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Top 12 Best Live Streaming Platforms and Software

- “Does live streaming cost money?”

- “What is the best program for live streaming?”

- “What is the best live streaming software for free?”

- “Can anyone show me an encoder for YouTube live streaming?”

Let’s solve above questions about live streaming one by one. Well, there are many purchased and free live streaming software and sites. Thus, it depends on your choice. As for the best live streaming encoder, different people have different options. If you have no idea which live broadcasting software to choose, you may get inspired from the following paragraphs.

Free Live Streaming Platforms And Software

Free Live Streaming Platforms And Software

Part 1: [Website] 7 Best Live Video Streaming Platforms

You can choose your best live stream hosting platform from following 7 recommendations. To start with, check if you are running a strong network.

Is it free for broadcasting? Brief Instructions to Live Streaming Platforms
Twitch X
  • Twitch has been one of the largest game streaming platforms.
  • Interact with about 10 million gamers while broadcasting.
  • Live stream videos with your smartphone.
  • Periscope has been taken over by Twitter as a free live streaming platform.
LiveStream X
  • The live video broadcasting platform is compatible with mobile devices, cameras, webcams and camcorders.
  • Wide support of media players and sharing features.
DaCast X
  • DaCast is the best live streaming platform used for business.
  • Get an ad-free and white label video streaming site.
StreamShark X
  • The live streaming platform offers detailed viewer reports and a Google Analytics integration.
  • Get the global coverage and great viewing experience.
Facebook Live
  • Facebook Live can be one of the best free streaming platforms.
  • Connect with your followers and viewers in real time.
YouTube Live
  • All YouTube users can take advantages of the free live streaming service provider.
  • Edit the live streaming privacy of the target viewers.

Part 2: [Software] Top 5 Live Video Streaming Software

Actually, there is no need to install YouTube live streaming software. Because you can do a YouTube live stream with the “Go Live” feature directly. But if you insist on using paid or free live streaming software for YouTube, you can get suggestions from the following table.

OS Supported Is it free for live streaming? Overviews of the live streaming software
OBS Live Windows, Mac
  • OBS Live is the widely-used open broadcaster software for Windows and Mac users.
  • Connect with Twitch and StreamElements.
FFSplit Windows
  • The free live streaming software can stream to multiple services.
  • Need to install third-party game source capture first.
XSplit Broadcaster Windows X
  • Broadcast to multiple stream service simultaneously.
  • Live stream videos in 4K 60FPS and beyond.
Wirecast Windows, Mac X
  • The live streaming software for Mac or PC offers IP cameras, remote desktop capture and other features.
  • Cover most live streaming videos.
Cameleon Windows, Mac
  • Cameleon is the live streaming software for Facebook and YouTube.
  • Broadcast videos with your built-in camera, USB camera, GoPro camera and IP cameras.

Part 3: Best Way to Record Live Streaming Videos without Lag

After getting your best live streaming software, it is time to record something important in the live streaming video. In another word, you need to find an ultimate recovery modescreen recorder that can capture streaming YouTube videos and gameplays without slowing down the speed. Fortunately, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is exactly the video game recorder you are looking for.

You can use hotkeys to start and stop recording streaming videos instantly. Well, it is also supported to take snapshots and add drawing panels. If you need to record a screen video for hours, you can set a timer with the specific start time and stop time to control the record process smartly. Later, you can share the gameplay recording video to YouTube and other sites within the live stream recording software.

Main Features of the Live Stream Recording Software

How to Record Live Streaming Videos in High Quality

Step 1 Launch the live stream recorder

Free download the live stream recording software. If you want to record a live streaming video, you can choose “Video Recorder” in the main interface. Well, you can select “Audio Recorder” to record streaming audio only.

Launch The Live Stream Recorder

Step 2 Prepare for live stream recording

Now you need to set the screen area to capture. Actually, you can draw the custom screen size on the desktop with your mouse directly. Turn on the webcam if necessary.

Later, enable the “System Sound” option to capture the streaming audio coming from your computer. Well, if you want to record your voice at the same time, you can switch on “Microphone” too.

Prepare For Screen Recording

Step 3 Record a screen video

Click the “REC” icon to start recording. Well, you can skip the certain part by choosing the “Pause/Resume” option. There is no time limit. So you can record lengthy screen videos here. When you stop recording, you will get a popping-up preview window.

Record A Screen Video

Step 4 Save the recording video

You can click “Play” to preview the video from any point. Then choose the “Save” option on the lower right corner of the “Preview” window. You can change the output folder before exporting. At last, click “Next” to save the recording video file. In addition, you can post the video to social media platforms as well.

Save The Recording Video

With those free live streaming platforms and software, you can share your life with others in real time easily. If you want to keep a copy of those treasure memories, you can use Aiseesoft Screen Recorder to record streaming videos with good experience. Just free download this recording software for Windows and Mac right now!

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