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YouTube Cartoons - Top 15 YouTube Cartoons & Download in Two Ways

YouTube Cartoons

Do you want to download YouTube cartoons like my little pony YouTube, Spiderman YouTube, little Einstein YouTube, little bear YouTube, YouTube Tom And Jerry, etc for kids? As these YouTube cartoons are very popular, many kids like to watch. When you want to play YouTube cartoons for kids outside home, it may be inconvenient. So if you want to play YouTube cartoons whenever you want, you may need to download it on your devices first.

This article will introduce 15 YouTube cartoon videos to you as well as show you how to download these YouTube cartoons easily.

Top 15 YouTube cartoons you may interesting

1. My little pony YouTube

Do you know why Rapunzel did not complain about seeing talking ponies? There are two reasons for this. You can watch this YouTube cartoons to realize the two reasons. The little pony will tell you her reasons in this video.

2. Spiderman YouTube

You will be not strange about Spiderman. When we are a kid, we often watch Spiderman videos with our little partners. This YouTube cartoon video will show you how the brave Spiderman beat the bad guys.

3. Barney and friends YouTube

Barney is the good friends of little kids. Do you want to be a good friend with Barney? Just watch this video to make friends with Barney. You will be happy to play games with him.

4. Little bear YouTube

Have you ever heard the song - "the three little bears"? This video is about expedition of the little bear together with its animal friends. Do you want to know what they have experienced? Just watch the video.

5. Thomas the train videos YouTube

This video is about a long train called Thomas. He is a happy train, he love working with his friends. Do you want to know more about Thomas? Watch this video to realize the happy live of Thomas.

Method 1: Download Video Converter Ultimate to download YouTube cartoons

Maybe it is very enjoyable to watch YouTube cartoons online. When you want to watch YouTube cartoons without network, you may need to save YouTube cartoons on your laptop/devices first. Below will recommend two ways to you, you will be able to easily download YouTube cartoons on your devices.

Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate For Mac

Step 1Install and open the Video Converter Ultimate on your computer.

Get Start

Step 2Open the YouTube cartoons you want to download. Copy the download link of YouTube cartoons. Then go back to the Video Converter Ultimate, click "Download" on the top bar. You will find the YouTube live video address is pasted to the URL box automatically.

Paste URL

Step 3Click "Analyze" to analyze the YouTube cartoon video, and you can choose the resolution you want.

Analyze YouTube Video

Step 4Click "OK" to start to download the video on your computer.

Wait a few seconds, and then you will have the YouTube cartoons on your computer.

6. Thomas and friends YouTube

A long train slowly comes from the distance. He was filled with all kinds of goods, but it still smiles toward anyone he meets. He is Tomas, he has many friends. They are happy to hardworking as well as Tomas. Watch this video to realize Tomas and his friends.

7. Little Einstein YouTube

Together with little Einstein, walk toward to his magical world. Do you want to talk with little Einstein? Watch this video, talk with little Einstein, he will tell you interesting stories.

8. Sesame Street YouTube

Have you ever seen puppet which can communicate with people? Sesame Street has many cute puppets, they can talk with people. This YouTube cartoon will show you the stories of puppets in Sesame Street.

9. Happy Tree Friends YouTube

The little rabbit have drunk the manure incautiously. So her teeth become very long, she is very sad with the long teeth. She tries many ways to shorten her teeth, finally she has cut the long teeth, but she has met an unexpected accident. Watch the video to know what accident appeared to her.

10. Barbie YouTube

Girls may be very familiar with Barbie. When they were little kids, everyone would have a Barbie. There are female Barbie and male Barbie, but most kids would like female Barbie. This video is about Barbie, you can see the beautiful clothes in this video.

Method 2: Record YouTube cartoons with Screen Recorder

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

Step 1Install Screen Recorder on your computer. After downloading and installing Screen Recorder, open and launch it for later use.

Choose Screen Recorder

Step 2Select the recording area on your computer; you are able to customize the recording area according to your needs. Then set the recording audio, select the system audio and turn off the microphone.

Turn on system audio

Step 3Play the YouTube cartoons on your computer, meanwhile click "REC" button on the Screen Recorder.

11. Sofia the First YouTube

One day morning, when Sofia waked up, a strange thing happened. Do you know what have happened? A magic spell has been cast on Sofia's family, making them all bakers in the village! How long will it last before it's time to go back to the castle? Just watch the YouTube cartoon.

12. Old MacDonald YouTube

Most of us may have had a meal in MacDonald. Do you want to realize the creator of MacDonald? This YouTube cartoon will show you the stories of Uncle MacDonald.

13. Pete the Cat YouTube

Follow Pete to find the interesting stories. He has four groovy buttons. Do you want to know the story of his four groovy buttons? This YouTube cartoon video will meet your curiosity.

14. Strawberry shortcake YouTube

Do you know Strawberry? Do you know her adventures? This YouTube cartoon video will share Strawberry's first adventure to you. Watching the video, and follow Strawberry to start the adventure.

15. YouTube Tom And Jerry

Tom is the opponent of Jerry and they are also good friends. We may be very familiar with the story about Tom and Jerry. Let's watch the YouTube cartoon video to review their interesting stories.

This article mainly introduces 15 YouTube cartoons to you. There may be some YouTube cartoons you will like to watch. You can choose one of the two ways to save your favorite YouTube cartoons on your computer for watching later.

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