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How to Free Download Music on Sites like MP3Juices

Free Download Music on Sites like MP3Juices

As a music lover, you must spend much free time listening to your favorite music. Along with the rise of the Hi-Fi, in order to better enjoy the beautiful melody, you continually upgrade Hi-Fi equipments, like headphone, Hi-Res music player, headphone amplifier, headset cord, etc. However, you may notice that, purchasing MP3 music on iTunes, Amazon and other places also cost you a lot of money. Out of compliment to various types of songs, you want to download any hits album to your MP3 player. While many popular music sites even don't provide music audition before buying. More importantly, you prefer to download MP3 music free. So in this article, we will introduce you 15 free music download sites like MP3Juices to download MP3 free.

Top 15 free music download sites like MP3Juices

1. BeeMP3


Being around for several years, BeeMP3 has been one of the most popular free MP3 music downloading websites. Millions of songs are provided for users to free download. If you often download MP3 online, you definitely won't miss this website. Every day, nearly 10 thousand audio files will be uploaded to BeeMP3 site, in order to make you always find and free download the music you like. However, maybe because of the music copyrights, lots of free songs are removed from the site now.

2. MP3Skull


Similar to BeeMP3, mp3skull is also a very popular website to free download MP3. It carries a large database of songs and provides various options for you to free download the latest English music, top English albums and top 100 songs and so on. Not like MP3Juices, mp3skull doesn't have a very nice interface. What it only concerns is to make sure you can quickly find and get the free MP3 music to local computer. You can check the detailed information of each song and preview it before downloading, it's convenient to guarantee you download the right song.

3. My Free MP3

My Free MP3

You probably have never heard of such a MP3 website. It is much less famous than MP3Juices, mp3skulls, BeeMP3 or other free music download sites. But it always has the capability to help you search for music and directly free download it. My Free MP3 is quite a simple website with some basic functions, except for advertisements. You don't need to worry about the ads, they are not the annoying pop-up ads and won't bother you during the process of previewing and downloading. If you still don't like the ads, this user-friendly site enables you to remove them.

4. MP3Clan


MP3Clan is more like the MP3 playing app on your phone. It displays all kinds of pop hits and MVs in the interface. Moreover, MP3Clan enables you to search for the songs according to the music type, such as Rock, Country, Blues, Dance, Jazz, Electro, etc. So even you just open it by accident, you may try clicking one song or video to listen to. However, with every click, there will be a new window leading you to the ads. You have to close the windows one by one, so it's not that easy to free download MP3 on MP3Clan.

5. Jamendo Music

Jamendo Music

If you like the independent music and want to listen to some new songs, Jamendo Music will be the best free MP3 music download site for you. It has a clean and elegant interface which can bring you a good visual experience. Jamendo Music is more like a large music sharing website, and you won't see any ad in there. If you just browse the internet and don't have a specific song to listen to, you can play any music you like in the interface. Just like you enjoy music on SoundCloud, you can stay in Jamendo Music the whole Saturday afternoon. When you listen to a song you really like, with just one click, you can free download the MP3 music to your computer.

6. Vibe Cloud

Vibe Cloud

You may think about that, free MP3 downloading sites don't pay too much attention to their interfaces. So here we recommend you a very beautiful online MP3 songs downloading website, Vibe Cloud. It won't offer you useless related contents after you search for one song, within a few clicks, you can directly play and download the music you needed. Vibe Cloud put its recommended articles at the bottom, nothing will interfere with your free MP3 downloading.

7. LoudTronix


As soon as you enter the LoudTronix website, you will find it is a cool site to free download MP3 music. As the main color of LoudTronix, black, red and white can offer you the powerful visual effects. It allows you to search for and download specific songs and paste the URL of a YouTube video in the box to get the YouTube music video downloaded to your PC/Mac. In addition, it has the marvelous feature of network interaction. You can handily share songs with Facebook/Twitter friends.

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8. Free Amazon songs

Amazon Songs

Amazon is the most popular and genuine online shopping website in the universe. You can purchase almost all necessities on it, including music. It also provides multiple free MP3 songs for you to download. You won't find the latest hits there, but you can find many classic songs to free download. Many music types are classified into categories on the left list, actually, you get a lot of options. It enables you to preview the song and then decide if you want to save it to MP3 player. If you really like one song, you can click its artist or album to get more similar music.

9. MP3 Viper

MP3 Viper

Maybe MP3 Viper changes its name, when you enter the free music saving site, you only get the, no longer the MP3 Viper. It shows you the new albums of this week and top songs in the interface. The album-cover art can have a amazing effect on your feeling. You can directly search for your wanted song, or you can click the album or artist to get the MP3 downloaded on your computer. Besides MP3, it allows you to free download FLAC music.

10. eMP3 Downloads

eMP3 Downloads

eMP3 Downloads is not only a MP3 downloading website, but also a music video sharing site. It houses lots of fantastic YouTube MVs for you to play and download. It claims that it has the world biggest MP3 music collection and powerful BOT (Crawler) to scan the whole internet to find the fresh and working MP3 songs you need. You may search for music based on movies name, artist name, songs name also album names, then you are free to enjoy the music video and download it. There is no ad on the homepage, but sometimes, there will display a pop-up window when you click PLAY or DOWNLOAD button.

11. audiomack


The first thing you can see in audiomack is all kinds of dynamic ads. Then you will soon be attracted to it joyful music. audiomack mainly provides you with strong rhythmical music like Hip-Hop, R&B, Electronic, Reggae and more. Just click the album cover, you can preview the music. The out looking of its built-in MP3 player is very much like SoundCloud. You can easily share your favorite song with your Facebook friends and follow the top accounts. What's more, it can help you to create your own playlist to add the songs you like to it.

12. mp3INT


mp3INT has a very clean interface and concentrated function to help you quickly download online MP3 music. It is using YouTube's service as resource. So after you type the artist or song name to search your needed MP3, you are more likely to get many related VEVO music videos from YouTube. It doesn't display too much detailed information about the song you searched for, you can only download it according to its image. Click Download button and you can directly get the MP3 file copied to your computer.

13. emp3world


emp3world is another free music download site which cares less about its interface, you cannot find any picture on the homepage. It gathers lots of fresh MP3 songs in its database, which guarantees you can always find the music you are looking for. It can discover the newest and best music hits from all around the world and show them to you. So you can handily listen to the hottest MP3 music instantly. But it also has a big disadvantage that you will enter a new pop-up window in each click. You are definitely tired of this kind of free MP3 downloading website.

14. won't give you a professional impression when you first access and view it, but it can work as a really good MP3 music library for you. It only gives you two key options to choose from, play and download. It is the most direct and effective site for you to free download MP3 music. You won't be bothered by anything in this website. Input the song name or artist to the input box, and will automatically select 20 related results for you. You are able to play and download the music in just one hit.

15. song365


There is no doubt that song365 is an excellent MP3 sharing website, you can easily find the latest albums, popular tracks, featured artist here. Besides audio track, it also displays the scrolling lyrics, which lets you follow along with the artist and catch every word. song 365 holds a large number of songs, you don't need to worry when you cannot find the music you want to download. However, you can't avoid the annoying advertisements. Every click will take you to a new pop-up window. Moreover, it puts 5 promoted contents on the top side of the interface. If you want to free download MP3 on this site, you have to accept these ads.

Professional MP3 downloader to download songs

When you have a specific song you want to download, you can free download music from the websites we recommended above. What if you want to download Vimeo to MP3 or copy the audio file from Facebook/Twitter? You need to rely on the professional software to help you to do that.

MP3 downloading software

You may like to listen to music video on YouTube at your leisure time. Many times, you want to copy its audio track to your computer for further enjoyment but don't know how to do that. Here we sincerely recommend the all-featured MP3 Downloader to help you download YouTube video and convert it to your needed audio format.

Step 1Download and install it on your computer, and then launch it.

Step 2Whether you are browsing YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo or other websites, just copy its video address and tab the Download button in the interface, the URL will be automatically pasted to the box. Then click Analyze to analyze URL.

Analyze YouTube music video

Step 3After selecting the suitable definition, click OK to download the YouTube/Facebook music video.

Step 4Click Profile to choose your MP3 format, and tab Convert All to convert video to MP3 file.

Video Record Video Audio on Computer play-button

MP3 recording program

Which is the best method to download MP3 music to PC/Mac? Because of the copyright of music, you don't have the chance to free download MP3 any more. Why not download the song by recording? In this way, you are allowed to save the MP3 songs to your computer as long as you can play it. So in this part, we introduce you a trustworthy MP3 Recorder to copy your favorite music. First, you should download this software to your PC.

Step 1Launch it and choose Audio Recorder

Step 2Click REC to record the song.

Record audio

Step 2Tap Stop to stop the MP3 recording.

This powerful MP3 recording program enables you to record audio tract from system audio, so you don't need to worry about the sound quality. With this method, you can record any audio played on your computer. What's more, it is capable of recording video on your PC. It can capture any activities displayed on the screen.

In this article, we list 15 great free MP3 download sites like MP3Juices and 2 professional software for you to download online music. We surely believe that you can save all the songs you like to local computer or MP3 player with our methods.

You can learn the steps from the video below:

Video Record Music from Any Site play-button

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