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How to Make A YouTube Video on Computer or iPhone

"I want to make a YouTube video with pictures and my original music as the birthday gift for my girl friend. What apps are good for making YouTube videos?"
"I heard YouTube videos can make money for the maker. I have some ideas to make game videos to earn money, but there is no clue to deal with. Is there any detailed steps guide to help me to make the video on YouTube? P.S. I have no camera, only with the computer."

If you have the same questions, then keep reading to find the following the answers.

YouTube videos entertain your life to watch the videos. Also, you can be as the member of YouTube to make a YouTube video by yourself, no matter what you just want is to create a YouTube video present, or you want to make money from your made video on YouTube, or you just want to share your gaming experience for other game lovers. In the following introduction, let's dig the solutions of making a YouTube video or videos by yourself.

Make A YouTube Video

Make A YouTube Video

The apps you can use to make a YouTube video

Smartphone for video recording and making

The easiest app for recording a video is the Smartphone. Android phone or iPhone in the market get the camera, which you can use to record any video for making. When you want to make a YouTube video without professional skills, you can try this way.

Webcam for computer users to make a video

Most laptops have the built-in cameras so you can make the video with the camera. However, desktop computer always come without camera. At this point, you may consider the webcam recording software to help you record the video.

Camcorder for professional video capturing and making

Hand-held digital camcorder like Sony, which is suitable for the Professional photographer. As the fresh-hand, it may e difficult to use it to record and make the video.

The following description focuses on the easiest way to make a YouTube video, so we only share the ways to make a YouTube video on computer/iPhone.

How to make a YouTube video on computer without camera

If your computer is no built-in camera, then you can also use other software to record and make a YouTube video.

Check the following chart to see what everything can FoneEraser delete:

What you need: Screen Recorder and computer

What are you using for used with the video: game video, tutorial video, desktop sharing, online video saving, etc.

Steps of creating a YouTube video on computer

Step 1 Launch this software on your computer, and click "Screen Recorder".

Step 2 Display the screen that you want to capture on your computer, and click "REC" to start to record the video.

Step 3 After capturing, the recording will be saved as MP4 or WMV.

Record YouTube Audio

1. You can make the settings by turn on/off the microphone audio or system audio to make the video with or without your audio or computer audio.

2. If you install the camera on your computer, then you could also make the conference video.

You can learn the steps from the video below:

How to make a YouTube video with pictures and music?

When you want to make the YouTube video as the gift for your families or lovers, the pictures with theirs will be a good idea. Pictures with music will be easy but sweet when you play the YouTube video loop. Check the way as the following to start to make a YouTube video.

What you need: Slideshow Maker, computer, pictures and music

When you only have some images and want to create the electronic album as the simple video, you can use this method.

Steps of creating a YouTube video with pictures and music

Step 1 Double click the frame to add the photos from your computer. Here you can add photos and pictures in bulk.

Step 2 Click the music-add button to add music for your YouTube video. Click "Create" > "Start" to make the video with pictures and music.

Record YouTube Audio

1. Not only music or photos, you could edit video by adding text, and setting transition for your video.

2. For the transition, you can set time for between different photos.

3. The video made will be saved as MP4/WMV/MOV/AVI/MTV/FLV/3GP/SWF/3GP, etc.

How to make a YouTube video on iPhone?

If you only want to share your life on YouTube, then you can create a YouTube video with your iPhones easily.

What you need: iPhone with enough space

Steps to make YouTube video on iPhone

Step 1 Go to "Camera" on your iPhone.

Step 2 Slide the option from "PHOTO" to find "VIDOE" and you will see the circle button on the bottom becomes red, and then you can shoot the video you want to make by tapping the red button.

The recording time will display on the top, and click the red circle button to stop video recording, and save the recording as MOV. You can preview the video recording by visiting "Photos" > "Camera Roll".

How to upload and edit the YouTube video?

After you make the basic video, then you need to upload the video to YouTube for sharing. Before you upload the YouTube video, you need to bear the rule of YouTube of not longer than 15 minutes for free member, and you have to make sure your video format is as the following list:

Support video formats for YouTube MOV, MPEG4, MP4, AVI, WMV, MPEGS, FLV, 3GPP

After you upload the video to YouTube, you can share it. If you want to make your video attractive with some effects you could also edit YouTube video.


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