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Top 8 African Movies on YouTube

African movies related to Africa history, polity, religion, etc. Because Africa has been under colonial rule for many years, the features of African movie are various. There are ornate, heart-warming and funny African movies like SECRETLY IN LOVE, BEAUTIFUL MAID, A WIFE FOR THE KING, etc. If you want to download these interesting African movies YouTube, we recommend two ways to help you easily download these movies. Besides, we also introduce top 8 African movies YouTube to you.

African Movies on YouTube

Below we will first recommend a useful software - YouTube Video Downloader to you, and you can follow the detailed steps to learn how to use this software.

Part 1. Best way to download African movies YouTube

Aiseesoft YouTube Video Downloader is a powerful video downloader which can not only download various YouTube videos from many popular video websites, but also convert many videos to nearly 300 formats. In addition, this useful software can edit the video, such as enhance video, rotate video, add watermark to video, etc. Below are the detailed steps of how to use this program.

Step 1 Install YouTube Video Downloader

Download YouTube Video Downloader on your computer by clicking the button above, and then open and launch it.

Step 2 Input the URL of African movie YouTube

When the program is launched, copy the link of the YouTube African movie. Then get back to the software, click "Download" to enter the link of the movie..

Enter the URL

Step 3 Analyze the African movie YouTube

After entering the link, click "Analyze" to start analyzing the movie. You are also able to choose the resolution of the African movie YouTube as you like.


Step 4 Download the African movie YouTube

Click "OK" to download the YouTube African movie. You just need to wait a few minutes, and then the movie will finish downloading on your computer.

Part 2: Top 8 African movies YouTube


This is a nice African movie on YouTube. A jealous Prince Van vicker who will to do anything to get a girl. He was not willing to help her when she got deformed, but as soon as she became beautiful, he wants her again. The Prince called her a "thing", and her stupid mother wants her to marry him.


The Prince Buju was born and brought up in prison. When leaving the prison yard with his mom to his uncle's place, they try their best to make him a better person. But all the effort proved are abortive in the sense that he cannot adapt to that kind of life.

3. My Wife My Worst Mistake

In this African movie, the leading role - Rose forced her father into marrying Amanda who happens to be her late mum's sister. And after she entering their family she turned to demon. What bad things will happen in their family?

4. The Heartless Housewife

Amaka is an orphan who is been brought up by a kind man who took her in, but the wife of her benefactors does not want her stay in her house. She always maltreating her until her husband died. Amaka was even raped by the son of her benefactors, this terrible thing continued until God smiled on her.


The young woman who lost her parents in a armed robbery is raised help by a "kind" woman who has other motives unknown to her. She secretly begin to leak out when she falls in love with a young man. If you want to know more, you are able to watch this movie.


The heroine is beautiful maid in a home that had no peace between the husband and the wife. And she successfully captured the heart of her boss with her beauty. How the story will go on? What is the ending of the beautiful maid and her boss?


Long Throat tells a story of Nkechi and her husband. When Nkechi keeps telling her friends that her husband is the best man in the world, her husband is the opposite of all she says. He is not so well as she said, and his wife always been deceive her.


Raj Mittal married with Bhavana, but they are unhappy in their marriage life. Raj's wife, Bhavana is a religious person and always takes some religious excuse to not get intimate with Raj. Ayesha is the wife of Veer, she wants to be an actress, and hence is struggling in her life. And Sonia is the wife of Aryan, she is a lawyer and always stuck with some or the other case.

Part 3: Easy way to record African movies YouTube

Screen Recorder is a professional video/audio recorder which can record any video with high quality. If the African movie YouTube cannot be supported by YouTube Video Downloader, maybe you can use this recorder to record the whole movie. With this recorder, you are also able to customize the recording area according to your own needs.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

Want to download African movies from YouTube? Check the video below:

We recommend two useful ways to help you download YouTube African movies in this article. You can choose YouTube Video Downloader or Screen Recorder to save the African movies from YouTube. And we also introduce top 8 African movies on YouTube. If you like these movies we recommended, you can choose one of the two ways to download your favorite movie. If you have any other recommendation about African movies, please leave us a message.

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