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How to Download YouTube TV Videos in Two Ways

If you have ever watched videos on YouTube TV, you may have some realizations about YouTube TV more or less. When you get into YouTube TV, you will find that there are three features about YouTube TV. You can watch live TV from more than 40 networks, cloud DVR with no storage limits, and there are 6 accounts per household. Besides, you are able to watch these videos downloaded from YouTube TV on all your devices, such as mobile devices, TV and computer.

YouTube TV

Maybe most time you will watch online videos on YouTube TV. When you want to download these videos, you may need a useful downloader to help you easily download these videos. This article will mainly recommend two ways to help you download YouTube TV videos.

Part 1: Top 10 YouTube TV channels

1. Drama TV Shows

If you like watch drama TV shows, you can click the link to get into this channel. You will find that there are many drama TV shows in this channel. You are able to select your favorite drama TV video to watch as you like.

Drama TV Shows

2. Animated TV Shows

Animated TV Shows mainly collects many cartoon videos, so if your children want to watch cartoons, you can get into Animated TV Shows channel to play any popular cartoon videos to your kids. In this channel, You will find many interesting cartoon videos like The Raging One, Dancin Homer, Culture Shock, etc.

Animated TV Shows

3. Reality & Game TV Shows

Many people like to watch reality/game TV shows now, because we can realize more interesting things through reality shows. The range of reality shows is very extensive, it includes all inspects in our life like life style, cooking culture, nature, etc.

Reality & Game TV Shows

4. Comedy TV Shows

Sometimes when we were in bad temper, we would like to search some comedy videos to adjust the bad sentiment. In YouTube Comedy TV Shows, there are many comedy videos we can choose to watch. Once you get into comedy channel, you can easily find that there are many kinds of comedy TV shows you are able to select.

Comedy TV Shows

5. Documentary TV Shows

We often watch the Documentary TV Shows on TV, because documentary can help us learn more knowledge in many aspects like nature, history, humane, etc. When we do not have many free time to watch documentary on TV at home, we can get into YouTube Documentary TV Shows to watch conveniently.

Documentary TV Shows

6. Celebrity & Entertainment TV Shows

Do you want to realize some celebrities? Celebrity & Entertainment TV Shows mainly introduce the related achievements about celebrities. If you want to know their stories, maybe you can get into this channel to watch the video of the celebrity you want to realize.

Celebrity & Entertainment TV Shows

7. Action & Adventure TV Shows

As we all know, American Action & Adventure movies is famous in the world. In this channel, you will find many American Action movies, such as Super Girl, Prison Break, Black Sails, Vikings, etc. You can search your favorite Action movies according to your interest.

Action & Adventure TV Shows

8. Sports TV Shows

If you are a sports fan, you may often pay attention to sports matches like World Cup, NBA, tennis tournament, etc. Not every matches you have time to watch, so you can find the sports match you want to watch on YouTube Sports TV Shows after the live broadcast being over.

Sports TV Shows

9. Classic TV Shows

Classic TV Shows includes many classic movies, if you would like to search some classic movies to watch, this channel is a better chose. After getting into Classic TV Shows channel, you can see that classic movies were divided into five part. In this way, you can easily search the movies as you like.

Classic TV Shows

10. Food & Cooking TV Shows

Do you want to learn how to cook delicious food? Food & Cooking TV channel mainly collects the videos about food and cooking. You can search the cooking videos of cooking many kinds of different foods in this channel.

Food & Cooking TV Shows

Part 2: How to download YouTube TV videos in two ways

In this part, we will introduce two ways to freely download YouTube TV videos. You can choose YouTube Video Downloader to download YouTube TV videos or use Screen Recorder to record these videos with high quality. You are able to choose one of the two tools to download YouTube TV videos according to your own needs.

Method 1: Download videos from YouTube TV with YouTube Video Downloader

Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate For Mac

The best YouTube video downloader which can help you download and convert YouTube TV videos with great quality.

Step 1 Install YouTube Video Downloader

Download YouTube Video Downloader on your computer, and then launch it.

Step 2 Import the URL

After launching YouTube Video Downloader, you can get into the website of the video on YouTube TV to copy the link, and then get back to the downloader, click "Download" to import the link.

Step 3 Analyze the video from YouTube TV

Click "Analyze" to analyze the video you need to download, and you can also select the resolution of the video as you like.

Step 4 Download video from YouTube TV

Click "OK" to start download video. Just wait a few minutes, you will download the video on your computer successfully.

Method 2: Record the video on YouTube TV with Screen Recorder

Although YouTube Video Downloader is a powerful downloader, there are still some videos cannot be downloaded with it. When you happen to meet this situation, maybe you can use Screen Recorder to record the YouTube TV video. Screen Recorder is a professional video/audio recorder. With this recorder, you can record any popular YouTube videos as you like.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

The best video recording tool to record streaming audio and video on Windows computer.

Step 1 Download Screen Recorder

Click above downloading button to download and install Screen Recorder on your computer, and then open and launch it.

Step 2 Select recording area

After downloading it, you can click "Screen Recorder", and then you are able to select recording area. You can customize the recording area or choose full screen as you like.

Step 3 Start to record video from YouTube TV

After selecting recording area, you can click "REC" to start record the video, then you just need to play the YouTube TV video normally.

In this post, we mainly talk about YouTube TV. We list 10 great YouTube TV channels for you to look for the TV shows you like. What's more, we introduce you with two simple ways to download YouTube TV videos for further viewing. If you still have any other questions, you can leave us a message.

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