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Tutorial to Discover, Watch, Download and Make YouTube 3D Videos

3D film, as known as three-dimensional stereoscopic film, is not something new. Many famous movies produced recent year offered a 3D version. As 3D TV sets penetrates, now we can watch television shows in 3D mode in living room. Actually, we could access more 3D videos, because Google has pushed the feature that allows people to view 1080p YouTube videos using 3D mode in 2012. According to Google, the YouTube 3D conversion function works for short 2D videos posted in high definition quality, but 3D camera is able to generate better results. In this post, we will tell you how to find, watch, download and share YouTube 3D in detail.

YouTube 3D

How to find and watch YouTube 3D

There are two kinds of videos on YouTube support 3D feature, the videos already converted to 3D and the HD videos. You can follow the steps below to search and watch YouTube 3D content.

Step 1 Visit in your browser. Type the keywords about the video content you want to view in the search bar and hit the "Enter" key. Then you will get all results.

Step 2 Click the "FILTER" option and choose 3D under the "FEATURES" section. Then the results will be narrowed down to the videos support 3D feature. Or you can enter "3D" in the search bar to target YouTube 3D directly.


If you are 3D video enthusiasts, there are several 3D channels worth to recommend. ExploreMediaGroup is a collection of high quality 3D videos about travelling. S3D Gamer Zone contains 3D game content. iWatch3D includes 3D videos about London.

Step 3 Choose a video on the result to start playing. If the video is in 2D mode, unfold the "Settings" menu, make sure to select a HD quality and select the 3D mode. When the 3D mark on the "Settings" menu turns to red, it means the video is playing in 3D mode.

Step 4 Google did not simply add a 3D mode in YouTube, but designed a specific 3D viewing options page. People can select their favorite ways to view YouTube 3D content. To evoke the options page, you only need to click the 3D icon a second time.

Watch YouTube 3D


It is well known that watching 3D videos need a pair of specific 3D glasses or 3D capable hardware. And there are many options. To provide better experiences, you can choose the color filters and devices on the options page according to your situations.

For people who have colored 3D glasses, there are three options available depending on the shade of the glasses: Red/Cyan, Green/Magenta and Blue/Yellow.

If you have a pair of active shutter glasses, you can try the Interleaved mode. The Side by Side mode is designed to view YouTube 3D on a HDTV, like Samsung TV.

3D Mode

Download YouTube 3D

As I said before, 3D videos on YouTube are always in high quality. Sometimes, people may want to download YouTube 3D content and watch offline. At this time, you will need a powerful YouTube downloader that has the capacity of lossless download, such as Aiseesoft Video Convert Ultimate. Its impressive features include:

In short, it streamlines the process of YouTube 3D downloading.

Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate

How to download YouTube 3D with Video Converter Ultimate

Step 1 Install the YouTube 3D downloader to PC

Download and install the VCU to your PC; if you have a Mac computer, you can use the Mac version. Launch the program and click the Download menu on top of the interface to open the YouTube 3D downloader.

Step 2 Import the 3D content into the program

Open the 3D video on YouTube that you'd like to watch offline and pick up the URL in address bar. Switch to the YouTube downloader and put the URL in the field on top of the window. Tap on the "Analyze" button to extract video files in the URL.

Step 3 Download the 3D video in one click

When analysis is done, select a proper resolution on the list and click on "OK" to start downloading. If you want to convert the 3D video to other formats, you can do it after downloaded.

Make 3D video for uploading to YouTube

YouTube suggests people to take 3D videos using a 3D camera. Is that necessary to purchase a 3D camera for posting 3D content on YouTube? Maybe you should try another more cost-effective solution, convert your 2D videos to 3D. Luckily, Video Converter Ultimate's built-in video editor has integrated such feature. So, let's start making 3D videos right now.

Make 3D Video for YouTube

Step 1 Import a 2D video

Run Video Converter Ultimate on your computer. Tap on the "Add File" menu to import a 2D video from your computer. Then click on the "Edit" menu on top ribbon to open the video in video editor window.


Video Converter Ultimate supports all video formats. And if the 2D video is in poor quality, you can optimize the resolution with the "Enhance" function.

Step 2 Convert the 2D video to 3D

Choose the "3D" tab in video editor and then tick the checkbox of "Enable 3D settings" on left sidebar. Customize the options, like Anaglyph, depth and more. Press the "Apply" button to confirm the conversion.

Step 3 Export the 3D video for posting on YouTube

Close the video editor and back to home interface, choose a YouTube supported format, such as MP4, from the "Profile" menu and drop a folder in "Destination". Once press "Convert", the 3D video will be exported to your PC. Then you can upload it on YouTube.


Based on the tutorial above, you might understand necessary knowledge about YouTube 3D. YouTube has given people the option to transform short-form 2D videos to 3D with a single click in the settings menu. And we have showed you how to search for and watch YouTube videos in 3D mode. Now, you can enjoy this video type on YouTube at any time. Plus, we have introduced the method to watch YouTube 3D content offline using Video Converter Ultimate. If you want to create 3D videos for posting on YouTube, VCU could help you too.

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