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Get to Know The First Five YouTube Videos

YouTube is a video website which was established in April, 2005. Today, YouTube has become one of the most popular video websites in the world. Many people download and upload videos on YouTube. But, do you know what is the first video on YouTube? This article will list the first 5 YouTube videos like Me at the zoo, My Snowboarding Skillz, Badass Snowboarding, etc.

We will list the first 5 YouTube videos in the first part. Maybe there is one video you would like to download on your computer for watching later. So in the second part, we recommend two ways to download videos from YouTube.

The First Five YouTube Videos

First YouTube Video

Part 1. Top 5 first YouTube videos

1. Me at the zoo

This is the first video which was uploaded to YouTube on Saturday April 23rd, 2005, by Jawed Karim, co-founder of this website. And the character Selwyn Cox and David Gautier have acquire the prize of The British film and television art academy.

2. Tribute – gp

This video was uploaded on YouTube on April 24th, 2005. In this video, there is a man who keeps jumping up in two middle of walls. This first YouTube video is very short, so we do not know what he want to mean.

3. My Snowboarding Skillz

This video was uploaded on April 23rd, 2005. It is a very short video, just a few seconds. In the first YouTube video, there is a man who is skiing. Suddenly, he falls down, and then the video come to the end.

4. Premature Baldness

In this first YouTube video, there is a man who has his hair cut in public, but it looks very worse after finishing cutting. And this video was uploaded on April 28th, 2005. The uploading time of this video is very close to above two videos.

5. Carrie rides a truck

In this video, you are able to see that the girl Carrie is riding a tiny truck, silently on the road. When Carrie is sitting on the truck, we can see that it is very strange as the truck is so tiny.

Part 2. Two ways to download the first YouTube video

In above part, we list top 5 first YouTube videos. Which video is your favorite? In next part, we would like to recommend two easy ways to help you download your favorite video with fast speed and high quality.

Method 1: Download the first YouTube video with YouTube Video Downloader

Aiseesoft YouTube Video Downloader is a useful program which can download many videos from YouTube and other video websites. Besides, this program can convert video to any popular format like AVI, MKV, MP4, MP3, WMV, WAV, FLV, etc. In addition, with YouTube Video Downloader, you are able to edit the video on your local computer, such as rotate video, enhance video quality, add watermark to video, etc.

Step 1 Install this program

Click above downloading button to install YouTube Video Downloader on your computer, and then open and launch it.

Step 2 Enter URL of the first YouTube video

Copy the link of the first YouTube video and then get back to the program, click "Download" to enter the link.

Enter the URL

Step 3 Analyze the video

Before downloading the first YouTube video, you need to click "Analyze" to analyze the video. You can also select the resolution of the video.


Step 4 Download the video on computer

After all the settings being finished, click "OK" to start download the first video. Just wait a few minutes, the video will be downloaded on your computer.

You can watch below video to learn how to use this program:

Method 2: Record first YouTube video with Screen Recorder

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

Step 1 Install Screen Recorder

Download and install Screen Recorder on your computer, and then launch it by double clicks. Then click "Screen Recorder".

Install Screen Recorder

Step 2 Set the recording area

You can set the recording area according to your own needs. You are able to customize the recording area or select full screen.

Set the Recording Area

Step 3 Begin to record the first YouTube video

After setting the recording area, click "REC" to start record the video. Then, you can play the video as normal.

Below video will teach you how to use Screen Recorder:

This article talks about the first YouTube video on YouTube. We recommend top 5 first YouTube videos in the first part. And in the second part, we introduce two ways to help you download these videos. You can use YouTube Video Downloader or Screen Recorder to download your favorite video on your computer. Which way is more suitable for you?

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