YouTube Recorder – 4 Best Ways to Capture Streaming Music in Different Formats

February 02, 2021Jenny Ryan

Can you use a YouTube Recorder to capture streaming music in different file formats? If you just need to record music as background, you only need to save a YouTube music video in an MP3. What are the best YouTube video and audio recorders, especially when you need to capture YouTube music as MP3 format? The article shares 4 excellent screen recorders to capture the online streaming files from YouTube. Just learn more about the features and choose the desired one accordingly.

YouTube Recorder

Part 1: Easy YouTube Recorder to Capture Streaming Music Video/Audio

If you want to record the favorite streaming music files on YouTube, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is a versatile YouTube recorder to capture music video and audio files. It also enables you to customize the screen frame of the YouTube video. The Blu-light HD video encoding technology can always guarantee you excellent image and sound quality.

Screen Recorder


Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

  • Capture the microphone and webcam footage when recording YouTube.
  • Add annotation/watermark and even edit the recorded YouTube videos.
  • Keep the original image and sound quality with the Blu-light technology.
  • Reduce audio noise and stopping audio echo for YouTube recording.

Method 1: How to Capture YouTube Streaming Music Video

Step 1.
Download and install the screen recorder, you can launch the program on your computer. Go to the desired YouTube video you want to capture from your browser.
Select Video Recorder
Step 2.
To capture the streaming music video on YouTube, you can click the Video Recorder button and customize the recording area of the video. Then you should enable the System Sound option only.
Select Recording Region
Step 3.
Click on the REC button to start the YouTube music video recording. It enables you to draw on the recording, add annotations/callouts/shapes, and even tweak the fonts accordingly.
Record Youtube
Step 4.
Once you have captured the desired video, you can click on the Stop button to save the recording. Then you can go to the Recording history to further edit the recorded YouTube file.

Method 2: How to Record YouTube Streaming Music as MP3

Step 1.
Launch the YouTube MP3 recorder on your computer. Choose the Audio Recorder option if you need to record the music files only before you start playing the music file on YouTube.
Audio Recorder
Step 2.
Set the recording audio from the System Sound menu. To capture the audio files with the original quality, you can use the advanced features to adjust the Volume Mixer and Sound Check.
Audio Recorder Speaker Audio Options
Step 3.
When the YouTube music audio recording is finished, you can click the Stop button. It will direct you to the preview windows that you can listen to the files before saving the YouTube video as MP3.
Clip Music for Ringtone
Step 4.
Go to the Recording history window, you can also trim the desired part of the YouTube streaming music file, adjust the audio volume and save it to the destination folder.

Part 2: Web-Based YouTube Recorder to Record Online Streaming Files

When you need to record a simple music file from YouTube, Screencastify is another versatile online YouTube recorder that record, edit and share videos from online streaming sites. You can add real-time lines, text, highlights, and more to annotate your recording.


  • Chrome-based YouTube recorder to capture YouTube videos.
  • Capture the YouTube music videos online with full HD-resolution.
  • Enable you to merge, crop, and add watermark the video files.
  • The recorded video can save to Google Drive automatically.


  • Need to upgrade to a Pro version to have the full functionalities.
  • Time limit for the free version supported video recording is 10 minutes.
  • There is a watermark available within the recorded YouTube file.
Chrome Extension Screencastify

Part 3: 2 Best YouTube Recorders for Android and iOS Devices

YouTube Recorder for Android – AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder is one of the most popular free YouTube recorder apps on Android. It has advanced features for screen video recording, video editing, screen capturing, and more others. Moreover, you can also turn the captured YouTube video into GIF files directly.


  • Support capturing screen moments and trimming video files.
  • Record video on YouTube with 1080P high quality within clicks.
  • Control screen recording via floating window or notification bar.


  • Difficult to tweak the audio channels for YouTube music recording.
  • There are noises for the recorded YouTube videos in MP3 format.
AZ Screen Recorder

YouTube Recorder for iOS – iOS Screen Recording

As a built-in tool on iOS 11 and later versions, iOS Screen Recording is the YouTube recorder that can record the streaming music on YouTube for free. But you should notice that both the intro and the outro background would be recorded on your iPhone during the recording process.


  • It is the default YouTube recorder without installation or jail breaking.
  • Intuitive interface to capture the YouTube music video with high quality.
  • Capture the YouTube video and audio files within few clicks.


  • Cannot save the recorded YouTube music videos to MP3 files directly.
  • Unable to switch the sound resource to capture music from YouTube.
IOS Screen Recording

Part 4: FAQs of YouTube Video/MP3 Recorder

1. How to Record YouTube 4K Videos with a High Quality?

When you need to capture YouTube 4K videos, you should make sure of a good Internet connection. Of course, you need to avoid video buffering during the whole process. Choose the desired 4K YouTube recorder is another important factor to capture high quality YouTube videos.

2. How to Capture High-Quality YouTube Music Audio in MP3?

If you need to capture high-quality YouTube music files in MP3, you should adjust the audio volume for YouTube playback and tweak the audio settings for your computer. Moreover, you can also take advantage of the advanced Audio Settings of YouTube recorder, such as Aiseesoft Screen Recorder.

3. Is There an Alternative Method for YouTube Recording?

Of course, you can also use some YouTube downloaders to download the YouTube music files. Just search for a workable YouTube music downloader that enables you to download the YouTube files as MP4 or MP3. Since YouTube updates the algorithm frequently, it might not always work for you.


The article shares the 4 best YouTube screen/audio recorders. Whether you need to capture the YouTube music files on your computer, or record them on a smartphone, you can always find a suitable way from the article. If you need to capture the music files with the original quality, you should take advantage of the Audio mixer, microphone de-noise, and more other excellent features of Aiseesoft Screen Recorder. If you have any query about the recording music files from YouTube, you can share more details in the comment.

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