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How to Solve YouTube Not Going Full Screen

There may be a variety of problems when you surf on YouTube. Such as YouTube black screen problem, and YouTube not going full screen is another irritating issue that often posted by YouTube users. You are unable to watch video in full screen unless the full-screen mode is available.

Since there are a great deal of browsers, if you are looking for ways to solve the problem of YouTube not going full screen, you need to be aware of what methods work with your browser. Pay close attention to this article, you can use one of several simple ways in order that you can easily deal with YouTube not going full screen problem and bring your enjoyable full screen viewing experience back.

YouTube Not Full Screen

YouTube Not Full Screen

Part 1. Ways to fix when YouTube not going full screen

As we mentioned above, in order to solve it when YouTube not going full screen, you need to choose the corresponding method for your browser. So in this article, we provide a list of methods designed for different browsers, such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and other browsers. Just be patient and go through the rest of this detailed guide on fixing the issue of YouTube not going full screen.

1. Solve not fullscreen problem on Google Chrome

As one of the most widely used web browsers, the not fullscreen problem on Google Chrome is not exceptional. So let us begin with Google Chrome to fix the problem of YouTube not going full screen. The steps to solve not fullscreen problem on chrome are surprisingly simple.

Step 1 Go to the address bar at the upper space of your Chrome, you can enter "chrome://plugins". Then you'll see a list of all installed plugins. Click the "Details" button among them.

Step 2 Find "Adobe Flash Player". You need to download a new Adobe Flash Player when there is only one. Go to "" in a different browser in order to download and install flash player step by step. There will be a detailed instruction to guide you to do it. But if you see 2 Adobe Flash Players, directly skip to the next step.

Step 3 Go back to Chrome plugin page and find the Flash plugin with the line and click "Disable". Then the browser will use the latest flash version that you just installed.

Step 4 Restart Chrome to check if your YouTube not going full screen problem is fixed.

Google Chrome

2. Solve not fullscreen problem on Safari

The same problem often occurs when using Safari to enjoy full screen videos, and it is more likely to happen when you are using HTML5 version player rather than the classic player version before. To solve this, you need to make the flash plugin available in Safari by the following steps:

Step 1 Make sure that HTML5 is disabled and you have the latest version of flash player on your computer.

Step 2 Open Safari, and then click to enter Preferences.

Step 3 Choose Security, and then tick "enable plugins" to fix YouTube not going full screen issues.

In addition, after the steps above, if it still seems no improvement at all and you are still suffering from the full screen problem, don't be upset. Try to delete and then reinstall Safari on your computer.


3. Solve not fullscreen problem on Firefox

If YouTube not going full screen on Firefox, it is mainly because there is something wrong with the Flash Player, or there is a bug in the Firefox version you use. Here is how to fix YouTube not going full screen by simply updating Firefox and Flash:

Step 1 First, please update the Firefox version you are using now to the latest available version on your computer.

Step 2 Open your browser and navigate to Adobe Flash Player's test page. Now you can easily and clearly check if the Flash plugin is already installed and working well. If not, reinstall or update Flash so as to help it work properly again.


4. Solve not fullscreen problem on Internet Explorer

Now, we are going to give assistance on how to solve YouTube not going full screen issue while you are using Internet Explorer. And here is how:

Step 1 Download this PC Repair Tool to your computer.

Step 2 Click "Start Scan" to check if there is any issues that could be the cause of YouTube not going full screen.

Step 3 If yes, tap on "Repair All" in order to fix those problems on your Windows.

Step 4 Go to your IE browser settings, set the history to "never remember", then find and disable the hardware acceleration within the settings.

Internet Explorer

If the above solutions are not working, just go to check and see your YouTube messages to see if any suggestion.

Part 2. Download to fix it when YouTube not going full screen

Actually, the best way to enjoy videos without facing YouTube not going full screen is definitely to download those YouTube videos to your computer and then watch it by video player. In this way, YouTube not going full screen is never a problem that baffles you. But how can we download videos quickly and easily? Today we advise you to resort to professional video downloaders, and Video Converter Ultimate is one of the highly recommended ones accessible and reliable on the Internet so far. Download YouTube videos with the help of Video Converter Ultimate is undoubtedly time-saving.

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Main features:

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Video Converter Ultimate

Hope these several methods can help you get rid of the "YouTube not going full screen" problem successfully and bring back the wonderful full screen watching experience.

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