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Methods to Watch YouTube Videos offline on PC, Mac, iOS and Android

Without any doubt, YouTube is an innovation platform for everyone to access a massive amount of content. Whether you want to watch the latest music videos, to view popular movies or to discover video tutorials, YouTube is always our first option. It is well known that YouTube requires internet connection. However, we cannot connect to internet all the time. That is why many people ask how to watch YouTube videos offline. The solution is to download YouTube videos and watch them offline on computers or smartphones. It is easier said than done. To help you watch YouTube videos at anytime and anywhere, we are going to talk about various ways to watch YouTube videos offline on PC, Mac, iPhone or Android devices.

Watch YouTube Videos offline

Part 1. How to watch YouTube videos offline on PC/Mac

Restricted by internet speed, many people cannot enjoy YouTube videos smoothly, especially HD videos. The best alternative solution is to watch YouTube videos offline. When it comes to specific methods, you can follow the guides below.

Solution 1: Watch YouTube videos offline via YouTube downloader software

There are some online video downloaders on market, only a few support lossless downloading YouTube videos. Aiseesoft Video Convert Ultimate is one of the best YouTube downloader tools. Its key features include:

Steps to watch YouTube videos offline with VCU

Step 1 Install the YouTube video downloader to your computer

This YouTube downloader is available to both Windows and Mac. You should download and install the right version on your computer according to the operating system.

Video Converter Ultimate

Step 2 Paste the video address

Open the YouTube video you want to watch offline in your browser and copy the video address. Launch Video Convert Ultimate and click "Download" menu on top of the window to go to the YouTube downloader window. The video address will be pasted in the URL field automatically.

Step 3 Get the YouTube video offline

Click on "Analyze" button to detect the YouTube video available in the address. Then you can select a resolution from the result. Once hit "OK", the program will start getting YouTube offline.

You can learn the steps from the video below:

Video Record Video Audio on Computer play-button

Solution 2: Watch YouTube videos offline via online downloader

Online Video Converter is a simple tool to watch YouTube videos offline. The benefit of online YouTube downloader is that you do not need to install any new software on your computer. But you should know that, the size limit for this kind of video downloading is obvious.

Online Video Converter

Step 1 When you discover an attractive video and want to watch YouTube video offline, copy the video address.

Step 2 Open a new tab in your browser and access video-converter. On the home page, paste the video address in the field and choose a video format from the dropdown list below, like MP4.

Step 3 Click on "START" button, the downloading process will start. When it is done, press the "DOWNLOAD" button to get the YouTube video on your computer and watch it offline.

Part 2. How to Watch YouTube videos offline on iOS/Android

According to recent study, people spend more and more time watching digital videos. And such behavior is more likely to happen on the road, partly because the popularity of big-screen smartphones. However, streaming YouTube videos can quickly chew through your monthly data allotment. So, we will show you how to watch YouTube videos offline with or without Red subscription on smartphones.

Solution 1: Watch YouTube videos offline on iOS/Android with Red subscription

What is YouTube Red subscription? It is a paid monthly subscription service to optimize viewing experiences. Now, Red subscription is available in US, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Mexico. First of all, it removes ads from all videos on both YouTube and the mobile apps. Another benefit is offline viewing. Subscribers are able to download and watch YouTube videos offline for 30 days, if you pay $9.99 per month.

Step 1 To watch a YouTube video offline with Red subscription, you need to play the video in YouTube app on your smartphone connected to Wi-Fi.

Step 2 Touch the gray "Add to Offline" button below the video title. Then choose a video quality available on the list.

Step 3 After downloaded, the gray button will become blue. When you want to watch the video without internet connection, you can find it in the "Saved Videos" screen on your "Account" menu.

Save Offline

Solution 2: Watch YouTube videos offline on iOS/Android without Red subscription

If you do not have a YouTube Red subscription, the offline watching feature is not available in YouTube app. At this time, you will need a third party tool that has the capacity to help you watch YouTube videos offline. As Google and Apple enhance the management of app stores, many apps promised YouTube download disappeared. Fortunately, Document 5 for iOS is still available.

Step 1 Connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi network. Open Readdle's Documents 5 app from your home screen and tap on the "blue compass" icon at bottom right corner of main interface. Search for savefromnet in the built-in search engine and open the first one on the result screen.

Step 2 Return to your YouTube app, tap on the "Share" icon on the video you want to watch offline and choose "Copy Link".

Step 3 Go back to the Documents 5 app and paste the video address in the URL field. Tap on the blue arrow to scan the video in the URL.

Step 4 On the scan result screen, you need to choose the output format and quality from the dropdown menu. Then tap on the green "Download" button to save to video for offline viewing.



In this tutorial, we have shared multiple solutions about how to watch YouTube videos offline on computers or smartphones. Generally speaking, watching a YouTube video typically needs an internet connection. But with our guides, the videos can be saved for offline viewing later. Before downloading YouTube videos, you should be aware that downloading some contents may infringe on copyrights. YouTube Red subscription is a good option to watch YouTube videos offline legally. Another good way for the offline viewing YouTube videos is Aiseesoft Video Convert Ultimate. It has the capacity to grab online videos and encode them for watching on computers or mobile devices with no damage on video quality.

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