The Best Anime and Anime Sites in 2018

There are many people like to watch anime series, are you one of them? If you are an anime fancier, you must be interested in the newest anime series and the most popular anime websites. Are there any good anime to watch? In this article, we are going to share the top 20 anime list and top 20 anime sites for your information.

Popular Anime sites

Top 25 popular anime series in 2018

Rank Anime Series Score
1 Death Note Star 9.25
2 Attack on Titan Star 9.23
3 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Star 9.22
4 Naruto Shippuuden Star 9.18
5 Dragon Ball Z (Dubbed) Star 9.14
6 Fairy Tail Star 9.13
7 Sword Art Online Star 9.12
8 Bleach Star 9.10
9 Code Geass Star 9.08
10 One Piece (Subbed) Star 9.07
11 Tokyo Ghoul Star 9.05
12 Hunter x Hunter Star 9.05
13 Cowboy Bebop Star 9.03
14 OnePunch Man Star 9.02
15 Soul Eater Star 9.02
16 Steins;Gate Star 9.00
17 The Seven Deadly Sins Star 8.95
18 Parasyte Star 8.92
19 InuYasha Star 8.91
20 Pokémon Star 8.91
21 Noragami Star 8.91
22 Dragon Ball Super (2015) (Subbed) Star 8.89
23 Psycho-Pass Star 8.89
24 Assassination Classroom Star 8.87
25 Black Butler Star 8.84

Want to enjoy these anime series? You should know to best anime sites which allows you to enjoy the 4K/1080p HD effect. However, do you know what is the best anime websites to watch these famous anime series for free? Keep reading to learn the best anime streaming websites and the dubbed anime sites.

Top 6 best anime websites

No. 1 anime website -

Kissanime is a popular website which allows you to enjoy any anime in high quality. This anime website provides lots of anime resources, and you can get the anime in a various formats from 240p to 720p even 1080p. What's more, Kissanime also support HTML5so that you are able to enjoy the popular anime on your mobile phone.


Top 2 anime website - Hulu Anime

You must have heard of Hulu when you want to watch TV and movies online. Lulu allows you not only enjoy the TV series and movies, it also enables you to search and find the most popular anime, Korean drama and video games. Want to enjoy Dragon Ball Z on Hulu anime? Just insert the anime name on the search bar to find the best answer.

Hulu Anime

Top 3 anime website - Crunchyroll

Erased is hot on Crunchyroll ( now! As the most active anime website, crunchyroll provides different solutions to find your best anime. For example, this anime streaming website makes a clear anime category to make it easier to find your what you want: the simulcasts, latest news, sites news, all-new anime, all-new drama, and forum to discuss the anime with other strangers.


Top 4 anime website - Anime Heaven

Anime heaven ( is another free anime site for you to watch anime. You are able to find the favorite Cartoons, Anime Series, Ongoing Series, Movies and select the new shows by rating, Genre and year. It is well compatible with your Windows 7/8/10 and Mac computer. What's more, Anime Heaven has an obvious advantage that it allows users to download the favorite anime to computer with different video quality.

Anime Heaven

Top 5 anime website - Anime Season

Anime Season ( also has done a good job for providing the anime series for its users. You will get the popular anime with votes from its supporters. In addition, this anime streaming site departs to 4 parts to choose the anime: New Anime Episodes, Recent Anime Recommendations, Recently Rated Anime and Recently Added Anime. Are you interested in its categories? Go visit this anime website to find your favorite anime.

Anime Season

Top 6 anime website - Anime Streams

Anime Streams ( is an user friendly anime stream TV sites with easy navigation and without any popup ads. You can easily find popular anime series and movies on Anime Streams. It even offers dubbed anime (anime in English) and subbed anime. So if you are really a fan of particular anime, you can try to visit this anime stream site to find your favorite anime here.

Anime Streams

Are these anime websites good enough to watch anime? If you need more anime websites, you may get the answer from the following table.

Other anime sites list

Logo Top Anime Websites Download Details
Free Movie Linker No 1.It is much more than an anime website, you can find the popular movies here.
2. The unregistered version only allows you to watch the anime within certain scale. If you want to find more movies and anime series, you need to sign in.
Soul Anime soul-anime Yes, you are able to free download the anime with the green Download button. 1.Watch Anime online with English Subbed within high video quality.
2. Choose the anime from its release date.
Watch Anime No 1.Watch Anime online with English Subbed within high video quality.
2. Choose the anime from its release date.
Chia Anime No 1.Frequent rate to update.
2.Play anime with high video quality.
3. Easy to search and choose.
Anilinkz No Watch your favorite anime online in this anime streaming websites with the largest database.
Gogo Anime No 1.The world's largest free anime site as its webpage describes.
2. Watch free series and movies online with English Subtitle.
Anime Crazy anime crazy No 1. Watch anime online free.
2. Support both English dubbed and subbed anime videos.
Anime anime nova No 1. Watch online free anime series and movies online with English subtitle.
2. Support playing Korean Drama.
Naruto narutoget No 1. It aims to provide the Naruto episodes.
2. It is the best and fastest source to free watch Naruto anime online.
Animefreak No 1. It has its own Android app.
2. Watch stream anime and movies online for free.
Animeultima animeultima No 1. Need to register.
2. Update anime hourly.
3. Free anime website to watch anime with English subtitles and dubs.
Animehere No 1.Stream the latest anime online.
2. Watch all the anime for free.
Anime Show No 1. Watch high quality anime series with English subs online.
2. Provide the best anime series: Dragon Ball Super.
Animeseed anime seed Yes. It will navigate to another link to download the anime. 1.Watch anime online.
2. Some anime are unable to play due to the copyright.
Funimation funimation No 1. Need to register.
2. Enable users to watch anime and Asian drama episodes.
3. Available to watch anime in English subs and subtitles.

Up to now, we have provided the best top 25 anime in 2018 as well as the top 20 anime streaming sites. However, after searching all the anime sites, we found that there is few website allows users to download anime to the computer. In addition, there is few anime downloader which is suitable for all anime streaming websites. How to save different anime from different streaming websites? I think the best way to download these anime series is to record.

With a good Anime Recorder, you can record any anime episode on any websites showing on your computer screen. With only one REC button, you are able to capture the streaming anime with high quality. Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is undoubtedly the best anime recorder. Learn how to record anime and other online videos with the best Anime Recorder.

Best anime stream sites recording software you may want

Best Anime Recorder For Mac

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