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Vocaroo and Online/Desktop Voice Recorder Alternatives to Record Audio

Compared with reading words, people prefer listening, that is why audio recording is such a great way to deliver messages, and it can be used in many ways, including making voice memos, recoding voice diaries, or ripping music from a YouTube clip, etc. To record audio, it is necessary for you to find a reputable audio recorder.

Out of all the online audio recorders, Vocaroo is a top rated one. This article aims to give you a primary review about Vocaroo online voice recorder, and introduce to you some online/desktop voice recorder alternatives you can use to record audio.


Part 1. What is Vocaroo

Vocaroo ( is an online voice recorder that allows users to create voice recording. It is free and doesn't require a login or any software downloads. With this online voice recorder, you are able to record, send, download voice messages or share voice message through YouTube, Facebook, etc. Instructors can also use Vocaroo to embed their own voice messages into a course website or have students use the app to create recordings for assignments, projects, or tests.

Vocaroo Interface

Part 2. How to use Vocaroo to record audio?

As we said, Vocaroo online voice record is very easy to use, follow the simple steps below to learn how to use Vocaroo to record audio online.

Step 1 Open Vocaroo website: and you should see the display above.

Step 2 Hit "Click to Record" button to record your voice. Note that the first time you click the record button, Vocaroo will ask for your permission to use your microphone. You must give the program access to your microphone in order for the program to work.

Record Audio via Vocaroo

Step 3 After you finished recording, click the Stop button. Vocaroo will give you the option to "Retry" or "Listen".

Retry Listen

Step 4 If you are satisfied with it, you could click the link below to save your recording. Here you'll be provided with several options: You can copy the embed code to insert into a website or email to yourself, or share it through various social media options including Twitter, Facebook, Google +, etc. You also have the option to save it as MP3, OGG, WAV, FLAC audio formats directly to your computer.

Save Audio via Vocaroo

Part 3. More audio record options better than Vocaroo

Even though Vocaroo works fine, there are still some drawbacks that need to be filled in this online voice recorder. For instance, Vocaroo can only record microphone sound, and don't have the ability to edit audio files. On account of this, we would like to provide you more alternatives to Vocaroo, including online/desktop voice recorder. Hope you can find the one you like.

3 online voice recorder alternatives

123Apps Online Voice Recorder

123Apps Online Voice Recorder is free voice recording software which records sound from Microphone phone and save it as MP3 file. It provides you some basic audio editing functions, the silent fragments will be deleted automatically, and you can crop the audio according to your needs.

123Apps Online Voice Recorder

Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder

Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder is an online recording tool that you can use for free. Better than Vocaroo, this audio recording tool has added features that can be used for much better recording experience. It allows you to choose audio source from system sound, microphone or both, and you can convert audio to different file formats.



SpeakPipe is an online voice recorder that works not only PC/Mac, but also on iOS/Android device. Unlike Vocaroo, this voice recorder is used mostly on enterprise website, since you and visitors can interact by recording audio and sending voice mails. However, you may need to install a widget, and pay for the pro version if you want to get the best.


Best desktop audio recorder – Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

Most online recorders, including Vocaroo, are limited by the network speed, and they can be very unsteady sometimes. If you want to get the professional audio recording experience, we recommend you the best desktop audio recorder.

Screen Recorder For Mac

In this article, we mainly gave you a brief introduction about Vocaroo and how to use Vocaroo to record audio. If you perfer other audio recorders, we also provided you better options including online voice recorder and desktop voice recorder. Still have more questions about Vocaroo? Feel free to leave your comments down below.

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