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Two Ways to Download YouTube Disney Movies

Do you know Disney movies? When you were a kid, you may often watch Disney cartoon movies on TV. In summer holiday, your parents may take you to Disneyland to play games with the Disney characters you watched on TV. Do you realize Disney Movie Company? Disney Movie Company is the only company that did not be traded. The full name of Disney is The Walt Disney Company which is based on its originator - Walt Disney. Headquarter based on The United State, which is a large transnational corporation. In 20th century, Disney starts from the Mickey Mouse cartoon.

YouTube Disney Movies

YouTube Disney Movies

If you like to watch Disney movies whenever you want, you can read this article to find two ways to download it.

Part 1: Easiest way to download YouTube Disney movies

Aiseesoft YouTube Video Downloader can help you download YouTube Disney movies with fast speed. With this video converter, you can not only download YouTube Disney movies, but also convert the downloaded movie to any popular format as you like.

Step 1 Install YouTube Video Downloader

Download YouTube Video Downloader on your computer. Then open and launch it for use later.

Step 2 Input the URL

Get into the website of YouTube Disney movies, copying the link of the movie. Then, get back to the program, click "Download" to import the link of the YouTube Disney movies you just copied.

Input the URL

Step 3 Analyze the Disney movie

Click "Analyze" to start analyze the YouTube Disney movies. You can also select the resolution according to your own needs.


Step 4 Download the YouTube Disney movie

Click "OK" to start to download the YouTube Disney movies on your computer. Just wait a few minutes, and then you will finish downloading the movies on your computer.

Part 2: The 5 main entrances of YouTube Disney movies

As we all know YouTube is a popular video website, and you can find any popular video on it. In this part, we will mainly introduce the 5 main entrances of YouTube Disney movies. You can get into YouTube official website to find more interesting Disney movies.

1. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs YouTube

You may be familiar with the stories of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. When you were a kid, you may often watch the cartoon about their stories on TV. Now, you can play these interesting movies to your kids. Get into the website to watch more movies about Snow White.

Snow White

2. The Good Dinosaur

In this series of movies, you will find that the dinosaur is not as horrific as you imaged. A little boy is the main character in this movie. Dinosaurs is friendly with him, they protect him and play games with him. There are 19 different stories about The Good Dinosaur in this entrance.

Good Dinosaur

3. Rogue One

Rogue One is live-action Disney movies. The story is the same exciting as Disney cartoons, but the main characters are all real person. This movie is about rogue, the main stories describe the character's theft. You will be able to watch 18 movies about Rogue One, and every movie is about a different story.

Rogue One

4. Short Films Collection

It is a collection about short films. You can find 7 different short movies in this website. Movies are short, but the stories are still interesting and exciting. You will be able to see many cartoon images that you may not see before.

Short Films Collection

5. Aladdin YouTube

There are 15 movies in the entrance. This series of movies are all about Aladdin. You may ever want to have a magic lamp like Aladdin when you were a kid. You want to wish toward the lamp, so he will achieve your many wishes. You can watch these movies to review the memories about your childhood.


Part 3: Download YouTube Disney movies with Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder

Maybe you can refer to below video to learn the steps of how to record YouTube Disney movies .

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