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How to Repeat Video/Song/Playlist on YouTube


It is an enjoyable thing to repeat a favorite song on YouTube. Also, you will not miss to loop play a tutorial video on YouTube to get the skills of cooking, computer solutions, etc. However, what is the point when you want to loop a YouTube video or song? In this page, we will share the easiest ways of repeating YouTube video, song and playlist.

Repeat YouTube Videos

Repeat YouTube Videos

Part 1. How to repeat YouTube on browser with Loop button

It is the most widely accepted way to watch YouTube videos on computer with your browser like Chrome, Firefox, etc. So for repeating video on YouTube, you could directly make the settings on computer directly.

We will take the song repeat on YouTube as the example in the following steps.

Step 1 Go to YouTube and open the URL of the song on YouTube.

Step 2 In the interface of this YouTube song, right click the mouse and select "Loop" to replay the song or video without times limitations.

YouTube Music Loop

For video or playlist replay, you could also follow this way to make it.

Part 2. How to loop infinitely on YouTube by changing the URL

The above way is able to repeat a YouTube video buy its button settings. Here you could also replay YouTube by adding some words on its URL.

In this part, we will take a YouTube video replay automatically as an example.

Step 1 Go to YouTube, and find the video ( that you want to get a repeat. Here you could open any video as you like.

YouTube URL

Step 2 In the address bar, erase all content in front of youtube, and type "repeat" after youtube.

YouTube URL Edit

Step 3 Click "Enter", and the video will be opened with your browser. And the left small button shows the repeat times of this YouTube video.

YouTube Video Repeat

Part 3. How to replay YouTube on mobile phone by creating the playlist

The above two parts are available for you to loop on computer. However, if you want to make the YouTube repeat on YouTube app on your Android or iPhone, you will find it is impossible. For replaying the video on YouTube app on mobile phone, you could create the playlist to achieve the goal.

Step 1 Open the YouTube app on your Andoid or iPhone and play the video.

Step 2 Go to "Video" > "Create a new playlist" > Give the playlist the name on your phone.

Step 3 Go to your account section > "Playlist" to find the playlist you created just now, and play the video.

Step 4 Tap the Loop icon inside the playlist to repeat the video or song.

YouTube Video Repplay

In this way, you have to create many playlists on YouTube app on your iPhone or Android phone.

Part 4. How to download video/song from YouTube for repeat forever

The above ways show you how to get YouTube repeat online on browser or phone devices. In this part, we will show you the way to get YouTube replay forever and automatically on your computer or phone by downloading the videos or music file from YouTube.

Aiseesoft Video Downloader is one of the most reputable software that can help you download videos and music from YouTube to your computer.

Video Downloader For Mac

Step 1 Run this app on PC, click "Paste Url" to put the URL of the YouTube video in the address bar.

Step 2 Click "Analyze" to access the video resolution and resolution.

Step 3 Select from "Only Download" or "Automatically Convert to" (Here you need to select the output format). Click "OK" to start to download video from YouTube.


After you download the video to your computer, you could play it with your computer built-in player to play it with repeat settings.

Also, you could put music or video on iPhone or Android phone to replay it with your phone player.

Extended reading: How to put music on iPhone.

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