog permits people to change the format of downloaded files, you’d better keep the original format; otherwise the SWF may be damaged.


3. How to download SWF from Safari

Step 1Open the web page that includes the SWF video you want to watch offline in an independent Safari window.

Step 2Hold “Command” + “Option” + “A”, or go to “Windows” > “Activity” to open Safari’s Activity window.

Step 3Scroll down to find the SWF file URL, which should be the largest file size and ended with .swf.

Step 4Next, double-click on the URL to download SWF to your computer. Now, you can watch it with SWF player offline.


Part 2: Download SWF from URL with Professional SWF Downloader

To be honest, downloading SWF in browsers is not always successful. And it is rather complicated to ordinary people. That is why we share the best SWF downloader, Aiseesoft Video Convert Ultimate. Its key features include:

In a word, the best SWF downloader almost equip all features you are looking for.

How to download SWF from URL with Professional SWF Downloader

Step 1Install the best SWF downloader to your computer

There are two versions of the best SWF downloader, one for Windows and the other for Mac. Download and install the right version to your computer based on your operating system. Start the program when you want to download SWF.


Step 2Download SWF in one click

Copy the URL contains the SWF file that you want to download. Once click on the “Download” menu at top ribbon, you will be taken to the SWF downloader window, and the URL will be pasted to the box automatically. Click on the “Analyze” button to extract SWF file from the address. If there are multiple files, you can select a proper one on the popup dialog. Click the “OK” button to start getting SWF offline.


Step 3Convert SWF to playable video

After downloaded, go back to the home interface. If you want to view the SWF video, you’d better compile it to a standard video format, such as MP4. Select the SWF file in library area, move to bottom area, unfold the dropdown menu next to “Profile” and select MP4 or your favorite format. Drop a proper location in the Destination field. Finally, click on the “Convert” button to compile the downloaded SWF. When it is done, you can view your SWF video at any time.



If you find a SWF video but cannot find the download option, you will find the tutorial above is helpful. We have share two methods to download SWF from URL. If you are using Chrome, Firefox or Safari, you can get SWF videos offline in your browser with our step by step guides. On the other hand, we also shared a versatile solution to download and compile online SWF, Aiseesoft Video Convert Ultimate. If you have more questions related to SWF, please leave a message below.

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