Top 10 Naruto AMVs in 2019 and Easy Way to Download

June 06, 2019Andrew Miller

What is the best Naruto AMV on YouTube? You can view many different Naruto anime music videos on YouTube and other places. This post list 10 best Naruto AMVs from them for you. Moreover, a great Naruto AMV Downloader is recommended to help you save your favorite AMVs with ease.


Naruto is a very popular Japanese manga series which tells a story of the young ninja, Naruto Uzumaki. Lots of Naruto AMVs made by fans are uploaded to YouTube and other places. Some of the Naruto AMVs are quite fantastic and feature many great characters with amazing emotions. If you really like Naruto, you would like to view these great Naruto anime music videos.

Naruto AMV

This post gathers 10 best Naruto AMVs for you to view, including AMVs about Naruto's past, Naruto and Sasuke's friendship, Rise, original Naruto, Naruto shippuden and more. They are recommended based on the votes on YouTube. What’s more, we tell you a simple way to download Naruto AMV. You can choose to add these Naruto AMVs to your YouTube playlist or directly download them to your computer.

Part 1. 10 Best Naruto AMVs

Naruto is one of the famous and popular Japanese animes. You can see many great Naruto AMVs on YouTube and other video sharing sites. We watched 50+ Naruto AMVs and selected 10 best ones from them. Now you can check the list of top 10 Naruto AMVs.

NO.1 Naruto AMV - Rise

Song: State of Mine - Rise (Katy Perry Cover)

NO.2 Naruto Shippuuden AMV - Conqueror

Song: From Where You Are

NO.3 Naruto AMV - Sunrise [Naruto vs Pain]

Song: Our last night - Sunrise

NO.4 Naruto AMV - A Hero's Story

Song: Right Here - Ashes Remain

NO.5 Naruto AMV - Hatake Kakashi

Song: My Demons - Starset

NO.6 Naruto AMV - Animal I Have Become

Song: Animal I Have Become

NO.7 Naruto AMV - Uchiha Itachi [Fear of the Truth]

First Song: Audiomachine -Warlords

Second Song: Pierre Lange - Call for Heros

Ending Song: Naruto Shippuuden Movie OST - Determination

NO.8 Naruto AMV - See You Again

Song: See You Again (feat. Charlie Puth)

NO.9 Naruto AMV - Naruto Shippuden The Last AMV It Has Begun

Song: It Has Begun

NO.10 Naruto AMV - Stay This Way [Naruto vs Sasuke]

Song: From Ashes to New - Stay This Way

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Part 2. Easy Way to Download Naruto AMV

Pay attention to this part if you have the need to download your favorite Naruto AMVs for further playback. Most anime music videos are uploaded to YouTube. However, you are not allowed to directly download YouTube videos, especially the HD ones.

Considering that most Naruto AMVs are limited to the time of one song, you can choose to download it through recording way. Here we sincerely recommend the professional Screen Recorder to help you record any Naruto AMVs with original image and sound quality.

Screen Recorder


Screen Recorder - Best Naruto AMV Downloader

  • Download any Naruto anime music videos with high quality.
  • Set custom recording area to better capture videos from any video sites.
  • Record various music, radio or online audio with original sound quality.
  • Save streaming audio files as MP3, WMA, AAC or M4A for easy playback.
  • Customize video and audio settings, bitrate, volume and more others.

Learn more details about how to record Naruto AMV songs and videos, check the video below:

We mainly talked about Naruto AMV in this page. 10 best Naruto AMVs on YouTube are shared here for you. You can view them and find your favorite ones. In addition, we introduce you with a great tool to easily download any Naruto AMVs with high quality. If you do not want to download the ready-made Naruto AMV, just create your own Naruto AMV with the AMV makers.

Don’t hesitate to share your favorite Naruto AMVs with us in the comment.

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