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How to Download Twitch Live Streaming and VOD Videos (Free/Professional Ways)

Summary: Want to download Twitch videos but don't know how? This post recommends some professional and online free Twitch video downloader apps to help you download live and VOD videos from Twitch.

Download Twitch Videos

Simple introduction about Twitch

As the largest live streaming video platform, Twitch has attracted more than 100 million gamers per month. Now Twitch has become one of the best and most popular social video gaming sites. It primarily focuses on video gaming, including playthroughs of video games, broadcasts of eSports competitions, and more recently, creative content.

Download Twitch Video

Twitch was introduced in 2011 and it attracts more and more new gamers, broadcasters and live streamers all around the world.

Content on the site can either be viewed live, or viewed via video on demand (VOD). Compatible with Xbox One and PS4, it gains more and more gamers to come here. Supporting various games, LOL (League of Legends), Dota 2, Call of Duty, Country-Strike: Global Offensive, etc. it enables gamers to watch the game-play. You can also pay $8.99 per month or $89.99 one year to communicate with other gamers with some special chatting windows.

How to download Twitch videos

It is great to watch game videos from Twitch. However, sometimes, you still have the need to download live or HD VOD videos from Twitch. But as you have already known, Twitch doesn't allow you to download all types of videos from its platform. What should you do?

Now we will show you how to download Twitch videos with online and professional ways.

Online Twitch video downloader to download Twitch VODs

When you search for the solution of how to download Twitch videos on Google, you can see many online Twitch video downloader sites in the results. So at this part, we will show you how to make Twitch VOD download online. is a free Twitch videos downloading service which allows you to download VOD video from Twitch and other streaming websites. You don't need to install any software to your computer. Just enter this site and you can make the Twitch VOD download with ease. This Twitch video downloader also works on portable iPhone/iPad/iPod and Android device.

Steps to download Twitch videos online

Step 1 Navigate to Twitch and find the video you want to download. Copy its video address.

Step 2 Enter and paste the URL.

The Interface of Twitch Video Downloader

Step 3 Click "Download" button to analyze the Twitch video.

Step 4 After analyzing, you can see several options are provided for you to choose from. Choose the suitable resolution, video format, bitrate and size.

Select Resolution

Step 5 Click "Proceed" and then "Download" button again to download this Twitch video.

Download Twitch Videos Online


Saveting is a very popular Twitch video downloader. Moreover, it is a powerful but easy-to-use online video downloading tool. Through our tests, we have to admit that, it is a much better Twitch video downloader, comparing with the first recommendation. Now you can check the detailed steps of how to save Twitch videos on your computer using Saveting.

Step 1 Open Twitch site and choose the video you like.

Step 2 Copy its URL and paste it to the input field on


Step 3 Click "Download" button to analyze the Twitch video you chosen.

Step 4 Pick your preferred option and click on "Download" button to save this Twitch video to your computer.

Download Twitch VODs Video

One-for-all solution to download Twitch videos

No matter how many online Twitch video downloader apps you try, there are still some streaming and VOD videos you can't download, let alone live video on Twitch. In fact, there is a great solution which can solve all the problems. The solution is to record.

Downloading live videos is impossible, but recording makes it possible to save both VOD videos and live videos from Twitch to PC. And for a 40 seconds' video, you only need 40 seconds to get it. In the following details, we will show you how to save Twitch VOD and live videos to computer with a professional Screen Recorder.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

Step 1 Open the link of Twitch in your browser, log in your Twitch account. Find the exact Twitch video that you want to download.

Step 2 Download, install and run this screen recorder on your PC. Choose "Video Recorder."

The Interface of Screen Recorder

Step 3 Choose recording area (full or custom screen). Click the "Microphone" button to turn off the sound from outside of computer, and keep turning on system voice. Play the video and press the red "REC" button.

Turn On System Audio

Step 4 Press the stop button to complete the recording process. You are allowed to preview the recorded video. Then click "Save Video" to download the recorded Twitch video. Hit "Finish" to find the downloaded video in the folder on your PC. It is saved in the format of MP4 or WMV based on your setting.

Record Twitch Videos

You can learn how to download Twitch videos from the video below:

Record Any Online Videos play-button

Tips of using screen recorder

1. If you want to record the total complete video, then you need to press the "REC" button once you play the video on your PC. Also you can drag the process of the playing video to start to record.

2. Audio from microphone means the sound is from the computer system itself. System audio is the sound outside of computer. For example, when you record Skype video calls, you need to turn on both of them to hear both voice when you playback the recorded Skype video call.

3. If you choose full screen, then you will record the whole computer screen. If you like to custom special area, then you can click the drop-down menu from "Custom" to select size. Also you can drag the red frame with your mouse to adjust the size as you want.

4. If the video is long, and you have some other jobs to deal with, then you can set the time to stop capture after 12:15 pm, or 5:20 am (any time according to your needs) by clicking the alarm icon next to the red button "REC".

5. This program is powerful enough to allow you to highlight your mouse cursor while recording the Twitch video. The yellow arrow under the duration time enables you to make settings for your cursor. You can adjust your recording process as you want.

6. The hotkey of this program is very convenient. Press F10 for starting or stopping captures, F9 for pausing or resuming capture, F8 for taking a screenshot.

7. You can use this recording software to record videos and audios from other hot sites, like Pandora, Netflix, etc. You can easily record audio to download Pandora music. Also you are allowed to save movies from Netflix with HD, even 4K quality.

8. After finishing the recording, it only takes you seconds to save the recorded video to your PC. And the video size is also acceptable for you.

9. The format of downloaded Twitch video is WMV/MP4, and you can play it on your PS4 directly. If you need to convert it to other formats for playing on your other player, you can use Free Video Converter to convert to toehr video or audio formats.

Equipped with this screen recorder, you are capable of downloading the VOD and live game videos like LOL, Dota 2 videos at your leisure.

We mainly talk about how to download Twitch videos in this page. We introduce you with some best online and professional Twitch video downloaders to help you save VODs, live or other videos from Twitch. Hope you can handily save your favorite Twitch gameplay videos after reading this post. Surely, if you have any better ways to download Twitch videos, please leave us a message.

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