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How to Change YouTube Video Playback Speed:
Speed Up YouTube Videos

Summary: Want to change a YouTube video playback speed, or speed up YouTube video to get a better effect? This post shows you how to speed up YouTube videos with YouTube Video Editor, and directly speed up the playback speed on YouTube.

How to Speed up YouTube Videos

You may frequently accelerate the playing speed to quickly pass the boring parts while watching YouTube videos. Actually, you can handily speed up or slow down video playback on YouTube.

Moreover, you may also want to change the video playing speed to get a special effect. Before sharing your videos on YouTube, do you know how to speed up YouTube videos?

This article offers two kind of solutions. You are able to use YouTube Video Editor to speed up YouTube videos or with iMovie to speed up videos for YouTube. Both two video editor tools are good for you to speed up YouTube videos without any hassle. To let you make a better choice, we are going to show you how to speed up YouTube videos with both video editors. What's more, you will find an effective method to directly speed up a video on YouTube.

Part 1. How to speed up YouTube videos with YouTube Video Editor

YouTube Video Editor is a good choice if you want to speed up YouTube videos. This online free video editor has many useful editing features in addition to speeding up videos, such as adding music, adding text, etc.

Speed up YouTube Video with Timelapse

Step 1 Add video clips to the time time to create a project. To load video clips, drag and drop them to the timeline directly in YouTube Video Editor.

Step 2 Highlight the video clip that you want to edit and "quick fixes" window will pop up immediately. There are sliders visible, with which you are able to adjust the video contrast and brightness levels appropriately, add slow motion and timelapse. To speed up YouTube videos, you need the "Timelapse" option. Choose the speed which you want to speed up at.

Step 3 The final step will be clicking on the "publish" button to have all the changes for slowing or speeding up the video saved in YouTube.

Part 2. Speed up videos for YouTube with iMovie

Step 1 Drag the video clips to the timeline, and then choose the video at which you want to speed up.

Step 2 Click the speedometer icon to show the speed control. Select "Fast" or "Slow" from the Speed drop-down box, and then click the desired speed setting.

Slow Motion in iMovie

Step 3 An icon (a rabbit or a turtle) and a Speed Slider will show on the clip and at the top of the clip respectively. You can use the Speed Slider to adjust the speed: drag it to the right to slow down the video, or drag it to the left to speed up the video.

Speed up Videos in iMovie

Note: Change the video clip speed will impact the audio pitch. To save the original audio, check "Preserve Pitch" checkbox.

Step 4 Choose the video range in the timeline. Hold down the "R" key from the keyboard and drag across the clip.

Step 5 Click the speedometer icon to trigger the speed controls window. Then you can choose "Fast" or "Slow" to speed up or slow down the selected clip.

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Part 3. How to speed up a video on YouTube

You can easily manage YouTube video playback speed on your browser. Whether you want to speed up a video playing on YouTube, or slow down a YouTube video, you can use the following method to get the job done.

Speed up YouTube videos on web

Step 1 Navigate to YouTube site and find the video you want to speed up speed.

YouTube Playback

Step 2 Click on the "Settings" icon and then click "Speed". Severn options are listed here, you can speed up or slow down YouTube video according to your need.

Speed up YouTube Videos on Web

Speed up YouTube videos on iPhone/iPad

Step 1 Unlock your iOS device and open YouTube app. Locate a video and play it.

Step 2 Tap the triple-dot menu on the upper right corner.

Step 3 Choose the YouTube video playback speed you want to set the video to.

Speed up YouTube Videos on iPad

Speed up a YouTube video playback on Android

Step 1 Open the YouTube video on your Android device.

Step 2 Tap the video so you can see all the buttons overlaid on the screen, then tap on the 3-dots icon.

Speed up a YouTube Video on Android

Step 3 Tap Playback Speed and then you can see a list of playback speed options. Now you can speed up YouTube playback based on your need.

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We mainly talk about how to speed up YouTube videos in this post. We show you detailed steps to change YouTube video speed. Whether you want to directly speed up video playback on YouTube, or speed up downloaded YouTube video speed, you can find suitable methods here. If you still have any question, feel free to leave us a message.

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