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Tutorial on How to Use YouTube Video Editor

Summary: How to use YouTube Video Editor to edit video on YouTube? Before uploading your video to YouTube, you can do many editing jobs to make it look better. This post shows you how to use YouTube Video Editor. It also recommends a great alternative to YouTube Video Editor.

It's very necessary to edit videos before uploading to YouTube. Editing videos for YouTube can make your videos look better and get more views. Actually, you can directly use YouTube Video Editor to edit videos.

How to Use YouTube Video Editor

This browser-based video editor carries many basic editing features. For instance, you can easily rotate and trim video, apply slow motion, time lapse, and filters, auto-fix lighting and color, stabilize shakiness and more.

Part 1. Best YouTube Video Editor

Aiseesoft Video Editor

Part 2. How to use YouTube Video Editor to edit YouTube videos

Before uploading the video to YouTube, you are able to use YouTube Video Editor for editing. Compared with some traditional video editing software, YouTube Video Editor is simple to use. How to use YouTube Video Editor? Read this article.

1. Go to YouTube Video Editor

Visit the site, and sign into your Google account.

YouTube Video Editor

2. Add videos from YouTube to the timeline

When you get to the YouTube Video Editor, you'll find all the YouTube videos from your account are here. For video editing, you need to add your YouTube videos to the timeline. Simply drag the video from the pool of videos onto the timeline or click the plus icon at the top-right corner of each video clip. You are able to add YouTube videos uploaded with a "Creative Commons" license. When you want to do this, navigate to the "CC" tab, and then find a video to drag onto the timeline.

Import Video from YouTube

3. Edit the videos with YouTube Video Editor

With this easy-to-use YouTube Video Editor, you can edit your YouTube videos conveniently. You are able to add audio track, apply video filters, cut video into clips and so on. Below is a detailed tutorial on how to use YouTube Video Editor.

Cut/Split YouTube video

Split Video with YouTube Video Editor

To cut or split your YouTube video, you need to hover over the video clip and click the scissor-alike icon to cut the video into clips. You are also able to cursor over the video edge in the timeline and then drag the handle to trim the YouTube video.

Add filters

Add Filters with YouTube Video Editor

You can also add some amazing video filters offered by YouTube Video Editor. Just double click the target video and choose the "Filter" tab to access such filter.

Add text to video

Add Text with YouTube Video Editor

YouTube Video Editor also lets you add text to video. Navigate to the "Text tab", check the box of "Enable text" and enter the words into the text column. Then you can personalize the font, color, size, text position according to your need.

Add audio to video

YouTube Video Editor also enables you to add audio or music file to video. To do this, turn back to the main interface of YouTube Video Editor, and click the "Audio" tab. Then choose a audio file from the library or just drag it to the soundtrack timeline, or click the plus sign to the right of each title to add audio to video.

Add Audio to Video with YouTube Video Editor

Note: For adding music to YouTube video, YouTube will automatically add advertisements to the video clip. Another shortcoming of this feature is that you are not able to edit the audio track at all. If the audio file is longer than your video, you have to let the it play from the beginning until your video stops.

Add transitions to video

Add transitions to Video with YouTube Video Editor

For several video clips that have been added to the timeline, you need to add a transition to make the all project much smoother. To add transition to video, go to the "Transition" tab and choose from 16 transition effects that YouTube Video Editor offers.

Change video settings

Change Video Settings with YouTube Video Editor

The "Quick fixes" feature is provided by YouTube Video Editor, which is capable of quick analysis of the YouTube video. It can tweaks the video brightness, contrast settings, color and so on automatically. Double click the video clip and then choose the "Quick fixes" tab to quickly and conveniently change the video settings like brightness and contrast, audio fix, video rotation, adding pan zoom effect or adding slow motion, etc.

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We mainly show you how to use YouTube Video Editor in detail in this article. Free to leave your comment if you have any suggestion or advice.

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