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How to Turn On/Off Spanish Subtitles on Netflix With Ease

Netflix is available in Spanish-speaking countries like Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Panama, Venezuela and many other countries with Spanish Subtitles as well as Spanish Audio. Regardless of whichever device where you enjoy the Netflix movies or shows, it only needs you to take a several clicks to turn on or turn off subtitles on Netflix or closed captions (CC). This article is going to show you about Netfilx subtitles on a couple of device. In addition, if you want to save Netflix videos or add subtitles to downloaded Netflix video, you can get some tips here.

Spanish Subtitles Netflix

Part 1. Turn On/Off Netflix Spanish Subtitles/Closed Captions

We will show you how to turn on/off Netflix Spanish subtitles or closed caption on different platforms.

PC or Mac computer

1. Visit Nexflix on your PC or Mac and play the video you want.
2. Move the mouse and click on the "Dialog" bubble button.
3. Turn on or turn off the subtitles and control language settings.

iOS device

1. Navigate to Netflix app on your iOS device.
2. Tap the screen to display the playback controls. In the upper-right corner, tap the "Dialog" button.
3. Tap the subtitles you want to use and then tap "OK."

Google Chromecast

1. Open the Netflix app on device that runs Chromecast.
2. Tap your Chromecast device screen to display the playback controls.
3. Tap the "Dialog" button.
4. Tap the "Subtitles" tab and then select the subtitles you want or turn off.


1. Select the video that you want to watch.
2. Click the "Audio & Subtitles" option.
3. Choose the subtitles that you want to use.

On Apple TV

1. Ensure that your Apple TV is up to date.
2. Display the subtitles menu when playing the Netflix video.
3. Choose the your subtitles you want or turn them off.

Smart TVs and Blu-ray Players

1. Launch your Netflix app.
2. Select the video you want to watch.
3. Choose the "Audio & Subtitles" option with your controller.
4. Click the subtitles you want to watch.

Xbox 360 and Xbox One

1. Start playing the title you want to add subtitles to.
2. Press down on your controller when playing the video.
3. Select "Audio & Subtitles" and press A-shaped button .
4. Choose your subtitle options.
5. Disable closed captioning on your system if subtitles won't turn off.

PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4

1. Start playing the title you want to turn subtitles on.
2. Press down on your controller.
3. Choose and highlight "Audio & Subtitles" and press the button.
4. Select your subtitle options.


1. Start Netflix and select the title you want to watch.
2. Use your Wii Remote to click the Dialog button.
3. Select the subtitles you want to enable.


1. Start a video in your Netflix app.
2. Tap the screen to show the playback control.
3. Tap the "Dialog" bubble to display the subtitle options.
4. Tap the "Subtitles" tab and choose the subtitles.

Part 2. Save movies from Netflix on computer

Step 1 Launch your Netflix App on computer, or enter the Netflix website in explorer.

Sign in to Netflix

Step 2 Download and install Aiseesoft Screen Recorder on your computer. Choose "Screen Recorder".

Video Recorder

Step 3 Select the recording area you want to record. Disable the Microphone audio if you want to record movies. Or you will record your own voice into the movie.

Screen Recorder

Step 4 Play the movie and click the "REC" button to start.


Step 5 Click the "Stop" button when the recording is over. Preview and click "Save" button to keep the Netflix video to your computer.

Click here to learn more info about how to download movies from Netflix.

Part 3. Add subtitles to downloaded Netflix video

If you want to add subtitles to download netflix video, you can try Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate, the perfect video tool for you to customize the subtitle, besides other features like video converting, downloading, editing and so on.

Video Converter Ultimate For Mac

Step 1 Install Video Converter Ultimate and launch the program.

Video Converter Ultimate

Step 2 Add the video with which you want to add the subtitle file.

Import Video

Step 3 Click the plus-shaped subtitle button and then add the particular subtitle file to the video. The compatible subtitle formats are ASS, SSA and SRT.

Add Subtitles to Video

Step 4 Preview the video to see the effect.

We mianly show you how to turn on/off Netflix spanish subtitles. If you want to download movies or shows from Netflix on PC, you can use Sreen Recorder. When you are going to add subtitles to downloaded Netflix video, Video Converter Ultimate is a great choice.

Video Add Turn Off Subtitles for YouTube Netflix play-button

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