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How to Download the YouTube Most Disliked Videos

YouTube is so considerable as it offers audiences the list of most-viewed YouTube videos and the most-liked YouTube videos for reference. In the meanwhile, it also provides the list of YouTube most disliked videos. It sounds wired and embraced, however it has its own value and also has the meaning for reference.

This article introduces the top 10 YouTube most disliked videos and recommends you two kinds of programs to download, edit, enhance, and record the YouTube most disliked video. Read on to find more detailed information from the article.

YouTube Most Disliked Videos

YouTube Most Disliked Videos

Part 1: Top 10 YouTube Most Disliked Videos

In 2010, YouTube redesigned and enhanced the platform by adding the button of like and dislike for every video link. So people can express their emotion, feeling, and attitude to the videos directly.

And YouTube even helps the users and audiences list a clear chart to let them know the top 50 YouTube most disliked videos. You can follow the chart to know the attitude of the negative side on someone or some events. It is worth mentioning that in the list of the top 50 YouTube most disliked videos, 18 of them are also appear in the list of YouTube most viewed videos, and 14 of them are appear on the list of YouTube most liked videos.

Sometimes the higher disliked volume is equal to more attentions from the public. Justin Bieber is a highly popular singer and he has many fans. However, the top 1 YouTube most disliked video is his famous song- Baby. That's say, YouTube most disliked videos isn't equal to terrible videos. Sometimes YouTube most disliked videos means that the videos were played frequently.

Here are the list of the top 10 YouTube most disliked videos.(It is quoted from the Wikipedia)

Rank Video Name Uploader/artist Dislike(millions) Dislike percentage Upload date
1 Baby Justin Bieber featuring Ludacris 8.51 52.02% February 19, 2010
2 Call of Duty Call of Duty 3.65 86.21% May 2, 2016
3 Can this video get 1 million dislikes? PewDiePie 3.21 93.89% December 24, 2016
4 It's Everyday Bro Jake Paul featuring Team 10 3.15 59.21% May 30, 2017
5 Friday Rebecca Black 2.95 79.62% September 16, 2011
6 Despacito Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee 2.66 9.82% January 12, 2017
7 How It Is BibisBeautyPalace 2.66 86.85% May 5, 2017
8 "Cortando o Botão do YouTube" Aruan Felix 2.41 75.57% December 22, 2015
9 Gangnam Style Psy 1.94 12.43% July 15, 2012
10 Sweatshirt Jacob Sartorius 1.87 73.57% June 7, 2016

Judged from the list, you can find most of YouTube most disliked videos are music videos. All of them are popular and have high click rate, some of the characters of artists are extremely controversial. What is more, most of the artists attract high attention from the public world. The rank is according to the disliked volume since the video uploaded.

So do you want to know how to download the YouTube most disliked videos? With the following two recommended software, you could download and record the videos on your own devices easily.

Part 2: How to Download YouTube Most Disliked Videos

Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate can help you download the top 10 YouTube most disliked videos and any other online videos with ease. You customize the video files, add watermark, captions even external subtitles and audio track. What is more, the software will help you to enhance the quality and remove the noises for the downloaded YouTube most disliked videos.

Key features of VCU

How to Download the YouTube Most Disliked Videos

Step 1 Launch YouTube downloader

Download Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate. You can find both Windows and Mac version. Once you installed the program, launch the software on your computer.


Step 2 Copy the URL of the YouTube video

Choose one of the YouTube most disliked videos, you can search for the desired videos with various versions. Preview the video and copy the URL of the YouTube most disliked videos.

Copy the URL

Step 3 Paste the URL of YouTube video

And then paste the URL of the YouTube most disliked video to URL column of the "Download" menu of the user interface to download videos from YouTube.

Paste the URL

Step 4 Download YouTube most disliked video

Click the "Analyze" to analyze the YouTube video. You can set the final resolution and formats for YouTube most disliked videos. The software can help you to convert video automatically.


Part 3: How to Record the YouTube Most Disliked Videos

When you need to record YouTube most disliked videos, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder, should be the right solution you should take into consideration. The program not only records the video and audio files, but also customizes the settings for output files. When you need to record some YouTube most disliked video with restrictions for downloading, you can use the program as an alternative solution.

How to Record the YouTube Most Disliked Videos

Step 1 Download and install the software

Just download and install Aiseesoft Screen Recorder on your Windows or Mac. Once you installed the program, you can double click the program to launch.

Screen Recorder

Step 2 Customize Audio settings

Before you recording the YouTube most disliked videos, you must close the "Microphone Audio" to avoid noise in the real environment. And then adjust the size of screen area or choose the full screen.

System Audio

Step 3 Choose the destination folder

Setting hotkeys will help you seize the wanted moment in due course, so you must set the hotkeys in the "General" menu. Before recording, you are required to set the final location and desired formats of the recorded files.

Step 4 Record the screen of YouTube most disliked videos

Open the YouTube most disliked videos that you want to record, and then click the red bottom "REC" to start recording. When the recording process is down, you can turn to the location folder to find your works.

Screen Recorder


YouTube most disliked videos should be the most popular videos, you can find the top 10 videos, which are most music videos. If you need to download or record these videos, you can find the best solution to download YouTube video with Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate, or record YouTube files with Aiseesoft Screen Recorder.

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