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All Methods to Save Popular iTunes Movie Trailers Offline

You may have heard people joking that the movie trailers are usually more fantastic than the real movie, and I'm totally on board with that. Generally, movie trailers include the most amazing shots from the film, even though we may be confused about what's going on, it would be a perfect eye-treat. In a way, movie trailer is a different culture from the film already.

For people who love movie trailers, we recommend you iTunes trailers here. As one of the most popular trailer website, Apple movie trailer contains trailers of the most welcome and newest movies. I' m sure you can find what you like. The thing is, Apple removed the downloaded options of QuickTime trailer from iTunes movie trailers now, disturbing, right? In this article, we will show iTunes trailers fans how to save best iTunes trailers on PC or Mac to watch offline.

iTunes Trailers

Part 1. How to download iTunes trailers

Download iTunes trailers with iTunes movie trailers downloader

The best way to save popular iTunes movie trailers is of course to download iTunes trailers. Although Apple doesn't allow you to download QuickTime trailers from their website, you can still save Apple trailers to PC/Mac using a professional Video Converter Ultimate within simple clicks. Here is how:

Step 1Free install iTunes trailers downloader

Free Download and install this iTunes trailers downloader on PC/Mac.

Launch for iTunes Trailers

Step 2Copy URL of iTunes trailers

Go to iTunes movie trailers site (, search for the trailer you'd like to download. Copy the URL.

iTunes Movie Trailers Website

Step 3Analyze iTunes movie trailers URL

Run Video Downloader and click on "Paste Url" button, input the URL in the address bar and click "Analyze".

Analyze iTunes Trailers URL

Step 4Download iTunes trailers

Choose the resolution you like Click "OK" to start downloading.

Download iTunes Trailers

Note: You could download iTunes trailers directly, or you can choose to automatically convert the video into various video/audio formats to play on your iPhone, iPad, etc.

Free download iTunes trailers online

If you are tired of all the installation before iTunes trailers, you could also free download iTunes trailers online. A lot online video downloaders are provided on the internet, here we will takes a great one called Savedeo as example, and show you how to save favorite iTunes trailers online.

iTunes Trailers Download Online

Step 1Choose any iTunes trailer you like and copy the link.

Step 2Visit Savedeo and paste the link to the input on this page.

Step 3Select a format, and wait until the iTunes trailer is downloaded.

Part 2. How to record iTunes trailers

Although iTunes trailers download is easy enough, it is necessary to tell you that not all iTunes trailers can be downloaded, there exist too many uncertainties. Apart from Apple trailers download, there is another option for you, which is to record iTunes trailers. Screen Record is a perfect video/audio recording tool for you to do this:

Step 1Launch this iTunes trailers recording software on PC/Mac, click "Screen Recorder" to record iTunes trailers.

Choose Screen Recorder

Note: If you only want to extract the iTunes trailers audio, choose "Audio Recorder".

Step 2Set "Recording Inputs" and "Recording Area".

iTunes Record Settings

Step 3After all the settings, click "REC", then you can watch iTunes movie trailers now.

Record iTunes Trailers

Step 4When the QuickTime trailer finish, click the red spot to stop. Then click "Save from Options", then you have saved iTunes trailers on PC successfully.

In this article, we have taught you two methods to save your favorite iTunes trailers offline. You can choose to download QuickTime movie trailers, or you can record iTunes movie trailers and extract its audio if you want. For people who want to watch iTunes trailers on iPhone/iPad or other portable devices, you could try to convert iTunes trailers to other video/audio formats. Still have more questions about iTunes movie trailers, leave your questions down below.

You can learn the steps from the video below:

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