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Tutorial to Access, Download and Record YouTube Live Streaming Videos

Google acquired YouTube in November 2006. During the decade, YouTube has become one of the most popular social networks around the world. On the other hand, Google consistently improve user experiences and update new features, such as YouTube Live streaming. Before this feature released in 2011, all videos on YouTube were recorded in the past. But YouTube Live combines video recording and broadcasting together. Since then, people started to streaming videos in real time. In this tutorial, we will share some useful skills about YouTube live streaming, like how to use this amazing YouTube feature and how to get the live event offline.

YouTube Live Streaming Videos

Part 1. How to access YouTube live streaming

Though YouTube live streaming has been here for several years, many people still not understand how to use it. The step-by-step guides below will help you better understand YouTube live streaming.

How to use YouTube live streaming correctly

Step 1 Access YouTube live streaming

Sign in your account on YouTube, press your "Profile" icon at upper right corner and then click the "Creator Studio" button. Next, choose "LIVE STREAMING" option on the left sidebar. The first time, you need to leave your phone number to get start.

Step 2 Understand the dashboard of YouTube Live

When go into the Dashboard, the "LIVE STREAMING CHECKLIST" option will show you how to set up your first YouTube Live event.

Before live streaming, you should set event details in "Add stream Info" section. "Basic Info" is simple; you can fill out the form based on your plan. "Stream Options" allow you to optimize the experience. If you select "Monetize with ads" in "Monetization" tab, you can monetize your live event. The Cards option is used to create a call to action.

And you can see the "CHAT" window to discover who engage with you when live streaming. Also, you can interact with your viewers in "Text" box.

If you use YouTube Live on your computer, you will need dedicated broadcast software, such as Open Broadcast Software, and connect it to YouTube Live in the "Encoder Setup" section.

Step 3 Start YouTube live streaming

Set input sources in your broadcast software, like the webcam or desktop, audio input. Now, you can start your live streaming from the broadcast software by pressing the "Start Streaming" button.

During the process, you can monitor the engagement in "ANALYTICS" panel in real time.

When it is done, simply click the stop streaming option in your broadcast software. The YouTube live streaming will close.

Step 4 What you can do after live streaming

After live streaming, your video will be posted to your YouTube channel. Then you can view, edit the video, see entire analysis report, download the video or share it to another social network.

YouTube channel

Part 2. Download YouTube live video

The biggest characteristic of YouTube live streaming is living. Does that mean you will lose the funny or useful live video forever if you miss the live event? Absolutely not! After live streaming, the video will be added to YouTube channel as regular post, so you can download YouTube live video using Aiseesoft Video Convert Ultimate after the event.

Video Converter Ultimate is both a YouTube video downloader and an online video converter. Its benefits include:

How to download YouTube live video using YouTube video downloader

Step 1 Install the YouTube live video downloader

Download and install Video Converter Ultimate on your PC. If your computer runs Mac OS X, you can use the Mac version. Then launch the program and open YouTube downloader by hitting the "Download" menu on top ribbon.

Video Convert Ultimate

Step 2 Load the YouTube live video

Copy the address of the YouTube live video you'd like to download in your browser. Turn to the YouTube downloader and paste the address into the "URL" field. Press the "Analyze" button to scan video resolutions available in the URL.

Step 3 Download the YouTube live video

Choose a video resolution on the scan result list and select "Only Download" option. If you want to convert the video to another format, you should select "Automatically Convert to". Finally, click on "OK" to let the YouTube downloader do its job.

For more details about downloading YouTube videos, you can check the video:

Part 3. Record YouTube live streaming

In some cases, people will set private post after live streaming. At this time, YouTube live streaming is the only chance to get the funny or useful video. Don't worry! Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is able to help you grab YouTube live event in real time. Its key features include:

How to record YouTube live streaming in one click

Step 1 Preparation for YouTube live streaming record

Run the live streaming recorder after you installed it on your computer. Drag the control point to adjust the area to record on your screen. Select "Video Recorder" tab on the dashboard. And make sure to turn on "System Sound" and disable "Microphone" at the same time. Customize other options based on your demands.

Record YouTube Videos


You can find advanced settings in the "Gear" icon.

Step 2 Record YouTube live streaming in one click

Open YouTube in your browser and navigate to the live event you want to record. Once the live streaming starts, click on the red "REC" button to begin capturing both video and audio from the live event.

Record YouTube Videos

Step 3 Complete YouTube live event recording

When the live event is done, stop the YouTube recorder. The video will be saved to your computer in right format based on your settings. Then you can watch it at anytime and anywhere.

For more details about screen capture, you can check the video:

 Record Video and Audio on Computer in Minutes play-button


In this tutorial, we have talked about how to use YouTube live streaming and some useful skills related to YouTube live events. As you can see, broadcasting live event on YouTube is not as simple as regular posts. The settings are a little complicated. We hope that our guides are able to simplify the process and help you share your ideas successfully. On the other hand, YouTube live streaming is not the same with traditional live shows. There are at least two methods to get YouTube live streaming offline and watch it in future. Video Converter Ultimate has the capacity to download YouTube live videos after live events. And Screen Recorder could grab the live streaming in real time. You can make a decision depending on your situations.

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