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[Zero-Based Learning] How to Make a YouTube Video on Your Phone


Open the phone camera, focus on video recording and edit the video effects to create and share a video on your phone for YouTube. Very easy right? That is what you can learn from this page. Create your own YouTube video on phone, even if you are starting from zero.

While camera gets a higher resolution on smart phone, the ability to capture images and record videos on phone is becoming more powerful. You can shoot the videos and photos anywhere and anytime, and upload it to social media like Facebook, YouTube, etc. directly.

However, how to make a good video on your phone for YouTube to attract more eyes?

That is what we are going to show you 2 ways of doing that. One is for creating a YouTube video with photos and music on phone automatically, and the other one is making a video by recording and editing it manually.

Note: This post aims at helping those who are novices in video making field, so we only gather the easy ways without more professional skills.

Make a YouTube Video on Your Phone

Make a YouTube Video on Your Phone

Part 1. Make a YouTube video on phone automatically with photos and music

When you make a video with photos and music, you need an app, Magisto, to combine all the materials together.

Magisto is the free app that helps you to create a video with photos, music and video clips.

This app is compatible with Android and iOS device, so that you can use it freely on your smart phone.

Note: This app is not total free, but offers in-app purchase to use all its functions.

Now, let's check how it works to make a video on your phone.

1Download this app from Google Play, install, and run it on your phone.

2Hit the "Make a Video" button to choose the photos and video clips from your phone library.

3Select one of the 25 editing styles, and pick up a song as the background music. Add the logo and captions for the video file.

4After making all editing settings, tap "Make My Movie" button to create the video.

After the creation on your phone, you are allowed to upload the video to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Google+


This way is the easiest method, because you only need to put all materials together and the app will help you to complete most effectively.

Surely, if you like to jump in and perform the task of making a YouTube video by yourself, just read the next part. It needs your more patience and time.

When you want to create a YouTube video on computer, do not miss here: How to make a YouTube gaming video on PC.

Part 2. Record & edit & create a video for YouTube on phone manually

In this part, we will introduce some tips to record and edit the video effects.

Prepare for recording a video file on phone

Though the camera on smart phone is getting more and more capable, you still need some skills to get a good video recording.

Proper lighting

Proper lighting

A good lighting has a big impact on smart phone camera. Try as much as possible to shoot your video in brightly lit areas. In contrast, you should not point the camera directly at bright light sources, which may lead to overexposed footage and lens flaring. Some phones offer "touch focusing", which is the automatic exposure control when you are total confused by the manual lighting.

Stay phone steady

Stay Phone steady

If you do not want to get a shaky video, then you should keep your phone steady while recording. Use both your hands to hold the phone. Alternatively, if necessary, get a tripod to stabilize your phone.

Audio matters

If you want to record a video with your voice only, then leave yourself in a quiet space to avoid any noise around. Moreover, the built-in microphone on your phone may be not ideal, so you had better prepare a good-quality microphone to record your own narration.

If you only want to put a song as the video background, then you can ignore this part, and add a music file in the next editing part.

Get close to subject and avoid vertical recording

Get close to subject and avoid vertical recording

Staying closer to your subject will get a better image quality and less digital noise. Moreover, you can achieve this goal by using the digital zoom feature.

Another point is to avoid vertical video shooting. Hold your phone screen horizontally so that videos played back can go smoothly on other screens. Just remember to record a video up and down rather than sideways.

Video resolution

A clear video always gains more likes than a blurry video file. So before you start to shoot a video on your phone, select the high resolution recording. 4K isn't really necessary to capture high-quality video, especially most TVs and monitors still aren't 4K compatible anyway. Most Android phones will offer the region of 1080p HD, which is enough.

Above are the most basic and simplest factors that can elevate the awful video recording on phone.

After you record the video file, you need to add some editing values to make the video more attractive in the next part.

Edit and create a YouTube video on phone

Phone has its built-in editing features for video file. However, it is very weak to create a good-looking YouTube video file. You still need an app, VivaVideo, to help you edit and make the video.

VivaVideo is not the only app that can edit the video on phone, we only take it as the example here. For more video editors for Android, visit this post: Best Android video editor.

VivaVideo is the free app that helps you edit video on Android phone and iPhone.

It gives you the basic options to trim and merge video clips. For the playback, you can use its fast and slow motion control of speed up to 0.2s.

It also lets you add stickers, filters, animated clips, subtitles, etc. to video. For the video creation, you can upload to YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google+, Vine, Snapchat, etc.

Now, let us learn the steps to edit and make a video on your phone together.

1Download VivaVideo from Google Play or App Store directly, install, and open this app immediately.

2Tap "Start" to go to the homepage. Select "Edit" to select the video recording. Then you are given the options to choose different themes, music to add, stickers, filters, effects, text, and more.

4Moreover, the edit tab also allows you to clip, trim, add and loop the video, too.

5After editing the video file, you can save it on your phone or share it directly to YouTube.


Here the second way of making a YouTube video on phone has been told here. This way comes to be tougher than the first one, but you can create your own video on phone with the whole process in true meaning.

Surely, you can create a quick and easier video with photos, videos, and music in the first way when you gain little time.

Your any good suggestion will be welcome in the following comments.

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