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Upload MP3 Music to Facebook and Convert Facebook Video to MP3/MP4

Facebook is a very popular platform where people love to express what they think and want. You are able to create your personal profile, post videos or pictures, share your thoughts, send facebook messages to friends and so on. Besides, you are allowed to upload MP3 music file to Facebook. After you share MP3 to Facebook, users can explore and play the music directly on your profile. However, Facebook offers no audio uploading button. How can you upload music in MP3 to Facebook?

Upload MP3 to Facebook and Convert Facebook to MP3

Some users may also wonder Facebook to MP3/MP4 conversion, as they can find some great music videos in the Facebook platform and want to convert them to MP3/MP4 for their portable device like iPhone, iPod and so on. Want to convert Facebook to MP3/MP4? This article can help you out.

Part 1. Upload MP3 music to Facebook

In this part, we will show you how to upload or share music file in MP3 to Facebook with SoundCloud and Dropbox step by step.

Upload MP3 file to Facebook with SoundCloud

One way for uploading MP3 songs to Facebook is to adopt SoundCloud – One reputable online audio-sharing platform. SoundCloud enables users to upload, record and share the audio through the internet. How to perform MP3 to Facebook uploading, check the steps below.

Upload MP3 to Facebook through SoundCloud

Step 1Create an account on SoundCloud or sign into SoundCloud if you've already have the account.

Step 2Click the "Upload" button from the SoundCloud page, choose the MP3 file, and then upload the audio file you want to share to Facebook.

Step 3Once the uploading done, input the music info, including genre, description, tags, etc. Scroll down the webpage, tick the checkbox of "Share on Facebook". Sign into your Facebook account. (Forgot Facebook password?)

Step 4Click the "Save" button, and you will be prompted to sign into your Facebook account. After that, the audio will be automatically posted on your page.

Notes: You can alternatively upload MP3 music files from SoundCloud to Facebook manually by copying the SoundCloud music URL and pasting it on your Facebook page. Check how to download SoundCloud music & audio.

Share MP3 audios to Facebook using Dropbox

Dropbox is a file management service, which is able to take advantage of cloud for document storage. Users can adopt Dropbox to manage and upload files. You are allowed to share MP3/MP4 files to Facebook through Dropbox. And the uploaded file can be shared by a generated URL link.

Share Dropbox MP3 to Facebook

Step 1Log into Dropbox account. Click the button of "Upload" and then choose the MP3 file you want to share to Facebook.

Step 2When the audio uploading is over, the audio should be on the "Files" list. Select it and click the "Share" button.

Step 3Click "Create a link" option when there is a pop-up windows. The sharable link will present to you. Just copy the link.

Step 4Sign into your Facebook, paste the link created by Dropbox to share the audio on Facebook.

Also, you are able to share your prefered YouTube video and upload it to Facebook. This is also a common way and share YouTube music video to Facebook.

Share YouTube Video to Facebook

Part 2. Convert Downloaded Facebook to MP3/MP4

You may download or save videos from Facebook. Have no idea about converting Facebook to MP4 or Facebook to MP3? Though there are many available online Facebook converters overrunning the internet, you'd better choose one secure and reputable Facebook to MP3/MP4 converter software.

In this part, we will show you one professional Facebook to MP3/MP4 freeware, Free Video Converter, to help you convert downloaded Facebook videos to MP3 or MP4 with ease.

Step 1Launch the software

Download, install and launch this free video converting software on your computer.

Free Video Converter

Step 2Add downloaded Facebook video(s)

Click "Add File(s)" button from the top menu and input one or more Facebook you've downloaded to change to MP3/MP4.

Input Facebook Videos

Step 3Convert Facebook to MP3

Choose "MP3" or "MP4"format as the output format according to your need. Finally, click "Convert" button and convert your Facebook videos to MP3/MP4 without any limitation.

Choose MP3 Format

Besides Facebook video converting, you can use this convert to convert AVI to MP3 as well.

In this article, we mainly show you how to upload MP3 to Facebook and convert Facebook to MP3/MP4. If you have any simpler way, welcome to leave your comments.

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