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All Things You Need to Learn about Apple Music Player

As one of the most popular and successful companies in the world, Apple has produced many brilliant devices the world has ever seen, including iPod, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch. The services Apple provides are also one of a kind, such as Photo Stream, iCloud, etc. Among all the services, the incredible Apple Music player has aroused people's most interests. Users of Apple devices can enjoy high quality music through this music player.

Apple Music Player

In this article, we'll give a brief introduction about all things you want to know about Apple Music Player, including Apple Music Player on iPhone/iPod/iPad, Apple Music player for Android, alternatives to Apple Music Player, etc.

Part 1. What is Apple Music

"Never stop playing." Apple Music lets you enjoy all the ways you love music." Learn more about Apple Music from this part.

Developed by Apple Inc., Apple Music is a music and video streaming service for users to choose music to stream to their iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc.

Apple Music is made up with two main components: iCloud Music Library as well as the Apple Music streaming catalog. iCloud Music Library combines your purchased music collection and ripped tracks; and Apple Music streaming catalog is the place where you are able to access over 10 million tracks from many "music experts". Apple Music also has the internet radio station like Beats 1, which broadcasts live to over 100 countries 24 hours a day. New subscribers are able to get a three-month free trial period and later you need to pay for it.

Apple Music Player (on iPod)

iPod is Apple's very own music player and is an incredibly portable device to listen to music. Therefore Apple Music Player on iPod has been designed more attractive. The inbuilt Apple Music player has the capability to store and play thousands of songs for you. You can easily pause, rewind, shuffle and repeat music tracks through this platform.

Apple Music Player on iPod

One reason for iPhone being the most successful smartphone is the marvelous music player with beautiful UI design and perfect audio quality. On the screen of your iPhones, you can see an option called 'Music'. Click it and you can enter Apple Music player that stores your favorite music and offers easy playback facility. Some features which it supports include shuffle, repeat, volume controls and others.

Apple Music Player on iPhone

Apple Music Player (on iPad/iPhone)

Apple's tablet called iPad also has the in-house music player with an easy-to-use interface and comes with different folders to easily sort music. Some of them include recently added, recently played, my top rated songs, purchased and others.

Note: When you import music files into iPad/iPhone, you should notice the music format. If the music format is not accepted by iPad, then iPad/iPhone will not play music.

Apple Music Player on iPad

Apple Music Player (on Apple Watch)

The newly-launched Apple Watch has the Apple music player, which makes it easy for you to listen to music while working out, running, jogging, etc. You can pair your watch with any Apple device and can also store songs in it for quick usage.

Apple Music on Apple Watch

Apple Music Player (on Android)

Apple Music app is available not only for iOS, for Android phone users, Apple Music is also available on Google Player Store. With Apple Music Player for Android, you can access millions of songs, radio, video content and playlists. All in Apple Music, this app for Android as well. As long as you have the Apple ID, you can enojoy Apple music and download music or other content for offline listening.

Apple Music Player for Android

With Apple Music for Android, now you can rock out to the 30-million song catalog or tune in to live radio on Beats One. Even more importantly, Apple Music offers the first official way to stream music you've purchased from iTunes on an Android device.

Download from Google Play Store

After download Apple Music app for Android on Google Play, the app looks very similar, identical in places even. But there are some differences that affect the overall experience of using Apple Music. Here are a few things you need to know about Apple Music player for Android.

1. You need an Apple ID to use it.

2. All of the Apple Music features are there, except voice control.

3. You cannot sign up for a family plan yet.

4. You cannot use the app to play music files on your Android phone.

Although it is exciting to see Apple Music app on Android, this one is still in beta and have bugs and other problems. Also, arriving years after its fellow music streaming apps, Apple Music has a lot to compete with this late to the game, such as Google Play Music, Spotify, etc.

Part 2. Apple music player for iPhone

Even as the default music player app on iPhone, most users won't admit that it is the best one. Indeed, there are some issues that haven't been solved. In that case, many developers have launched better music player app for iPhone, intending to give iPhone users better experience. Some music apps you may have heard of, such as Soundshare, Groove, Ecoute, etc.

SoundShare - a social Apple music player

SoundShare is an easy music app that offers many a music service into just one social network for music lovers. You can enjoy music better here than Apple Music, and you can see what your friends are listening to.

Soundshare - a social Apple music player

"SoundShare is the missing piece of Apple Music." - The Loop

SoundShare is an intergration of Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer. To Apple Music users, all social features (comment, like, mention, share, collaborative playlists, etc.) will be access to all Apple Music users. You can also save music to your Apple Music library, and add any song to your Apple Music playlists. Sound Share can be a good Apple Music for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

Download from App Store

Ecoute - a fantastic Apple music player

"Ecoute Is The Best Music Player For iOS. Period." - MacStories.

ecoute - a fantastic Apple music player

Ecoute for iOS is an alternative player to Apple Music, using your existing musical library. It has the easy-to-use interface, offers gestures to let you control your music quickly, and integrates Facebook, Twitter, and for sharing your preferred tracks. Ecoute is one great Apple music player alternative for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Download from App Store

Groove - a popular Apple music player

Groove - a popular Apple music player

Microsoft Groove is a widely used music player. It can be a great Apple music player for iPhone as it has good working capabilities. Groove is able to discover new songs, albums and artist from iPhone, and play ad-free music. You can listen to radio station based on your preferred artists.

Don't miss: How to convert Apple Music to MP3.

Part 3. Apple music player for Android

There are many other music players better than Apple Music, such as Google Play Music, Spotify, MediaMonkey, etc.

Google Play Music - Apple music player for Android

Google Play Music- Apple music player for Android

Google Play Music offers free, ad-supported radio. You can find what you want to hear from Google Play Music. You can access radio stations classified by songs, albums, artists, etc. You can store up to 50,000 songs from own music collection, discover and subscribe to podcasts. It is a useful and easy-to-use music player alternative to Apple music.

Download from Google Play Store

Spotify - Apple music player for Android

Spotify- Apple music player for Android

If you want to find one music player like Apple music player for Android, you can try Spotify. With Spotify, you are able to find a world of music. You can pay any album, artist or playlist on shuffle mode, download music for offline listening, enjoy perfect sound quality.

Download from Google Play Store

MediaMonkey - Apple music player for Android

MediaMonkey- Apple music player for Android

As a dark horse in music players app, MediaMonkey enables you to access podcasts, songs, audiobooks, etc. You can use this app to sort music by composer, artists, etc. This music player is able to sync your music library from the computer to phone, or from phone to computer through Wi-Fi. When you want to find an Apple Music player alternative, you can download MediaMonkey on your Android phone.

Download from Google Play Store

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