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How to Download YouTube TV Shows in 7 Language Channels

We all know that YouTube is a popular video website. It can support many languages, just in order to meet people's requirements from different countries. There is an international TV shows in YouTube TV shows, which include Hindi TV Shows, Korean TV Shows, Spanish TV Shows, Russian TV Shows, etc. You can watch YouTube TV Shows of different countries according to your selection.

YouTube TV Shows

In this article, we will mainly introduce YouTube TV Shows in 7 language channels to you. If you want to download these TV shows, we also recommend two useful tools to you to download it.

Part 1: YouTube TV Shows in 7 language channels

1. English TV Shows

English TV shows is the main TV show in YouTube TV shows. When you get into TV shows in YouTube, you can see that there the TV shows are divided into many parts according to the different types, such as Drama TV Shows, Animated TV Shows, Comedy TV Shows, Documentary TV shows, Sports TV Shows, etc.

English TV Shows

2. Russian TV Shows

Russian TV Shows mainly collects the popular videos of Russia. Most of these videos are related to Russian culture. If you are interesting in Russian culture, you can get into Russian TV Shows to realize it by watch these video.

Russian TV Shows

3. Hindi TV Shows

As we all know that Hindi movies are famous with musical drama. In most Hindi movies, the characters are singing nearly in the whole movie. If you were a lover of musical drama, Hindi movies are worth seeing. You will find many popular Hindi movies in Hindi TV Shows.

Hindi TV Shows

4. French TV Shows

There are many stage drama in French movie. That we most familiar is Romeo and Juliet, this movie is a tragedy which describes a poignant love story. You can also watch many other classical french movies in French TV Shows like The Bureau, Public Enemy, Maison Close, etc.

French TV Shows

5. German TV Shows

German TV Shows collects the videos related to German culture and events. You can watch the top German shows, such as Cookie Looke, Mad Beans, Kool-Saves - Splash, etc. These movies are all cartoons, it is suitable for kids.

German TV Shows

6. Korean TV Shows

Korean idol drama may be not strange for us. Korean TV drama are famous for its idol drama, many young people are all like to watch Korean drama. Expect drama, some Korean movies are also great like Busan trip.

Korean TV Shows

7. Spanish TV Shows

The most famous movie in Spanish should be about the theme of physical chemistry. It is different from other country's movie that mainly talks about love, comedy, tragedy, etc. The main reason may be because of cultural differences.

Spanish TV Shows

Part 2: Two easy ways to download YouTube TV shows

Method 1: Download YouTube TV shows with YouTube Video Downloader

Aiseesoft YouTube Video Downloader is one of the professional video downloaders which can easily download YouTube TV shows with fast speed. This useful downloader can not only help you download YouTube TV shows with high quality and fast speed, but also convert the downloaded video to any popular format according to your needs. Besides, YouTube Video Downloader can also edit the video you downloaded from YouTube or any other popular video.

Step 1 Install YouTube Video Downloader

Download YouTube Video Downloader on your computer by clicking above downloading button, and then launch it.

Step 2 Enter the URL

After launching the downloader, get into the website of the video you want to download, and copy the link of the video. And then, get back to the program, click "Download" to import the link of the video.

Step 3 Analyze the YouTube TV show

When finished entering the link of the video, click "Analyze" to analyze the video you need to download. You are also able to select the resolution of the video as you like.

Step 4 Start to download the YouTube TV show

Click "OK" to download the video. You just need to wait a few minutes, and then the video will be downloaded on your computer.

Method 2: Record YouTube TV shows with Screen Recorder

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

The best video recording tool to record streaming audio and video on Windows computer.

Step 1 Install Screen Recorder

Download and install Screen Recorder on your computer, and then launch it with double clicks. After launching it, click "Screen Recorder".

Step 2 Select recording area

You can set the recording area according to your needs. You are able to customize the recording area or choose the full screen.

Step 3 Start to record the YouTube TV show

After finishing selecting record area, click "REC" to begin to record the video. Then you can play the YouTube TV show normally.

We mainly talk about YouTube TV shows in this page. We shows you YouTube TV Shows in 7 language channels. Moreover, we tell you two easy ways to get your favorite YouTube videos saved on your computer.

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