How to Make Privacy Settings for Your YouTube Videos?

YouTube may be the most popular video site all over the world. Millions of people share their videos on YouTube for the world to watch every day. However, there will be time that you want only your friends or some certain people to see your uploaded YouTube video. Sometimes you even want your YouTube videos to be private completely and only yourself can see them. Therefore, knowing how to make your YouTube videos private is of great importance.

First of all, what is the meaning of private video in YouTube?

When uploading a video to YouTube, you are able to change the video privacy settings to Public, Unlisted, or Private. The three words stand for three different privacy levels of your YouTube video.

Make YouTube Videos Privacy

Unlisted vs. Private on YouTube

Before we learn how to make private settings for YouTube videos, it's necessary to know the difference among the 3 settings: Public, Unlisted, and Private.

Public is the default setting of YouTube videos and playlists. This is the majority of YouTube videos. Anyone can see your video if you upload it without making any privacy settings. So if you want as many people to see your video as possible, you can upload your video to YouTube directly without making any privacy settings.

Unlisted means other people will not find your YouTube video in search results or on your channel or in "related" or "suggested" videos. Under this setting, only those who know the video link can view this video. You can share the link with anyone, even those who have no YouTube account/username can view the video. But there is also a disadvantage with this setting. If you share the video link with someone, he/she can re-share it in a number of ways, which will lead to the risk of making public see your unlisted videos.

Private YouTube videos will not be seen by anyone who doesn't have permission. Others can only view your video in the premise that you invite them to view it. The video won't appear on your channel or in search results. You can manage the users you want to share a private video with, and only people have a YouTube account can view the private video with your permission.

How to Make Privacy Settings

There are 2 methods to change the privacy settings of your YouTube video, one is in the process of uploading a video to YouTube, the other one is making changes later after you upload the videos.

1. Make privacy settings when uploading a video to YouTube

You are able to make your YouTube video private in the process of uploading it. When you upload a video, there is an option at the bottom that says "Public". This is defaulted to "public", there is a drop-down menu on this button and you can change the privacy level as "Unlisted" or "Private" according to your demand after learning the difference between "Unlisted" and "Private". There is also an option of "Scheduled" available in the drop-down list, which means you can choose an exact time to upload your video.

Uploading a Video to YouTube

2. Change privacy settings of the YouTube videos you have uploaded

To change the privacy settings of the YouTube videos you uploaded before, go to Creator Studio-Video Manager.

Step 1Choose "Videos" options to find all your uploaded YouTube videos.

Step 2Find the video you want to change privacy settings and check in the box next to the video(you can check multiple videos at once).

Step 3There is a button named as "Actions" on the top of the videos, change the privacy setting in the drop-down menu.

Change privacy settings

It seems that YouTube will launch a new version in the future, and there is a beta version available for users to experience its new interface. So here we will also introduce how to make your YouTube videos private in the new version of YouTube.

Step 1Find all your uploaded videos in "Videos" and check the one you want to change privacy setting.

Video Manager

Step 2There is a classification named "Visibility", under which you can set the privacy level of your uploaded videos.

Step 3Click the "pencil" icon to make your YouTube videos private.


If you want to change the privacy settings of multiple videos at one time, put a check in the box next to each applicable video. Then there is an "Edit" button on the top of the videos, click the "Edit" button you will see a drop-down menu, choose "Visibility" option to change the privacy setting as Public, Unlisted or Private.

Change Privacy Settings

After you make choice, click "Update Videos" button to save the change.

Save Change

3. How to share an Unlisted or Private YouTube video?

If you want to share an Unlisted video with others, you can send the URL of the Unlisted video to your friends or some specific people to view the video. Anyone with the link can also re-share it. For example, they can forward the link or add the video to a public playlist. So there is still a risk if you don't want more people to see your video.

If you want to share your private video to someone, you can share it via email.

Step 1Click the drop-down icon next to the "Edit" button and choose "Info & Settings" option.

Info & Settings

Step 2Click the "Share" button to enter the email addresses of the people who you want to share the private video with.


Please note that you can only share a private video to 50 people in maximum and the people you share video with need to have a Google account to view your video successfully.

There are also some other knowledge you need to know about sharing a private video.

Firstly, if you have never connected your channel with Google+ or confirmed your name on YouTube, you will not be able to share private videos to other. Besides, if you have shared a private video with others before, it'll continue to be visible to them. What's more, you are not able to modify the list of users who can view the private videos unless you remove all the users' access to the video.

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