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How to Download and Record Korea Drama from ViKi

Summary: Want to download Korea Drama from ViKi? This article shows you the best way to save ViKi Korea Drama videos. A great Korea Drama downloader is recommended for you to get the job done.


"I am an American girl, and big fan of Korea dramas. Accidentally, I find ViKi. There are many Korea dramas in English subtitle there. What Is Love is my favorite drama. I am into it. I want to download this drama on my iPad for playback, but ViKi seems does not give me the chance. What can I do to download it?" – Jill

"As a Canadian that lives in China, I find ViKi is a good choice to watch Korean movies and Taiwanese drama in English. Recently, I have been watching Mary Me? Or Not. And I want to download it to my iPhone 12 to pass the time in the metro. But no way shows me to do that. Can I download or get other ways to keep the drama in my iPhone?" – Rachel

Game or sport is to male, what drama or movies are to female. Drama or movies are good companion in people's life. When you marvel at the special effects of action films from Hollywood, others may want to experience a warm weekend by watching Korea romantic dramas or China domestic comedies. Watching Korea dramas are easy by searching the internet, but the difficulty is to understand their native languages. We can understand American dramas in English. But if you let an American watch I Miss You in Korean or Legend of Concubine Zhen Huan in Chinese, that is terrible. But fortunately, ViKi helps you solve the problem. You can watch Korean movies and China dramas in full English subtitles on ViKi.

Part 1. What is ViKi

ViKi is a video streaming website. It offers on-demand streaming video of TV shows, movies, and music videos from around the world. Similar to HuLu in US market, ViKi puts the global TV dramas and movies on one of the channels, and volunteers can add subtitle to their favorite videos in their preferred languages. By now, up to 200 language subtitles can be found from ViKi drama list. Whether you want to watch a Thai drama, or want to search for a Korea drama, you could easily find them with English subtitles on ViKi. As the fastest and first platform for real-time subtitling and sharing videos, ViKi has become a very well-made app and a must-have for fans.

After logging in, you need to create an account to watch free Japanese anime, Taiwanese dramas and American cartoons online, and all are subtitled in English. PC users can watch videos by visiting its web site. Android users are able to download the app, and iOS users can purchase this app in iTunes store easily. Only if you get your portable devices with Wi-Fi or 3G/4G, you are capable of watching ViKi videos freely. If you want to get a ViKi Pass to enjoy ads-free and HD quality, then you need to pay $3.99/month. Though ViKi does well in providing a variety of content types, it also has the limits for users. Users can watch free videos, but disable to download ViKi videos.

Screen Recorder

Part 2. How to download ViKi videos

ViKi facilitates users with its various contents online. However, if you want to watch ViKi videos on your iPad or Samsung in the train, the expensive internet cost or the missing of Wi-Fi will disturb you. So you may wonder if there is a ViKi video downloader or online websites for downloading ViKi videos to help you download your favorite dramas. Actually, there are such tools in the internet.

ViKi downloader app - Online Downloader

Online Downloader is an online video downloader to download ViKi videos. You only need to paste the URL of the drama episode, > click "Go" to analyze the media source file > select the output format and video quality to convert > click "Download Now" to download the ViKi video. This ViKi app is easy to use, but it will take you $5.99/day or $19.99/month or $49.99/six months or $79.99/year to get the service. The fee is expensive and unacceptable for the common users.

Viki Online Downloader

Online websites for downloading ViKi video

Stil some websites claim they can help you download your favorite variety show program - Running Man, your preferred Korea romance dramas - Dream High, Boys over Flowers, Pinocchio, etc., and interesting Chinese drama - My Sunshine, The Disguiser, etc. is one of them. It is also easy to use. You only need to paste the URL of the media files, analyze the file resource, choose downloading format and click the download button to download the ViKi videos. But still some users complain that they fail downloading subtitles from ViKi, and the downloading process always gets a stop at 97% at any video. And it does not support downloading all ViKi videos.


Browser plugs-in to downloader ViKi video

Firefox also provides plugs-in to help you download ViKi videos. The plug-in, Video DownloaderHelper, is one of the app to download the live videos playing in your browser.

Search for this ViKi downloader app in the search bar after clicking "Add-ons" > Download and install this software in your browser > restart your browser > click this app icon in the right menu > choose the ViKi video file that you want to download to save it in your PC.

Video DownloaderHelper

This way is easy, but it is not free. Before you could download it, you need to download its built-in converter to choose the output format. But this video converter is $79. Wow, also very expensive. And many users want to get a free trial, but they are often stuck at the step of purchasing this video converter.

Downloading ViKi videos are either troublesome or expensive. So you have to turn to other ways to save ViKi videos. Recording Viki videos are the ideal one.

Part 3. How to record videos on ViKi

Since downloading ViKi videos are not available to you, we recommend you to record videos on ViKi to keep them. Screen Recorder is one utility to help you. It does not allow you to record ViKi videos, but also let you record Roblox game videos, save YouTube videos, etc. More importantly, you are able to record HD ViKi video to enjoy a clear screen. It is safe without any plug-in. Free download this software here and follow the steps below to record your favorite dramas.

Step 1 Install Screen Recorder and run it in your computer. Kindly note that, this software only gets Windows version by now, so you have to record ViKi videos in your Windows computer 10/8/7/Vista.

Screen Recorder

Step 2 Turn on the system audio to record voice from the computer itself. And you need to turn off the microphone audio to kick the outside noise out. Choose the recording area size to suit your own screen.


Step 3 Open ViKi page, and find the drama episode. As soon as you play ViKi video, click the red record button to start to record the ViKi video. After recording the drama, click the stop button to preview or save the recorded ViKi video to your PC in WMV/MP4 file.

◆ If you want to record 1080p HD video, then you must get the 1080p video on ViKi and prepare a computer with the resolution of 1920 x 1080. The recorded ViKi video quality depends on the two conditions. If you want a 4K video, or Blu-ray video, you should follow the way.

◆ You are allowed to highlight the mouse cursor for easy operation when recording ViKi videos by making settings by clicking "Preferences".

◆If you turn on both system and microphone audio, then you will record both voice in your ViKi recording. But such demands are often on recording online meeting or recording Skype video calls. If you turn on system audio only, then you are able to record streaming audio.

◆ Not only drama, you could also record anime, cartoon, movies, etc. from other sites.

You are able to play the recorded ViKi videos directly in your Windows Media player.

By now, the ways to download and record ViKi videos have been showed here. We make a simple comparison for your reference. Get the best one to download your wanted happy new year movies on ViKi.

How to Download or Record ViKi Videos
Download ViKi Videos App or Website Cost Advantage Disadvantage
Online Downloader $79.99/year Safe Expensive Free Easy to use 1. Always failure
2. Not supporting all ViKi videos
Firefox plug-in -
Video DownloaderHelper
$79.00 Easy to use 1. Expensive
2. Unsafe
Record ViKi Videos Aiseesoft Screen Recorder $27.30 for Lifetime 1. Costing
2. Safe and easy to use
3. Record HD/4K and Blu-ray video
Only Windows version

Part 4: FAQs of downloading ViKi videos

How can I play Viki on my TV?

Download Google Home app on your mobile device. Make sure the mobile device is connecting the same Wi-Fi network as Chromecast or TV with Chromecast built-in. Open Viki app and tap Cast button. Select the device you’d like to cast to and cast the videos directly to your TV.

Does Viki use a lot of data?

Yes. Streaming videos on Viki do consume a lot of data. But you can adjust the maximum video playback quality on Viki website and Viki Android app to restrict how much data Viki uses.

Where can I watch Korea movies free?

You can easily watch Korea movies at Viki. You can watch more Korean and Chinese videos at Viki than YouTube or Netflix.

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