Top 2 Ways to Record Facebook Video

January 20, 2021Andrew Miller

While the daily usage of Facebook, you may frequently have the need to record Facebook video calls, capture live streams on Facebook, or save some shared videos from Facebook. The question is, do you know how to record Facebook video with high quality?

Fortunately, there are a large number of Facebook video recorders offered on the market, including some free online ones can help you capture a Facebook video with ease. Here in this post, we like to share 2 simple ways to record Facebook videos.

Record Facebook Video

Part 1. Best Way to Record Facebook Video Call [Recommended]

As it mentioned above, there are lots of Facebook video recording tools provided on the internet can help you capture a Facebook video call or Facebook Live video. Here at the first part, we recommend the best Facebook video recorder, Aisesoft Screen Recorder to capture any activities on your computer including various operations on Facebook.

Screen Recorder


Best Facebook Video Recorder

  • Easy record Facebook Live videos, video and audio calls with high quality.
  • Record Facebook video smoothly with exactly original image/sound quality.
  • Record Facebook video with full screen or customized area and real-time drawing.
  • Capture computer screen/webcam, record audio and take screenshots.
  • Record online videos, 2D/3D gameplay, video/audio chats, music and more.
  • Powerful editing features and export captured content in any popular format.

Steps to record Facebook video

Step 1 Double click on the download button above and then follow the instructions to install this Facebook video recorder on your computer. It allows you to capture a Facebook video on both Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista PC and Mac. Here you should choose the right version.

Step 2 Open this Facebook video recorder and choose the Video Recorder feature at the main window. If you want to capture a Facebook audio call, here you can choose the Audio Recorder feature. It also provides a Screen Capture function for you.

Main Interface

Step 3 When you get to the Video Recorder window, you can set the recording area and video/audio source based on your need. You are allowed to record a Facebook video with full screen or selected region. Moreover, you can choose to capture sound from system audio, microphone or both according to your need.

If you want to record a video call on Facebook or Facebook Live video, here you need to turn on the Webcam and Microphone.

Screen Recorder Interface

Step 4 After all these settings, you can start your Facebook activity and recording. You can click the REC button to start recording your Facebook video. During the screen capturing process, you can draw a rectangle, add arrow, line or other elements as you like.

Video Preview

Step 5 Click the REC button again when you want to stop the Facebook video recording. This Facebook video recorder is designed with a built-in media player to ensure you can preview the captured file and edit it. During this step, you can also edit the recorded Facebook video.

When you are satisfied with the recording, you can click the Save button to save the captured Facebook video on your computer. You can save it in any popular video format like MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, FLV and more.

Whether you want to record a Facebook Live video or capture a Facebook video/audio call, this Facebook video recorder can be your best option. With the adoption of the latest accelerate technology, it guarantees that you can record Facebook video smoothly with low CPU, GPU and RAM.

More importantly, the recommended Facebook video recorder has the capability to capture a high-quality video up to 4K UHD or 1080p HD. It enables you to capture content while keeping the exactly the original quality. So if you record a Facebook video on your 4K screen, there will be no doubt that you will get a 4K captured video.

Part 2. Free Way to Record a Facebook Video on Mac

With the method above, you can handily record any Facebook video on Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista PC or Mac. In fact, if you are using a Mac and want to record a Facebook video, you can turn to the official video recorder for Mac, QuickTime Player.

QuickTime Player is the default media player and screen recorder for Mac users. It is totally free and can provides a stable and high-quality Facebook video recording. This part will show you how to record a Facebook video on Mac in detail.

Step 1 Launch QuickTime Player on your Mac. Click File on the menu bar and then choose New Movie Recording from the drop-down list.

Record Facebook Video Quicktime

Step 2 There will be a pop-up recording window appears. Now you can play the Facebook video and click the red record button to start recording it.

Step 3 Hit the Stop button to end the Facebook video recording. After that, you are given some basic editing features to custom the captured video. Here you can trim it and only keep the useful part.

Step 4 Click the File menu and then choose the Save option to save the Facebook recording on your Mac. Then you can save it in a suitable format and video resolution.

If you are a Mac user, you can rely on QuickTime Player to record a Facebook video or YouTube video with high quality. It even allows you to capture a 4K Facebook video smoothly. QuickTime Player is definitely a good helper to capture a Facebook video call or Live video. But you should know that, QuickTime Player can’t record audio from system audio. It only enables you to capture sound from microphone.


We mainly talked about how to record Facebook video in this post. You can get 2 easy ways to capture Facebook video/audio calls, Live videos, and shared videos on Facebook. You can choose the recommended Screen Recorder to get the best recording experience. Or you can turn to QuickTime Player if you are a Mac user. Leave us a message if you still have any questions.

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