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1. Download and Save Instagram Videos to Different Platforms with 4 Efficient Methods
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3. Best Instagram Video Maker to Create a Slideshow
4. 100% Workable Way to Post YouTube Videos on Instagram in High Quality
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100% Workable Way to Post YouTube Videos on Instagram in High Quality

Can I add a YouTube video to Instagram?
How can I download the video from YouTube?
How to post a video on Instagram from a link?

Want to post something interesting from YouTube to your Instagram account? However, there is no such a button that allows you to share a YouTube video on Instagram story directly. To solve this problem, you need to download online YouTube videos on your smart phone or computer first. Later, you can edit and convert the downloaded YouTube video to meet the Instagram’s video requirements. Now, let’s read together to figure out how to post a video from YouTube to Instagram step by step.

Post Youtube Videos To Instagram

Post Youtube Videos To Instagram

Part 1: How to Download YouTube Videos for Free

Still looking for a good YouTube video downloader? Just come here and try Aiseesoft Free YouTube Downloader. It allows users to download all online videos in high speed. Yes, you can free download online videos from YouTube, Vimeo and other sites. The downloaded YouTube videos can be saved as compatible video/audio formats as well. Thus, you can post YouTube videos on Instagram directly.

Main Functions of the Free YouTube Downloader

A Complete Tutorial to Download a YouTube Video to Your Computer

Step 1 Run the free YouTube video downloader

Download the YouTube downloader from its official site for free. Launch the program after the installation.

Run Youtube Downloader

Step 2 Copy and paste the YouTube link

Copy the YouTube video link. Click the “Paste URL” option. Your copied YouTube URL will be in the input box automatically. Choose “Analyze” to get all available videos.

Paste The Youtube Video Link

Step 3 Save the YouTube video

Choose and preview any video. You can get the detailed information from the left panel. Mark before the option you like. Later, click “OK” to download the YouTube video.

Download The Youtube Video

Note: You can set the output video format before downloading. In the “Add New Download” window, find and choose the certain profile from “Automatically Convert to” at the bottom.

Part 2: How to Record YouTube Videos in the Original Quality

Actually, you can use Aiseesoft Screen Recorder to download all online videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitch and other sites. Moreover, you can record streaming gameplays and webcam videos for sharing without lag. It is a lightweight but powerful screen recorder for Windows and Mac users. While you are recording a YouTube video, you can add drawing filters and take screenshots directly.

Furthermore, you can add your voice and webcam video while recording a YouTube video. If you want to record certain video clips instead of an entire lengthy YouTube video, you can pause and resume the record process without time limits. The Screen Recorder can clip and merge your YouTube video clips automatically. In a word, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is your must-have YouTube to Instagram downloader.

Main Features of the YouTube Video Recorder

Video Recorder Software VS Online YouTube Downloader

In past times, you can download YouTube videos for free with many online services. Once you search “download YouTube videos” or other similar words in Google, there are various online YouTube video downloaders. It seems that you can download a YouTube video by pasting its URL easily. Sadly, it is not a smart choice in recent years.

- “Why can’t I download YouTube videos anymore in 2018?”

- “I’m unable to save YouTube videos offline using the free YouTube downloader…”

There are many complaints about “can’t download YouTube videos”. Because YouTube improves the codes and site layouts constantly. Thus, it will be harder than before to post a video on Instagram from a link of YouTube.

During this time, you can record YouTube videos instead. It is a good way to post YouTube videos on Instagram without the copyright protection and other limitations. The most important thing is that you can choose which video part to download freely.

Steps to Record a YouTube Video as a MP4 File

Step 1 Choose the video recorder

Free download the YouTube video recorder on your computer. Launch the program after the installation. If you have the registration code, you can activate the account to access all YouTube recording features. To record a YouTube video, you can choose the “Video Recorder” option.

Choose The Video Recorder

Step 2 Set the screen size and audio source

You need to set the recording area first. Choose “Full Screen”, “Fixed Region” or “Custom Region” from the “Display” drop-down menu. Well, you can drag and drop the screen area with your mouse freely. If you want to record yourself in the video, you can turn on “Webcam” too.

Later, turn on “System Sound” and “Microphone” options based on your need. For instance, if you want to record the streaming system audio only, you can turn on “System Sound” and turn off “Microphone”. It’s also supported to add your oral explanation to the video. In addition, you can volume up or down manually.

Set The Screen Size And Audio Source

Step 3 Manage YouTube to Instagram recording preferences (optional)

Click the “More Settings” option on the top right corner of the window. There are 5 different sections including “Recording”, “Mouse”, “Hotkeys”, “Output” and “System”. The maximum Instagram video frame rate is 30fps. What’s more, the maximum dimensions for Instagram ups to 1080px wide.

As a result, you can adjust video recording settings, change the destination folder, set hotkeys and other preferences before recording. Choose “OK” to save your change and exit the window.

Manage Youtube Recording Settings

Step 4 Record a YouTube video for Instagram

After all preparations, you can click “REC” to start recording. Whenever you want to skip the certain part, you can click “Pause/Resume” to achieve it safely. The YouTube recording file still exists. The moment you stop recording the YouTube video, you will get a popping-up preview window. Check if the YouTube recording video matches your need. Later, you can choose “Save” followed by “Next” to export the YouTube MP4 recording file.

Note: The maximum Instagram video length is 60 seconds. Thus, you had better record a YouTube video clip less than one minute. Otherwise, you need to use a free video cutter to post YouTube videos to your Instagram account.

Part 3: How to Post YouTube Videos on Instagram from Your Phone/Computer

You can post YouTube videos on Instagram on an Android phone or tablet easily. Just open the “Gallery” and choose the video to share. As for iOS users, you can head to “Library” to select and post YouTube videos on Instagram story. Unfortunately, Instagram does not allow users to upload or take videos from a desktop computer.

But do not worry about that. Dropbox is the app to post a YouTube video on Instagram. Thus, you can transfer videos from the computer to an iPhone or Android wirelessly. Just make sure you are running a strong network. Otherwise, it takes a long time to complete the process. Here is the detailed tutorial you can follow.

Step 1 Install Dropbox app on your smartphone and computer.

Step 2 Sign into the Dropbox account on both two devices.

Step 3 Upload the downloaded YouTube video clip to Dropbox cloud storage on your desktop.

Step 4 Access the uploaded video on your mobile phone.

Step 5 Choose “Export” from the down arrow to export YouTube to Instagram.

Post Youtube To Instagram With Dropbox

Note: You can also use paid YouTube to Instagram online uploading services, like Gramblr, Later, Iconnosquare, Schedugram, Tube2Gram, etc. After that, you can add your favorite filter, caption, location and other elements to the Instagram video with ease.

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All in all, this is not the tutorial for posting videos from YouTube to Instagram only. You can use above methods to share other online videos from different sources. Well, it is also a good way to download online videos for free. Next time you want to grab streaming videos for sharing or offline viewing, you can free download Aiseesoft Screen Recorder for a try. If you encounter any problem while recording, please feel free to contact us.

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