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Top 8 Bloopers YouTube & Two Ways to Download

YouTube Bloopers is a kind of funny videos on YouTube. Normally, bloopers are some funny videos which can make you laugh and bring happiness, such as news bloopers YouTube, TV bloopers YouTube, movies bloopers YouTube, funny bloopers on YouTube, etc. If you like funny videos, maybe you will like funny bloopers on YouTube. In this article, we will list top 8 funny bloopers on YouTube in the first part, and you can find your favorite bloopers YouTube among below videos. We also introduce two ways in the second part, if you want to download some bloopers YouTube, you can select one of the two ways according to your needs.

Bloopers YouTube

Bloopers YouTube

Part 1. Recommendations of top 8 bloopers YouTube

At the first part of this post, we will introduce some very funny bloopers on YouTube. At your leisure time, you can navigate to YouTube and watch them.

1. Asian bachelorette party

The people in this video are like to drink and most of them are Asia, some from China, some from Korean and some from Japan. They often drink together. After drinking, they will talk about their feelings.

2. Nerdy nummies youtube

This blooper video shows you how to cook food, but the host of this video is not so familiar with cooking. You can see that she sprinkle the cream on her cloth.

3. Telling My Parents About My Boyfriend

If you will tell your parents about your boyfriend? The girl in this video is a outgoing girl who performs the scene when together with his boyfriend.


This blooper video is also about cooking which is one of the series videos of cooking. The girl is the same as the above video, she still cannot know how to better cooking.

5. Recording Vocals for Comedy Music

In this blooper video, you can see that the two mans are taking video chat. The content of their talk is funny. You can carefully listen what they talk about in this video.

6. FRIENDS - Bloopers || Unseen bloopers

This video mainly shows the things about the couple. It collects many interesting things in their life. If you like this video, you are able to watch below video.

7. BrainCraft Behind The Scenes

It is an interview of the women in this blooper video. The two mans ask her some questions and she answer them. The scene also will switch to the video when she is making up.


The man is dressed up as a rooster, and then silently get to the room of other people to frighten them. He even drags the man out of his room. You can see many funny moments in this video.

Part 2. Two ways to download YouTube bloopers

In the part above, we recommend 8 funny YouTube bloopers to you. If you want to download some of these bloopers from YouTube, you can take the following two ways to save the videos on your computer.

Method 1: Download bloopers YouTube with YouTube Video Downloader

As a powerful video downloader, Aiseesoft YouTube Video Downloader can not only download bloopers from YouTube, but also download online videos from other popular sites like Facebook, Yahoo, Vimeo, Dailymotion, TED, etc. In addition, YouTube Video Downloader can convert YouTube bloopers to your preferred video/audio formats. The cool part is that, this program can also help you edit bloopers YouTube.

Step 1 Install YouTube Video Downloader

Click above button to download and install YouTube Video Downloader on your computer, and then launch it with double clicks.

Step 2 Enter the URL of the YouTube blooper

Get to the website of the YouTube blooper, copy the link of the YouTube blooper, and then get back to the program, click "Download" to enter the link you just copied.

Enter URL

Step 3 Analyze the YouTube blooper

You may need to click "Analyze" to analyze the YouTube blooper before downloading it. And you can also select the resolution of the YouTube blooper as you like.

Analyze YouTube Old Video

Step 4 Download the YouTube blooper

After analyzing the video, you can click "OK" to start download the YouTube blooper. Wait a few minutes, and then the YouTube blooper will finish downloading on your computer.

Watch below video to learn how to download bloopers from YouTube:

Method 2: Record bloopers YouTube with Screen Recorder

If the blooper YouTube cannot be downloaded with YouTube Video Downloader, maybe you can use Screen Recorder to save the whole blooper YouTube on your computer. Screen Recorder is a professional video/audio recorder and the quality of the recorded YouTube blooper is great.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

This article introduce some things about bloopers YouTube. You can find your favorite bloopers YouTube in this article as we list top 8 funny bloopers YouTube in the first part. And in the second part, we mainly introduce two ways of how to download bloopers YouTube with fast speed and high quality. You can choose YouTube Video Downloader or Screen Recorder to download your favorite bloopers YouTube on computer according to your own needs. Hope this article is helpful for you.

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