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Top 10 YouTube Western Movies & Two Ways to Download

Western movie is an important branch in movies industry. You may often watch western action movies, science fiction movies, comedy, etc. The wonderful story in movies have deeply attracted many people, you cannot guess the ending of the movie. There are many classical movies, such as Pancho Villa, Something Big, A Fistful of Dollars, Dragon Hunter, etc. Most time you will watch these YouTube western movies online. However, sometimes when you need to watch the movies during journey or outside home without network, you may need to download the movies on your laptop first.

YouTube Western Movies

YouTube Western Movies

This article will introduce top 10 YouTube western movies to you and also will recommend two ways to you to easily download these movies on your laptop.

Part 1: Top 10 YouTube western movies

1. The Man from Bitter Ridge

The Man from Bitter Ridge is one of the best western movies throughout history. It is a story about the people in ancient time. In that time, vehicle was still horse and carriage. Everybody likes to put on a cowboy hat on his head. Sometimes, they would like to get together for talking about something happened recently.

The Man from Bitter Ridge play-button

2. Dragon Hunter

People live in the border of forest. In the ancient time, people's technology is still lags behind reverently. Their main work is to hunt dragon. However, there are some problems that existed between their families. For some benefits, they are often fighting in the dark. The more interesting story line, maybe you can watch the movie to find.

Dragon Hunter play-button

3. New Western Movie

In 1864s, due to Apache frequent start wars from Mexico into the US, the government officials decides to illegally cross the border and destroy the Apache. They are using a mixed army of Union troops, Confederate POWs, civilian mercenaries and scouts. Do you want to know if they have expelled Apache successfully? Just watch below movie.

New Western Movie play-button

4. Gunless

In a friendly town in Canada where no one seems to understand or appreciate the brutal code of the American Wild West, a hardened American gunslinger is repeatedly thwarted in his attempts to mount a showdown. What is the ending of the hardened American gunslinger? Do you want to know more about the ending?

Gunless play-button

5. YouTube western movies

Classical YouTube western movie, it describes a war times. People often start a war to win the ground and goods and materials. Of course, there are also some other reasons will lead to wars. Living in a war time, everyone's life was under threat. They do not know what will happen tomorrow. If you were living in such a situation, how you will face your daily life?

YouTube western movies play-button

6. Legend of the Phantom Rider

Legend of the Phantom Rider is a meaning movie, and you will obtain something useful for your life. Many people who have watched this movie said it is a good movie. From this movie, they find the reason why they need to work hard. After working hard in their daily life, they can obtain reward in material. You can also receive something meaningful after you watching the movie.

Legend of the Phantom Rider play-button

7. The Bounty Man

YouTube Western Movies - The Bounty Man Cowboy Movies which is directed by John Llewellyn Moxey. The main characters are Clint Walker, Richard Basehart, John Ericson, Margot Kidder. The main story line is that two rival bounty hunters are after the same killer, but find they have to join together to fight off his gang. Do you want to know if the two rival bounty hunters can kill their opponent successfully?

The Bounty Man play-button

8. A Fistful of Dollars

The man who is no name, he comes into a small town. The small town is caught in the fight of two families who are fighting for property. He hires himself out as a mercenary, first to one faction and then to the other, with no regard for honor or morality. He plays both sides against the middle, so as to collecting his money, until he eventually destroys both, leaving the town to the bartender, coffin-maker and bell ringer as he rides off into the desert from the place he came.

A Fistful of Dollars play-button

9. Pancho Villa

Pancho Villa is about war, and the main character is solider. He is a New Zealand solider who fought as a captain under Pancho Villla. He later became a commander in World War 1 and World War 2 of New Zealand troops. His name is Freyberg. This movie mainly talks his heroic deeds.

Pancho Villa play-button

10. Something Big

This movie is mainly talks about western cowboy and Indians. It is one of the old western movies in colour. The rhythm of Something Big is slowly. There is nothing interesting for the first 10-30 minutes. If you want to see the wonderful story line, you can continue to watch the movie. The latter part of the movie is the most interesting part.

Something Big play-button

Part 2: How to download YouTube western movies

Which YouTube western movies would you like to watch among above 10 movies? If you want to download these interesting movies, you can use video downloader to save your favorite western movies on your laptop. Below we will recommend two ways to you to download these interesting YouTube western movies on your laptop easily.

Method 1: Download YouTube western movies with Video Converter Ultimate

Video Converter Ultimate For Mac

Step 1 Launch Video Converter Ultimate

Download and install Video Converter Ultimate on your computer, and then open and launch it for use later.

Step 2 Import the link of YouTube western movie

Get into the website of YouTube western movies, and copy the link of this video. Click "Download" to import the link of YouTube western movies you want to download.

Input the URL

Step 3 Select output format and resolution

After importing link of YouTube western movies, click "Analyze" to select the output format and resolution according to your own needs.


Step 4 Start to download YouTube western movies

After finishing all the settings, click "OK" to start download YouTube western movies.

Method 2: Save YouTube western movies with Screen Recorder

Aisseesoft Screen Recorder is a professional video/audio recorder. With this recorder, you can record your favorite YouTube western movies from website. Then, you can free download YouTube western movies on your laptop to share with your friends.

Step 1 Download and install Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

After downloading this product on your computer, please launch it with double clicks.

Choose Screen Recorder

Step 2 Select recording area in "Screen Recorder"

After selecting recording content, you are able to customize the recording area. And you can choose the full screen or custom the recording area according to your own needs.

Turn on system audio

Step 3 Start to record

After selecting record area, please click "REC" to start record YouTube western movies. Just play the YouTube western movies normally. When the YouTube western movies was over, you can click "Stop" to finish the recording. Finally, click "Save" to download the YouTube western movies on your computer.

There may be one YouTube western movie that you would like to watch. If want to free watch these YouTube western movies whenever you want, you can choose one of the two ways of our recommendation to download it. Hope it is helpful for you.

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