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How to Download YouTube Old Movies in Two Ways

Sometimes, you may want to watch the old movies for reviewing the beautiful memories in the past. Another reason you want to watch old movies may be because the old movies is classic and ever gave some enlightenments to you. In this article, we will recommend some classical YouTube old movies to you. You can read this article to find the old movies you like. If you want to download YouTube old movies, we also introduce two ways to help you download them.

YouTube Old Movies

Part 1. Top 10 YouTube old movies in different types

1. Timeless classic movie: The St. Louis Bank Robbery

It is a heist film shot in black and white in 1959. The movie narrates that a college students Steve McQueen is hired to be the getaway driver for a bank robbery. The film is based on the bank robbery event of Southwest Bank in St. Louis in 1953. The movie was shot on the place in St. Louis, and there are some people come from the St. Louis Police Department, some local residents and bank employees who play the same roles that they did in the actual robbery event.

2. Popular download movie: The Strange Woman

The Strange Woman is an American movie which is directed by Edgar G. Ulmer. The main character is Hedy Lamarr, and it was released by United Artists. The story mainly tells that there is a crazy woman controls the men in her life by any kind of means, and the story happens in 19th century. You can watch the YouTube old movie to realize more exciting plots in this movie.

3. Black movie: The Big Bluff

The main character 'Rick' De Villa would like to take off his married lover Fritzi Darvel, but due to he is lack of money, his plan was failed. One day Rick meet the young, but terminally ill socialite Valerie Bancroft by chance, next he come up with an idea. Rick gets married with her soon. However, Valerie's steward is suspicious of him. Later, Rick tries to speed up Valerie's death, so that he can inherit her wealth and have a good life with Fritzi.

4. Thriller movie: The Red House

The handicapped farmer - Pete and sister Ellen has raised ward Meg as their own kid on an isolated farm. When Meg becomes a teen, he invites her good friend Nath to come help with chores on the farm. But Nath often insists on going home through the woods as it is a shortcut way, and Pete warns them that the screams in the night and the terrors may be related to abandoned red house. However, Meg and Nath ignore his warnings and start to explore the secrets in the red house.

5. Mystery movie: Behind Green Lights

The car with a bullet ridden blackmailer's corpse is left in front of the police station. The daughter of a mayoral candidate had come to visit the blackmailer that day, and then she is brought in for questioning. A newspaper editor who does not want that candidate to win the vote has visits Lt. Carson. The editor pressures him to tarnish the daughter's reputation until the election is decided. But Carson resists him.

6. Comedy movie: Palooka

Palooka is a young man whose father was a champion boxer, but his father's lifestyle make Palooka's mother Mayme leave him, so she take the young Palooka to the country to raise him. But one day when a boxing manager find Palooka's natural boxing talent, Palooka decides to follow him to the big city, where he becomes a champion and begins to follow his father's path.

7. Drama movie: Fear in the Night

One day the bank teller Vince Grayson has a strange dream that he wound a man in a strange room of mirrors and locks his body in a closet. When he wakes up, he finds there are marks on his throat, a strange key and a button in his pocket, and blood on his cuff. What happened to him? This movie will figure out the mystery.

8. Special classical movie: The Man Who Walked Alone

Marion Scott is discharged in "civies", and he carries his suitcase with his uniform and medals start to go to the small hometown of a buddy who was killed overseas, intending to make it to be his home. During the road his come to the small town, he meet some people and experienced something. If you want to know his experience, you can watch this movie.

9. Western movie: Law of the Rio Grande

"Law of the Rio Grande" is American movie that was directed by Forrest Sheldon in 1931. The movie mainly talks about Jim and Cookie. They escaped from the Sheriff and decide to go straight. But when they meet their old friend, the Blanco Kid, after him telling that their new boss is outlaws, they are getting into trouble again.

10. Silent movie: The Hunchback of Notre Dame

This YouTube old movie is directed by Wallace Worsley in 1923, which is produced by Carl Laemmle and Irving Thalberg. Lon Chaney, Sr., Patsy Ruth Miller, Norman Kerry, Nigel de Brulier, Brandon Hurst are all the main characters in this movie. The film may be the second most famous adaptation of Victor Hugo's novel.

Part 2: Best way to download YouTube old movies

Aiseesoft YouTube Video Downloader is a professional video downloader which can help you download any popular YouTube old movie with fast speed. This video downloader can not only help you download YouTube old movies, but also convert the downloaded movies to any popular format according to your needs.

Video Converter Ultimate

Step 1 Install YouTube Video Downloader

Download YouTube Video Downloader on your computer, and then you should open and launch it.

Step 2 Enter the URL

You can get into the website of YouTube old movies, and then copy the link of this movie. Next, get back to the downloader, click "Download" to enter the link of the YouTube old movies.

Enter URL

Step 3 Analyze the old movie

Click "Analyze" to start to analyze the YouTube old movies. You are able to select the resolution as you like.

Analyze YouTube Old Video

Step 4 Download the YouTube old movies

Click "OK" to download the YouTube old movies on your computer. You may need to wait a few minutes, and then the movie will be downloaded on your computer.

Part 3: Record YouTube old movies with Screen Recorder

If the link of YouTube old movie cannot be analyzed by video downloader, you can also choose this screen recorder to record this old movie with high quality. Below we will introduce the detailed steps to you.

Step 1 Install Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

After downloading screen recorder on your computer, you can launch it with double clicks.

Choose Screen Recorder

Step 2 Select recording area

You are able to freely set the recording area according to your needs. And you can choose the full screen or custom the recording area as you like.

Select Recording Area

Step 3 Start to record the old movie

After finishing select record area, you can click "REC" to start record YouTube old movies. And then play the YouTube old movies normally.

Step 4 Finish to record

When the YouTube old movie was over, you can click "Stop" to finish the recording. Then, click "Save" to download the YouTube old movies on your computer.

Maybe you can refer to below video to learn the steps of how to record YouTube old movies .

This article recommends 10 great YouTube old movies to you. If you want to download these YouTube old movies, you can choose one of the two ways we introduced to download your favorite YouTube old movies. Hope this article is helpful for you.

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