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Top 5 Zumba YouTube Videos & How to Download in Two Ways

Zumba is a healthy and fashionable fitness sport, which combines music with aerobics and intermittent aerobics. Zumba combines samba, cha-cha, salsa, reggae, flamenco, tango and other forms of South American dances. The word "Zumba" originated from Colombian slang, which means "fast movement". A 60-minute class of Zumba is divided into several stages of rhythmic strength, which can be relaxed and fun even if there are no dancers at all.

You can easily find many Zumba videos from YouTube for learning Zumba dance. This article will mainly recommend top 5 Zumba YouTube videos to you. And if you need to download your favorite Zumba YouTube video on your computer, we also introduce two ways to help you download these Zumba YouTube videos.

Zumba YouTube

Zumba YouTube

Part 1. Best way to download Zumba YouTube videos

Aiseesoft YouTube Video Downloader is a powerful online videos downloading program which can download all kinds of Zumba videos from YouTube and many other popular video websites like Vimeo, Vevo, Dailymotion, etc.

Apart from Zumba YouTube videos downloading function, this useful program can also be used as a powerful video converter. With this Zumba YouTube video downloader, you can also easily convert Zumba YouTube videos to any format you want, such as MKV, FLV, MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, AAC, OGG, M4A, M4R, etc.

Moreover, YouTube Video Downloader can allow you to edit Zumba YouTube videos before converting it to the format you need, such as rotate Zumba YouTube video, enhance Zumba YouTube video quality, clip Zumba YouTube video, adjust Zumba YouTube video effect, convert 2D Zumba YouTube video to 3D, add watermark to Zumba YouTube video, etc.

You can refer to below detailed steps to learn how to easily use YouTube Video Downloader:

Step 1 Download YouTube Video Downloader

Download and install YouTube Video Downloader on your computer by clicking above downloading button. This program can support both PC and Mac version. After finishing to install it, you can launch it with double clicks.

Step 2 Enter the URL of the Zumba YouTube video

You are able to get into the website of the Zumba YouTube video to copy the link. And then, you need to get back to the program to enter the link you just copied.

Step 3 Analyze the Zumba YouTube video

Click "Analyze" to start analyzing Zumba YouTube video. You can also choose the resolution of the Zumba YouTube video, because there are several kinds of resolutions can be supported by this program.

Step 4 Download the Zumba YouTube video

After finishing to analyze the Zumba YouTube video, you can click "OK" to start downloading this Zumba YouTube video. You just need to wait a few seconds, and then the Zumba YouTube video will be successfully downloaded on your computer.

Download the Zumba YouTube Video

You can watch below video to learn more about how to use this program:

Part 2. Recommendations of top 5 Zumba YouTube videos

1. Jason Derulo Crashes A Zumba

As recording artist and ultimate hit-maker, Jason Derulo gave Zumba class enthusiasts the surprise of their lives. Derulo jumps on stage to teach his fans hot dance moves to his latest hits, 'Tip Toe' and 'Swalla' and made it a party no one will soon forget. Do you want to dance like Derulo to 'Tip Toe'? You can just head to any Zumba class near you.

2. Zumba Stories: Rony Gratereaut

Despite growing up in neighborhood in Puerto Rico, Rony always dreamt of a better life for himself. When he discovered dance at a young age, he found a true passion for performing. That passion has led to an amazing career as a Zumba. In 2017, his biggest dream came true. Just watch to find out what happened in this Zumba YouTube video.

3. Attention by A & H - Beat Fomo

You maybe know that feeling when your spending too much time scrolling endlessly on social media, mindlessly flipping channels or staying glued to the couch. Join 15 million people across the world that are sweating it out and burning calories with Zumba dance. Get up and try this amazing Zumba class now!

4. Ponteme by Jenn Morel

Are you worry about your weight? Do you want to loose weight with Zumba dance? Maybe you can watch this Zumba YouTube video to change your life. If you want to have a well effect of loosing weight, you have to defiantly put a change to your diet. It will put you in a good mood and this feels great doing this at home for a couple of weeks.

5. Choreography Tip Toe by Jason Derulo feat. French Montana

This Zumba YouTube video is not the same class as other Zumba dance class. You can try to ask about it and got a canned response about "We are not responsible for what it is on YouTube". Either give us the class or tell the students you can "get the whole class at a Zumba class" unless you're going to give it to ZINs first!

Part 3: Record Zumba YouTube video with Screen Recorder

Besides downloading Zumba YouTube videos with YouTube Video Downloader, you can also use Screen Recorder to save Zumba YouTube video to your computer as you like. Screen Recorder is a professional video/audio recorder, so you are able to record any video or audio with this program. And this program allow you to choose the recording area, you can choose the full screen or customize the screen according to your own needs.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

Check how to download Zumba YouTube video with Screen Recorder:

This article mainly talks about Zumba YouTube. In the first part, we introduce the best video downloader - YouTube Video Downloader to you. You can use this program to download any Zumba YouTube video or other videos. We recommend top 5 Zumba YouTube videos to you in the second part, and you can find your favorite Zumba videos on YouTube. In the third part, we recommend another program - Screen Recorder to help you record Zumba YouTube video.

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