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Top 20 Most Watched YouTube Videos & Two Ways to Download

Do you know which video is the most watched one on YouTube? The views of these videos may be the most among the other videos on YouTube, such as Wiz Khalifa - See You Again, PSY - GANGNAM STYLE, Justin Bieber - Sorry, etc. We will list top 20 most watched YouTube videos in this article, and you can find your favorite video in this article. In case you want to save some most watched YouTube videos on your computer, we also recommend two ways to help you download these YouTube videos.

Most Watched YouTube Videos

Most Watched YouTube Videos

In the first part, we will firstly recommend the easiest way to download the most watched YouTube video. Below are the detailed steps.

Part 1. Easiest way to download the most watched YouTube video

Video Converter Ultimate For Mac

Step 1 Install YouTube Video Downloader

Download YouTube Video Downloader on your computer, and then open it with double clicks.

Step 2 Enter URL of the most watched YouTube video

Open YouTube site and locate the most watched YouTube video you want to download, copy the link. Then get back the program, click "Download" to input the link.

Enter the URL

Step 3 Analyze the most watched YouTube video

Click "Analyze" to analyze the video. And you can also choose the resolution of the video according to your own needs.


Step 4 Start to download the most watched YouTube video

Learn how to download the most watched YouTube video below:

Part 2: How to edit YouTube videos

1. Wiz Khalifa - See You Again

See You Again is one of the most watched YouTube video which is made for remembering Paul who is the main character of movie - The Fast and the Furious 7. See You Again is also the theme song for this movie. In 10th July, 2017, the video of See You Again became the most watched video on YouTube.


When the video - PSY - GANGNAM STYLE firstly published, it successfully conquered all races. The funny style in this video makes many occidental become crazy. At the moment, GANGNAM STYLE has become the world style.

3. Justin Bieber - Sorry

The singer of this song is Justin Bieber who become famous when he was young. The song - Sorry is one of his popular songs. Because of his talent in singing, he was appreciated by many people from various countries. Enjoy his song in this most watched YouTube video!

4. Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk

People often compare Bieber with Bruno as both of them are popular singer. Bruno has his own style which is different from Bieber, and his awesome vocal capabilities is very charismatic. He nearly makes every song a hit.

5. Taylor Swift - Shake It Off

Taylor's new released album - 1989 is available now which featuring the hit single "Shake It Off" and her another latest single - "Blank Space". This video is made for her new song - Shake It Off.

6. Enrique Iglesias - Bailando

Enrique Iglesias wants to see you dance, so he makes a video which is inspired by his song "Bailando" (the English version or Spanish version). You could win tickets to get the VIP treatment on his SEX AND LOVE TOUR.

7. Maroon 5 - Sugar

In this video, it talks about the scene of a wedding. The singer is singing the song - Suger when he is driving. He need to drive fast to get the wedding location in time. The bride also drive fast in order to arrive the wedding location in time.

8. Katy Perry - Roar

It is the official video for Katy Perry's song - "Roar" that brought to you in Jungle scope. This video is directed by Grady Hall and Mark Kudsi, and produced by Javier Jimenez, Derek Johnson, Patrick Nugent, Danny Lockwood and Oualid Mouaness.

9. Major Lazer & DJ Snake - Lean On

India is a special and beautiful place which can absolutely humbled you. When they toured there as Major Lazer, it was mind blowing to see their fan-base. So they wanted to add the attitude and positive vibes into their video. Major Lazer has been a culture mashup and to them.

10. Taylor Swift - Blank Space

Surely you will find Taylor in the list of most watched YouTube videos. It's the music video for "Blank Space". There are no animals, trees, automobiles or actors that were harmed in this video. Taylor's new released album 1989 is available now on iTunes. You can listen this song on iTunes.

11. Meghan Trainor - All About That Bass

The theme of this video is about fat and slim. This video talks about what should actually matter is that you are comfortable with your own body. So even if you are fat or skinny, every inch of you is beautiful. You are a beautiful girl, just because you can do yourself with a good attitude.

12. Katy Perry - Dark Horse

This video is Katy's Dark Horse which is directed by Matthew Cullen as well as produced by Javier Jimenez, Dawn Rose, Danny Lockwood and Derek Johnson. Do you like this song? Just listening and watching this most watched YouTube video of Katy Perry.

13. Adele - Hello

"Hello" is from Adele's new album. It is available now from iTunes, Amazon, Google Play. If you like this music, you can listen and download this song on iTunes, Google Play now. Before downloading, you can listen the song and watch this most watched YouTube video on below video.

14. OneRepublic - Counting Stars

Counting Star is one of the songs of American rock band - OneRepublic. This song is the third single which is collected in their album - Native. In the ranking list of Britain and Canada, Counting Stars acquire the first mark. When you watch this video, maybe the scene in this video can bring some memories to you.

15. Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean?

This is another song of Justin Bieber which is directed by Brad Furman and Produced by Roger Ubina. We introduce two Bieber's songs in above. The style of this song is different from above two song's. If you like Bieber, you can watch all videos of his songs.

16. The Chainsmokers - Closer

Closer tells the story of a couple. The inspiration of this song is from the experience of the singer and his ex-girlfriend. In the video, they are living a happy life. They take photos beside the beach and in the lawn. The most watched YouTube video mainly shows the frame of beach.

17. Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud

This video has all of the elements of gracefulness, passion. And there is a nice balance of two complementary dancers. Nearly all the frame are show their wonderful dance.

18. Calvin Harris - This Is What You Came For

It is official video of Calvin's song - This Is What You Came For. This most watched YouTube video mainly shows a magic frame that Calvin is singing in various scenes, sometimes on road, sometimes in forest and sometimes in a space with twinkling light.

19. Justin Bieber - Baby

After watching this video, maybe you will want to review the old days. Baby is the original song of Justin Bieber. The inspiration of this song is from a girl who he ever loved, but they did not together in the end, and he still want the girl can come back to him.

20. Fifth Harmony - Work from Home

This music video has different style compared with his other songs. The style of this video is more open and has a lot of passion. There are many girls who are dancing with passion in this video.

Part 3: Download the most watched YouTube video with Screen Recorder

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

Step 1 Install Screen Recorder

Click above downloading button to install Screen Recorder on your computer, and then click "Screen Recorder".

Install Screen Recorder

Step 2 Choose recording area

You are able to select the recording area according to your needs. You can customize the recording area or choose full screen as you like.

Choose Recording Area

Step 3 Start to record the most watched YouTube video

After selecting recording area, click "REC" to start record the video, and then you just play the video normally.

Below video can help you easily use this program:

This article list top 20 most watched YouTube videos. You are able to find your favorite video in the list and download the video with two ways we recommended above. You can use YouTube Video Downloader or Screen Recorder to download the video.

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