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How to Download and Play TuneIn Radio App/APK/on PC


What is TuneIn Radio? How to download TuneIn app for radio listening? How can you listen to TuneIn Radio without Wi-Fi? This page will help you remove all confusions of TuneIn Radio.

If you are a radio lover and frequently listen to your favorite radios, TuneIn Radio is a free online radio station that you will never miss. With over 100,000 stations, it has the largest free selection of sports, news, music, podcasts, audiobooks and more from around the world. According to some reports, Tune In Radio delivers audios to an audience of over 60 million monthly active users worldwide. Do you know how to download TuneIn Radio? When you find the radios you really like and want to save them to your computer, what should you do?

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio

This article will show you four parts to introduce all related information about TuneIn Radio, so that you could use it freely and easily.

Part 1. TuneIn Radio

Tune In Radio

TuneIn Radio - TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio is a free audio streaming service that's like a radio on steroids. It delivers various radio contents like live news, radio, and sports, in addition to music, podcasts, and audiobooks, to millions of active users all around the world. You can easily find any radio station that's broadcasting an artist that you want to listen to. You can save your favorite stations for easy access and free enjoy all kinds of music. TuneInRadio website and TuneIn Radio app are very easy to use. Just log in it using your Gmail or Facebook account and you are ready to go.

Part 2. TuneIn Radio app download

TuneIn Radio Logo

TuneIn Radio - TuneIn Radio Logo

TuneIn Radio has extended its service as it currently available on smart phones. In this way, you can handily listen to your favorite radio stations any time you want. You can find and download TuneIn Radio app in this part.

TuneIn Radio app for iPhone:

TuneIn Radio apk for Android:

TuneIn Radio apk for Windows:

Part 3. TuneIn Radio login

In case you don't know how to sign in your TuneIn Radio account, here we show you the simple steps to log into TuneIn Radio.

Sign in TuneIn Radio site

Navigate to TuneIn Radio login site and enter your TuneIn account or Facebook account, Google account to login TuneIn Radio.

TuneIn Radio Signin

TuneIn Radio - TuneIn Radio Sign In

Sign in TuneIn Radio for PC

Step 1Open TuneIn Radio and go to the "My Profile" tab. Click the "Sign In/Sign Up" button.

TuneIn Radio Logo

TuneIn Radio - TuneIn Radio Login

Step 2Enter your TuneIn credentials or Facebook/Google account to log into TuneIn Radio.

Sign in TuneIn Radio app

Step 1Open TuneIn Radio app and go to "Favorites", and then tap on "Settings."

Step 2Click "Log In/Sign Up" to make TuneIn Radio login.

You can create an account by tapping the "Profile" button, then the "Settings" button and going to the "Login/Sign Up" option.

TuneIn Radio Apk Sign In

TuneIn Radio - TuneIn Radio Apk Sign In

Part 4. How to download TuneIn radio programs

TuneIn provides you a free 30-day trial without ads and listening of NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL live play by play. However, after the free time expired, you need to pay the subscription to enjoy those. Moreover, if you miss your favorite MSNBC, CNBC, Newsy, or Progressive Voices, you may feel disappointed. In this part, we find a way that can help you avoid such trouble. You can record the TuneIn radio for unlimited playback at your convenience.

To save Tunein Radio, you need to rely on the professional TuneIn Radio Recorder. It has the capability to capture any activity happened on your computer. You can free download it and have a try.

Aiseesoft TuneIn Radio Recorder

Step 1 Download, Install and launch this powerful TuneIn Radio audio recording program on your computer. Select "Audio Recorder" and enter the "Record Audio" window.

TuneIn Radio Recorder

TuneIn Radio Recorder- TuneIn Radio Recorder Interface

Step 2 Choose to record sound from system audio or microphone according to your need. You are suggested to turn on system audio and turn off microphone.

Step 3 Navigate to TuneIn Radio website and locate the radio show you want to download. Play it and click the red "REC" button to start the radio recording on TuneIn.

Download TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio Recorder- Record TuneIn Radio

Step 4 Click "Stop" to finish the TuneIn Radio recording when the playing is over.

With this method, you can download any radio on TuneIn Radio site. Moreover, because you are recording audio from system audio, the output radio will keep exactly the original TuneIn Radio quality.

In this article, we mainly talk about TuneIn Radio and how to download TuneIn Radio. We introduce you with a professional TuneIn Radio Recorder to help you finish that job. Hope you can download radios on TuneIn and better enjoy them after reading this post.

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