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Top 5 Nigerian Movies YouTube & Two Ways to Download

YouTube is one of the most popular video websites. It collects various movies from different countries. YouTube Nigerian movies is one of the foreign language movies on YouTube. Two Man and Goat is the first feature film in Nigerian which was made in 1966. The first batch of Nigerian movies include Attack the Harvest (1971), The Toad Under The Sunshine (1972), The Devil's Dinner (1971), The Musicians (1976), etc. These Nigerian movies mainly use the form of traditional plot and the music with folk features.

Nigerian Movies YouTube

Most time you can watch Nigerian movies on YouTube. If you want to watch these YouTube Nigerian movies on your device, maybe you need to download it first. Below we will recommend a best way to help you download Nigerian movies from YouTube.

Part 1. Best way to download Nigerian movies YouTube

Video Converter Ultimate

You can follow below detailed steps to learn how to use this program to download Nigerian movies YouTube on your computer.

Step 1 Install YouTube Video Downloader

Install this program on your computer, and then launch it with double clicks.

Step 2 Input the URL of the Nigerian movie YouTube

Get into the website of the Nigerian movie on YouTube, and copy the link of this movie. Then get back to the program, click "Download" to enter the link you copied.

Enter the URL

Step 3 Analyze the Nigerian movie

After entering the link, you need to click "Analyze" to analyze the movie. And you are also able to select the resolution of the Nigerian movie on YouTube.


Step 4 Start to download the movie

After finishing all the settings, click "OK" to start download the Nigerian movie YouTube on your computer.

Check the video to learn how to download Nigerian movie from YouTube:

Part 2: Top 5 Nigerian movies on YouTube

With lots of good Nigerian movies on YouTube, you may not know which one you should download and watch. In this part, we will list 5 great Nigerian movies for you to choose from.

1. Pain Of The Royal House

Sochi is a girl born out of wedlock, she's so troublesome and will deal with anybody who crosses her part. Her troubles have become a nightmare to the community at large. Who can stop her?

2. Princess Without Husband

They are singing after drinking. The man who holds a lot of money on his hands, he is singing while sprinkling the money to his friends. One of a attendant of princess see that he is singing songs, so he is recommended to the princess to teach her dance and singing.

3. Rascal Princess

This Nigerian movie talks about the story of Rascal Princess. The princess often has a strange dream. In her dream, there are a guy who always hold a slingshot to hit her attendant and her. Her husband consults a doctor to search the reason why his wife often have such a strange dream.

4. I Choose The Local Girl

In this Nigerian movie YouTube, Henry is the prince and heir of the throne from his father. He possesses everything he could ever ask for, but he is not carried away by the luxurious and affluent lifestyle. He wants a wife who can understand the role that a woman should play in a man's life. However, the woman in his life does not fit into that mould, she is completely the opposite.

5. The Maiden & the Sacred Food

The culture that they say is people's way of life. A long ago, white people came to the shore of their country, and journeying across the world to bring good news to people who have not heard the gospel. With their lives in great peril, they begin to embark on this mission.

Part 3: Record Nigerian movies YouTube with Screen Recorder

There is also an one-for-all solution to get YouTube Nigerian movies saved on your computer. You can download it by recording. At this time, Screen Recorder can be a great helper to download Nigerian movies from YouTube with high quality.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

This video below shows how to record Nigerian movies on YouTube:

This article mainly introduces two ways to help you easily download Nigerian movies YouTube. You can choose YouTube Video Downloader to download YouTube Nigerian movies on your computer, or use Screen Recorder to record the Nigerian movie from YouTube. And we also recommend top 5 Nigerian movies to you. Hope this article can meet your needs.

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