10 Naruto AMV Songs in 2019 for Easy Download

June 06, 2019Andrew Miller

Many touching Naruto AMVs are shared on YouTube and other places. You can enjoy beautiful songs while viewing these fantastic Naruto scenes. This post lists 10 great Naruto AMV songs for you. Moreover, a powerful downloader tool is recommended to help you download any Naruto AMV songs with ease.

Any good songs for Naruto AMV? I really like Naruto and want to make an anime music video about Naruto and Sasuke's friendship. But till now, I still can’t find a suitable background song. I need a soft and touching song, any recommendation?

As a big fan of Naruto, you may want to make your own Naruto AMVs to memorize the classic anime. Actually, that's exactly what happened. You can see lots of anime music videos about Naruto shared on YouTube, DailyMotion, Facebook, and other videos sites.

Naruto AMV Songs

This post recommends 10 best Naruto AMV songs for you to listen to. In addition, we show you a simple way to download these nice music with ease. You can also find a professional Naruto AMV creator to create your own anime music videos.

Part 1. Top 10 Naruto AMV Songs on YouTube

Naruto AMVs can easily be blocked by TV Tokyo company or others. But with so many Naruto related videos shared to YouTube everyday, there are still lots of great ones remained. This part will show you 10 best Naruto AMV songs. You can enjoy the beautiful music while viewing the videos.

NO.1 Naruto AMV song- Running

Anime: Naruto

Song: Runnin' - Adam Lambert

Views: 15,910,140

NO.2 Naruto AMV song- My Demons

Anime: Naruto

Song: My Demons - Starset

Views: 15,650,469

NO.3 Naruto AMV song- Centuries

Anime: Naruto End Episode

Song: Centuries - Fall Out Boy

Views: 8,889,110

NO.4 Naruto AMV song- My Fight, I Will Show You

Anime: Naruto Episode, 1-5 Power Episodes

Song: My Fight, I Will Show You

Views: 8,871,562

NO.5 Naruto AMV song- Wake Up

Anime: Boruto - Naruto Next Generations

Song: Hollow Point Heroes - Circus Sideshow

Views: 8,449,414

NO.6 Naruto AMV song- Oceans

Anime: Naruto (Itachi Uchiha)

Song: Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) - Hillsong UNITED

Views: 3,959,026

NO.7 Naruto AMV song- Legends Never Die

Anime: Naruto Shippuden

Song: Legends Never Die (ft. Against The Current)

Views: 2,213,508

NO.8 Naruto AMV song- Bring Me Back To Life

Anime: Naruto Shippuden

Song: Bring Me Back To Life

Views: 1,887,882

NO.9 Naruto AMV song- Oceans

Anime: Naruto (Inheriting the Master's Will)

Song: Mistakes - Haimin Music

Views: 287,998

NO.10 Naruto AMV song- Without You

Anime: Naruto Shippuden

Song: Ashes Remain - Without You

Views: 107,359

That’s 10 great AMV songs of Naruto you want to share with you. You can navigate to Soptify (https://open.spotify.com/playlist/47sVihoHeJ74vodCtuZJye) to find some good songs for your own Naruto AMVs. Check Best Anime Sites and Animes in 2019 here.

Part 2. How to Download Naruto AMV Songs

How to directly download these Naruto AMV songs? Surely you are not allowed to save the music from YouTube. Here we show you an one-for-all solution to download Naruto AMV songs. To do that, you need to rely on the professional Screen Recorder.

Screen Recorder


Screen Recorder - Naruto AMV Songs Downloader

  • Download any Naruto AMV Songs with source sound quality.
  • Record various music, radio or online audio with high quality.
  • Save streaming audio files as MP3, WMA, AAC or M4A for easy playback.
  • Set custom recording area to better capture videos from any video sites.
  • Customize video and audio settings, bitrate, volume and more others.
  • Save Naruto AMV easily like Naruto songs download.

Steps to download Naruto AMV songs

Step 1.
Double-click the download button above to install and run this Naruto AMV songs downloader on your computer. Choose the "Audio Recorder" option when you enter the main interface.
Audio Recorder
Step 2.
You are allowed to capture audio from "System Audio" or "Microphone”. Here you can turn on the "System Audio" and turn off the "Microphone”. It will ensure you download Naruto AMV songs with exactly original audio quality.
Capture Audio

Play the Naruto AMV song you want to download and click "REC" to start capturing it.

Best Naruto AMV Creator you may want to know:

If you want to make your own Naruto AMVs, you can choose the professional AMV creating software, Slideshow Creator. It enables you to combine video clips, songs, images and more media files together and make one anime music video.

Slideshow Creator


Slideshow Creator - Best Naruto AMV Creator

  • Create Naruto AMVs with video clips, images, audio and various effects.
  • Many editing features offered to edit video/audio based on your needs.
  • Easy make video slideshows with ready-made themes.
  • Highly support any popular video/audio/image formats.

Here's the video about making slideshows for you. Click it to check.

After reading this page, you can view 10 great Naruto AMVs and songs. Moreover, we tell you a simple way to download any Naruto AMV songs with ease. You can also rely on the powerful Naruto AMV Creator to make your own AMVs. Share them in the comment if you have some favorite Naruto AMV songs.

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