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How to Download Music from MusicMP3.RU or MP3 Million

For music fans, you must have heard a lot of MP3 download sites, such as MP3 juices, MP3 skulls, MP3 Panda, etc. Some of them are free MP3 download sites, some are paid. In this article, we are going to introduce two more useful music download sites: MusicMP3 RU and MP3 Million. Both of them have music resources more than you think. Although you need to pay for music download, the fee is very small. Besides, we will show you how to download music from MusicMP3.RU or MP3 Million for free.

MP3 Million Muisc MP3 RU

Introduction about MuiscMP3.RU and MP3 Million

MP3 Million

If you've been buying songs off iTunes for $0.99 or even more all your life, you'd probably be skeptical when I tell you that you can buy the same record for only $0.10 all the time on MP3 Million. But it is true.

MP3 Million

MP3million is an online store where you can get music for super cheap prices. Every song costs a price way lower than iTunes. MP3 Million has one of the largest collections of music, the category is in detail, including rock, alternative, hip-hop, country and more, you can find what you want quickly. The coolest thing is, if you add money in your MP3million account during bonus season, you can get extra money to download MP3 music.

How to use MP3million to download MP3 music

Step 1 You need to create an account with your email address. After creating an account, you can get 2 track for free to try its service.

Step 2 Search the MP3 you want to download on the search bar or you can browse its navigation category to find the music you love.

Step 3 You can select the MP3 track you like by adding to your cart or click "Buy now" button.

Step 4 After purchasing, you can download your purchased music from your Download page as well as from the artist page. You can press Download in Zip button next to an album to start the download. This will trigger the download of full album in a single Zip archive. To download tracks individually in MP3 format, please click "Download" link in the last column.

Is MP3Million legal? Of course it is. MP3 million is registered outside the US area to minimize the taxation. Also, it can offer such low prices due to guaranteed bulk purchases.


MusicMP3.RU is one of the best sites for playing or downloading MP3 music online. MusicMP3.RU provides a wide range of songs for you, including hip-hop to country, R&B, soul, ballads, metal, and even soundtracks. It is easy to navigate and search for the songs, artists, albums, on MusicMP3.RU. When you listen to music on this MP3 download website, you can also read reviews about the song or artist.


How to use MusisMP3.RU to download MP3 tracks

Step 1 Go to MusisMP3.RU and use search bar to search for the music you want. Or you can also browse its categories to explore new music.

Step 2 Click into the album you like and you can preview the sound tracks. You can click "Buy full album" to buy the whole album or just click the "Buy MP3 track" button appeared when you mouse on the specific track to buy single track.

Step 3 You will direct to the pricing page where you need to sign up for the service according to the number of music you want to download. After purchasing, you can download the MP3 tracks you love within your subscription limitation.

MusisMP3.RU does not have a lot of ads and the music will load up fast since there is not much buffering. Lastly, the sound quality of the songs is very good. The music quality that they offer is up to 320kbit/s which is actually indistinguishable compared to CD quality.

How to Free Download Music on MP3Million or MusicMP3.RU

Due to the protection of music copyrights, you can't free download MP3 from MP3Million or MusicMP3.RU directly. Here we provide you a shortcut, to download the song by recording it. With a trustworthy MP3 recorder, you can easily save music from MP3Million or MusicMP3.RU with high audio quality. Now let's see the specific steps:

Step 1 Download MP3 Recorder on your computer.

Step 2 Launch the MP3 Recorder and choose "Audio Recorder" to start recording streaming music.

Choose Audio Recorder

Step 3 Choose the audio source. In this case, choose "System Audio" only.

Step 4 Play the song online and click "REC" to start record the song.

Record Audio

Step 5 When the song is over, click "Stop" to stop MP3 recording.

With these simple steps, you can easily download MP3 music from MusicMP3.RU or MP3Million. Still have more questions? Leave your comments down below!

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