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[For Beginner] How to Make a Minecraft Video for YouTube


As the fan of Minecraft, you or your kids even your friends seem not to be content with playing the games at home or on the go. Making a Minecraft video for YouTube for sharing or making money is what you are longing to. This page shows the easiest way to achieve your goal of making a Minecraft video for YouTube, even if you are a novice as an adult or a kid.

Minecraft is the most popular sandbox video game throughout the world. You can play Minecraft game on the go with your iPad, or at home with Xbox 360 or PlayStation 4/3, even at work on your Windows or Mac.

If you are kid, it is not doubt to encourage your free creative exploration and valuable critical thinking.

If you are an adult, it is one of the best game to play at work.

When you watch the Minecraft videos on YouTube, feel great, right?

Actually, you can also make your own Minecraft video for YouTube, whether you want to share your experience with other players or make money.

In the following description, we will show you a step-by-step guide to create a Minecraft video for YouTube, even if you are a beginner in making gaming video.

Make a Minecraft Videos for YouTube

Make a Minecraft YouTube Videos

Step 1. Record Minecraft game video

For creating a Minecraft video, you need to record the video firstly.

For recording Minecraft video, you can use the built-in recorder in your game consoles of Xbox One, Xbox 360, etc. Certainly, if you are running a desktop or pocket device, then you will need a game recorder to help you.

Minecraft game video recorder

Here, we list some easy-to-use Minecraft recorders from your devices. You can select one of them.

  • ➤ Xbox GameDVR (Windows 10)
  • Fraps (Windows)
  • ➤ Open Broadcaster Software (Windows, Mac)
  • ➤ CamStudio (Windows)
  • ➤ Camtasia (Windows, Mac)
  • ➤ Game Recorder (Windows and Mac)
  • ➤ Ezvid (Windows, online)
  • ➤ Screenflow (Mac)
  • ➤ VLC Media Player (Windows and Mac)
  • ➤ AZ Screen Recorder (Android)
  • ➤ AirShou (Android)
  • ➤ iPhone running iOS 11 and above with its built-in recorder.
  • ➤ DU Recorder (Android, iPhone)
Minecraft Video Recorder

For more choices of Minecraft recorder, visit Minecraft recorder.

How to record Minecraft game video

Considering the recording process is similar, so here we only take Game Recorder, as the example to show you how to record Minecraft video on PC.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

1Run Game Recorder

Free download this software on your computer. Install and run it immediately after the installation. Select "Video Recorder".

Screen Recorder

2Set before recording

Before you record the Minecraft video, you need to make the settings like video, audio, etc. for easy recording later.

Video & audio settings

In the main interface of Video Recorder, click "More Settings" to start your Preferences settings, like Recording, Mouse, Hotkeys, Output, and more

Here we need to focus on the Output settings.

You can set the output format from the list of MP4, WMV, MOV, F4V, AVI, TS and GIF. Make the output as the YouTube compatible formats, like MOV, MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, WebM, etc.

For getting a good video quality, you also need to set video codec, video quality, frame rate from 20 fps to 60 fps, audio format and audio quality.

Video & audio settings

Sound source

If you want to record your narration for your Minecraft video, you need to turn on both "Microphone" and "System Sound" in the main interface.

Audio settings

Recording area

Recording area is what scene you want to show to your watchers.

You can select a fixed screen or customize the recording screen to capture the recording by selecting from the drop-down list of the recording area.

You can also lock and record window, which means, you can lock a game window for recording, and do operations on other windows.

Select Recording Area

3Record Minecraft gaming video

Once you prepare all materials well, just play your Minecraft game, and click "REC" button in the main interface to start to record.

Record Minecraft Videos

You do not need to buy all Minecraft games, because Minecraft provides you with some free Minecraft games.

Note: Here, this tool also provides you simple editing features, like draw a shape/line, add the arrow, caption, callout, and airbrush to paint what you want.

If you only want to make a simple Minecraft tutorial, then this tool is enough to help you.

If you want to create a professional game video, then you can move to the next step to edit your video in details.

Step 2. Edit Minecraft recording

For editing the Minecraft gaming video recording, you need the third-party tools to help you exactly. Here we find some reputable video editing software from users, and you can pick some of them exactly.

  • Windows Movie Maker (Windows)
  • ➤ iMovie (Mac)
  • ➤ VirtualDub (Windows)
  • ➤ Blender (Mac)
  • ➤ Free Video Editor (Windows, Mac)
  • ➤ Lightworks (Windows, Mac)
  • ➤ Avidemux (Mac)
  • ➤ Filmakr (iPhone)
  • ➤ Magisto (iPhone, Android)
  • ➤ VivaVideo (Android)
  • YouTube editor (Online)
  • ➤FFMpeg (Windows)

Check here to edit your videos on computer.

Minecraft Video Editor

Step 3. Upload Minecraft video to YouTube

After making your Minecraft video files, you can easily upload it to YouTube for sharing.

1Open on your browser on your computer. Sign into YouTube with your YouTube account.

2Click "Upload Video" under the camcorder image icon. In the pop-up window, click the upload button to locate the Minecraft video file that you want to upload. You can also drag and drop the video files to this page.

Upload Video to YouTube

Set video privacy by choosing Public, Unlisted, Private or Scheduled according to your need.

Then the uploading process will begin automatically.

Here we collect the easiest way to make a Minecraft gaming video for YouTube. You need to record, edit and upload the video for YouTube in three steps. Even if you are novice as an adult or kid, you can easily grasp the simple steps to create it.

If you something still makes you confused, do not hesitate to leave your suggestions below.

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